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  1. Uhm at first I was like "That’s funny, the damage doesn’t look as bad from out here" but now I am "I’ve got a very bad feeling about this"
  2. Hello everyone, as someone might already know, I was previously working on a project, commonly known just as "Armada Fleet Builder by HiveLabs". After several months of work and lots of feedback, I gathered all the work done and proceeded to create a new tool, which goes by the name of Armada Warlords. This application is basically the final version of the work I had in mind when I started working on the prototype builder, and it is finally coming together. The main functionalities are a fleet builder, a database for all the ships, squadrons, upgrades and objectives, and a blog for some articles. In the final version there will also be enabled a user infrastructure (like the one that is currently running on the old tool), to be able to save your lists and comment on the blog and on other public lists. The applcation will work on all kind of screens, tablets and phones included. Also, if you'd like to know more about Armada Warlords and wish to support me for the time to come, you can check out my Patreon page here: Thank you, nevetz1911
  3. Do you guys know if these cards were shown in articles, or not? Because I have received some as scans and I think the only missing ones from official articles are the non-unique titles and the Unique Squadron, but I could be as well wrong. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone. I've received, as well as your exceptional support, also many offers of help to keep Warlords in its best shape. I haven't still replied to everyone, mostly because I'm still deciding what to do and, actually, how to do it. In the meanwhile, I am planning my journey: I'll be leaving with my backpack as only companion for 1 month, walking down a route that I'm still actually planning. I'll be departing very probably on the first days of April, when the weather should be merciful enough to not drown me on my way or frost me beyond dusk and when I'll be done teaching my job to a poor soul who will take the burden during my absence, so I'll be actually available for most things for at least another good month, although I could take some days from today to April for other, shorter trips as preparation for the real deal. Have a great time, Nevetz
  5. Hello everyone. Thank you for your heartwarming words. I won't lie - life has been rough lately; mostly due to family, relationships, plus the stress of living every day in a rush. Let me just tell you that I was able to watch The Last Jedi only 4 days ago. In agreement with my work, it is very likely that I'll be leaving in the near future for some time and dedicate to myself on something like a "spiritual journey"; I need to make order in my life and detach me for a while from the rush and stress of our well-known society. Anyway, I haven't finished my work on Warlords and I do not intend to leave it unfinished. Yesterday I've uploaded most of the missing cards thanks to a kind user that provided me with the scans of the cards that were not spoiled in the articles. The generic fleet titles are the next ones, plus the unique squadron. I also know that there are some bugs but unfortunately I couldn't find the time to look into them. If I'll be really leaving for some time, I'm more than willing to give access to Warlords to anyone with enough skill in order to maintain it - the software is built in PHP, Js (Bootstrap), and MySQL for database. A well knowledge of HTML and CSS is also welcome but less needed since the site itself won't need much work, hopefully. Please let me know here or via PM if you want to partecipate. Again, I have to thank all of you for your ceaseless support, which is by far the most important reward I could receive. Nevetz
  6. The missing Titles upgrades will be coming to Warlords this week.. sorry guys I had kinda big problems IRL. Nevetz
  7. FFG, this looks.... extremely familiar Anyway, new cards are coming to Warlords probably tomorrow
  8. I have heard it from other sources as well, it looks like it's a visualization problem, as the upgrade is correctly saved to the database. I'll be sure to check this out.
  9. Yes, it's the "lazy" solution, in this way they would also appear in the upgrades database as duplicates unless I group them by name and take only one. It's basically just a choice on where to apply the fix.
  10. Ok folks, I've added the missing images, added the new spoiled upgrades and the new squadron, also now Chimaera title is working properly on both builders (let me know if you see something that is actually not correct). I still have to add the new fleet-wise Titles which require something new to think and code. Also Assault keyword on the squadron has no icon and tooltip text for now where showns as text, but it's quite minor. Also, my internet at home is not working for a "misalignment" of my antenna so other updates may only come during my lunch breaks for the next few days RIP Antenna :'(
  11. Known! Those cards that add upgrade slots need to be coded manually into the builder. Same thing for the multi-ship Titles, I need to code them in the builder since right now Title are accepted only on single ship types. Guess I have to thank FFG for being creative I'll try to add the new cards during my lunch break today at office, since, in a conjuction of malign forces and evil maneuvering, my ISP decided to leave my home without internet too. Can you link me one or two of those lists?
  12. New cards are online. I am currently missing the Exodus fleet since I have no idea about how it works and where it should be added. I'd be more than thankful if someone could explain it to me so I can arrange something. Thanks!
  13. Probably tomorrow. For some things I need tools I have access only at my office so some pictures for the database may be uploaded only from monday
  14. [KDYv2] Development Blog Thread

    When you'll have the API ready, feel free to PM me. I guess it is going to be some kind of listener that replies with JSON or XML content, is it?
  15. Sorry for the delay with the new spoiled cards still missing on Armada Warlords. It's the last week of work before Xmas and I'm submerged with work, but I'll try to add the cards today or tomorrow at worse. Nevetz
  16. Soon, I've been in Hospital for surgery (nothing serious).. expect them in the following days!
  17. You can't miss it in your profile page, every list has a new column with green and red numbers for wins and losses, plus the controls to change those values. The same values appear in the builds page.
  18. This is your lucky day Norsehound, the update is live.
  19. Hey there Norsehound, I'm noting this, it's just a plain upgrade to the application so it shouldn't touch any existing (and maybe delicate) feature. It just has to find its time!
  20. Armada Fleet Builders

    Just FYI, you can use a text only view or a table view if you don't have enough bandwidth or you need to print a list without using almost any ink
  21. Weird, I'll have to check that. It seems something buggy in the very core of the builder, not something related to new upgrades that manipulate other upgrade slots. Do you know if there is a certain way to reproduce this bug?
  22. I have updated the compact fleet builder to behave correctly with Minister Tua and Phonenix Home upgrades. I'm still polishing the whole thing but it's already working fine. Sorry for the abysmal delay.
  23. Thrawn confirmed

    New spoilers are up on Warlords, peeps.