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  1. Hiya Been lurking the forums for a while, planning to run a campaign for some new players in a few weeks and have been meandering my way through the rule books and various forums trying to understand the game. Got to say I'm really looking forward to running it, lots of cool concepts and ideas. However I stumbled upon the advantage named "See The Supernatural" and I'm unsure as to what exactly it allows you to do. On page 224 it says that the three fields considered supernatural are Magic, Psychic Matrices and Spirits, it also says that you apply the blinded penalty if you do not have the capability to see these things. Does this mean that when a spell is cast, ordinary people would be unable to see it? I have a hard time picturing this conceptually, for example if a Wizard casts a Lightning spell on someone without See the Supernatural, would they not see a thing and then suddenly get electrified? I can buy not being able to see ghosts, or a psychic matrix since it would make sense for them to be hidden from ordinary sight but being blind to a Wizard throwing balls of fire or large rocks simply for they are magical seems a tad off.
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