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  1. E-Webs are trooper-Heavy weapon. Also, everyone seem to think that because most of the troopers die in 1 hit, that that makes them super weak. but think about it this way; They need to make 3 attacks to remove that 6 cost group. Where you have bt, thrawn, blaise, or anyone else at 6 points is almost guaranteed to get 2 shot.
  2. Well its mostly just bleeding and stunned as weakened falls off at the end of your activation. It can be a pretty decent card, and their are plenty of ways to mitigate harmful conditions.
  3. I actually heard that they not only tried to assassinate the rightful chancellor, but that they tried to kill the entire senate as well!
  4. Or since that card costs me a strain and a point, just remove the deployment cost clause.
  5. Top 2: HotE and Jabba's these two are so close for me that it is hard to say. The heroes in both expansions are AMAZING! the units that both boxes bring are great. The story behind both campaigns is also stellar. I like HotE more in the fact that it is a shorter campaign, being 9 missions as opposed to 11 or 12. It also gives you fun little rewards for completing various missions. #3 Hoth The heroes in this box are solid picks. not the best, nor the most interesting, but still solid. The units are thematic, but hard to bring into other campaigns, and some have not aged well. The story is pretty good, and the missions have good variety. #4 Lothal (haven't played the whole thing yet, but I like it so far) This is a short campaign that can be extended, which is good IMO. The heroes are both fantastic and feel unique. The units that come in the box are a mixed bag to me. The death troopers are cool, but the lolcats seem a little weird. #5 Bespin The heroes from this one are pretty cool, not amazing but pretty good. The missions are fairly imbalanced for both sides, which is kind of a negative. The tiles are gorgeous though. The enemy units that come in this one are... not great. Short campaign, so not my biggest cup of tea. #6 Twin shadows The heroes in this one are... Not good. The opposing units are probably better than what you get bespin, as heavies look cool and tuskens can be solid. The story is kind of cool, But the cool tiles don't get used enough (cantina/destroyer bridge). Number 5 and 6 could probably be changed around for me as well. If you couldn't tell, the heroes were one of the big selling points for me in the different boxes.
  6. I've run an at-dp, bt, palp, jets list that used heavy fire. It was decently effective. Bt likes heavy fire, especially with motivation on palp.
  7. It does though. The double arrow is a little wonky. It is one action (since you can't use multiple actions to attack) that takes 2 of your "action points".
  8. perhaps they don't want to have it released in time for worlds so it doesn't skew all of their data.
  9. The Royal Guard Champion always gives me a bit of a high! Is he going to highroll his attack roll? is he going to bottom out? will he die in 2 shots or 10??? Such a rediculously fast and fun character. The best is when you use >urgency>to the limit>flurry of blades.
  10. should their rifles even have scopes? aren't the gun and the helmet linked up for tactical data like where you are aiming? I feel like that should be a thing. hipfire a sniper rifle with precision.
  11. The NDAs are usually pretty specific. I'm certain that the AI one is pretty similar. I doubt the playtesters can even legally tell us who they are! You could go through the campaign books and pester people who have their name under playtesting credits, but I don't think they would appreciate that in the slightest.
  12. Read it again. Dearth, not death. My imperial assault experiance started around Christmas after hoth came out. One of the arkham horror expansions I had purchased had the ffg catalog in it, and Imperial assault was on the cover, and my friend and I though that looked pretty dang cool. So i got the core game and we started playing and we had a wonderful time figuring who goes well with who, and what cool combos could be achieved. I ended up skipping most of the character packs, but got twin shadows and return to hoth. My group had a lot of fun with hoth, not so much twin shadows (probably because they had the two heroes from that box). We finished that content shortly before the announcement of bespin, which got me super hyped, and I jumped on the "omg bossk is a boss" hype train. Now during this time, I just couldn't get enough imperial assault so I started looking around for more imp assault to do. Come Phoenix Comicon, I checked out the gaming table and saw that my local imperial assault skirmishes hosting a skirmish demo. I hopped over, learned to play skirmish and joined the group, which got me into skirmish play. I've been been playing both ever since them. Anyone who knows me knows I love the Royal Guard Champion, who I think is an absolutely wonderful character and he got me into reading some of the legends books/comics (specifically in this case Crimson Empire). this came about from the rebels doing mak's side mission as the first side mission, where he was able to absolutely destroy the rebels! He was actually the first figure pack that I ended up getting. I learned about the additional agenda decks from that (yes I know they had the darth vader pack do that, but I had forgotten) so then I knew that I needed to get everything. So here I am, continuing to play a game that I love, and eagerly awaiting more news!
  13. For the Republic! bring up those droid poppers!
  14. why not just put it on a different weekend at the game center? I just don't get it.
  15. I like to run RGC with two sets or Eriots personally. The emperor isn't bad, but he isn't going to keep up with our boy. you could throw in terro. with the riots, you want to include both copies of body guard
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