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  1. i don't think there will be more than 6 cards for the DTs. 2 elite and 4 regular is the max you can run in either campaign or skirmish, so I don't see them printing out 2 extra cards. the figures I can see because they needed to boost the figure count.
  2. I believe there is 1 mystery deployment card still left in the box itself. we also haven't seen what the attachment in hondo's pack does word for word.
  3. MadFuhrer

    Power of the Dark Side: Embrace Hate

    I slapped unnatural abilities on darth vader, with the 1 agenda card that reduces pierce by 1 to 0. They still killed him with no tier 3 weapons....
  4. MadFuhrer

    Skirmish maps purchasing question

    Yea, I would go with Jabba's and ISB headquarters. Those are two solid maps that all types of lists can do well on.
  5. I have so many of those things from the arkham horror board game, that they are coming out of my ears. I sent this article to my gaming friends and they thought it was a joke!
  6. I had drokkatta, ashoka, verena, jarrod, 3po, gideon, hera, balance, heroic. In every game there was a 3 dice attacker. Her command card is amazing btw.
  7. I brought Verena to a six person store tournament. She actually did really well!
  8. MadFuhrer

    Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map?

    I really like how you can have a mobile unit hide in that one big tile and only ever be shot by other mobile things XD.
  9. MadFuhrer

    Anybody play on TTS?

    well I might play it on TTS then!
  10. MadFuhrer

    Birmingham Beckons! Europeans 2018

    There isn't a unit in the game that i've seen that hasn't died in 1 weequay activation. Except for 3 group figures. if weequays want something dead, then they are dead.
  11. MadFuhrer

    New Waiqar Hero: Lord Vorun'thul

    I have to agree; I don't play the game, but that model is super sexy!
  12. MadFuhrer

    Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

    out of curiosity, what do you need that many riot trooper cards in campaign for?
  13. MadFuhrer

    Nemesis Deck

    most of my groups don't get past 4 players, so either we have a free floating character, or each person has 2 characters, So I feel 0 remorse withdrawing a figure.
  14. MadFuhrer

    State of IA skirmish for new players

    I still think blaise is a pretty decent figure and he comes with great spy cards and cross training. I would not call his pack a "buy for one card" pack. If you want a buy for one card pack look no further than kayn somos. Rule by fear is great, and his pack comes with nothing that is really good.
  15. MadFuhrer

    Nemesis Deck

    Stun is also good against vinto. I just got my arc blasters so he rarely starts a round unstunned.