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  1. should their rifles even have scopes? aren't the gun and the helmet linked up for tactical data like where you are aiming? I feel like that should be a thing. hipfire a sniper rifle with precision.
  2. The NDAs are usually pretty specific. I'm certain that the AI one is pretty similar. I doubt the playtesters can even legally tell us who they are! You could go through the campaign books and pester people who have their name under playtesting credits, but I don't think they would appreciate that in the slightest.
  3. MadFuhrer

    Your History with IA

    Read it again. Dearth, not death. My imperial assault experiance started around Christmas after hoth came out. One of the arkham horror expansions I had purchased had the ffg catalog in it, and Imperial assault was on the cover, and my friend and I though that looked pretty dang cool. So i got the core game and we started playing and we had a wonderful time figuring who goes well with who, and what cool combos could be achieved. I ended up skipping most of the character packs, but got twin shadows and return to hoth. My group had a lot of fun with hoth, not so much twin shadows (probably because they had the two heroes from that box). We finished that content shortly before the announcement of bespin, which got me super hyped, and I jumped on the "omg bossk is a boss" hype train. Now during this time, I just couldn't get enough imperial assault so I started looking around for more imp assault to do. Come Phoenix Comicon, I checked out the gaming table and saw that my local imperial assault skirmishes hosting a skirmish demo. I hopped over, learned to play skirmish and joined the group, which got me into skirmish play. I've been been playing both ever since them. Anyone who knows me knows I love the Royal Guard Champion, who I think is an absolutely wonderful character and he got me into reading some of the legends books/comics (specifically in this case Crimson Empire). this came about from the rebels doing mak's side mission as the first side mission, where he was able to absolutely destroy the rebels! He was actually the first figure pack that I ended up getting. I learned about the additional agenda decks from that (yes I know they had the darth vader pack do that, but I had forgotten) so then I knew that I needed to get everything. So here I am, continuing to play a game that I love, and eagerly awaiting more news!
  4. MadFuhrer

    How many CIS and how many republic

    For the Republic! bring up those droid poppers!
  5. why not just put it on a different weekend at the game center? I just don't get it.
  6. I like to run RGC with two sets or Eriots personally. The emperor isn't bad, but he isn't going to keep up with our boy. you could throw in terro. with the riots, you want to include both copies of body guard
  7. MadFuhrer

    Other good gaming companies?

    I'm a big fan of Daily Magic Games and AEG. Both seem solid companies with fairly lighthearted games. but I've never been disappointing by the quality of the games i have received from them.
  8. MadFuhrer

    Campaign weapon guide

    I'm usually thoroughly whelmed by the DDC defender... except in one case, where you have it on Verena, and she has point blank shot and the plasma cell. RG Piece 2 is pretty brutal.
  9. MadFuhrer

    Electrostaff and Shyla Varad

    correct on both counts.
  10. MadFuhrer

    Spoiler out today at 3 pm Eastern

    I think the regular trandos are the way to go! they both have the same pierce value and strain, the elites just get an additional +1d from being adjacent. is that worth the 3 extra points? sure they have a surge for focus, but we are talking about them probably dying right of the bat.
  11. instead of being rerolled, you just turn a die face to something of your choice. lets say you use punching dagger and roll 1d on the blue and 1s on the yellow. you reroll the blue because you can. you end up with 1d. then you can turn either of your dice to any side of your choice. In this instance you would flip the yellow to the 1d 2s side for maximum damage. you could have flipped the blue to any other face though.
  12. MadFuhrer

    Hondo Cards up

    Temporary Alliance can't be used to bring upgrades, which is one of the reasons you don't see ig-88 in imperial lists.
  13. MadFuhrer

    Spectre Team Preview!

    I still think that all of the spectre crew are usable in other lists. maybe slightly over costed, but nothing egregious. Kanan has really nice synergy with the upgrade as he can go, force your opponent to chose their next activation, and then use the upgrade to have someone else put damage into the group about to go.
  14. i don't think there will be more than 6 cards for the DTs. 2 elite and 4 regular is the max you can run in either campaign or skirmish, so I don't see them printing out 2 extra cards. the figures I can see because they needed to boost the figure count.
  15. I believe there is 1 mystery deployment card still left in the box itself. we also haven't seen what the attachment in hondo's pack does word for word.