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  1. TIE/sa Bomber - Gamma Squadron Ace - 49 Gamma Squadron Ace - (30) Saturation Salvo (6) Barrage Rockets (6) Proton Bombs (5) Skilled Bombardier (2) TIE/sa Bomber - Gamma Squadron Ace - 49 Gamma Squadron Ace - (30) Saturation Salvo (6) Barrage Rockets (6) Proton Bombs (5) Skilled Bombardier (2) TIE/sa Bomber - Gamma Squadron Ace - 49 Gamma Squadron Ace - (30) Saturation Salvo (6) Barrage Rockets (6) Proton Bombs (5) Skilled Bombardier (2) TIE/sa Bomber - •Captain Jonus - 53 •Captain Jonus - Disciplined Instructor (36) Saturation Salvo (6) Barrage Rockets (6) Seismic Charges (3) Skilled Bombardier (2) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Did someone say primary attacks? Because I didn't. Some day I'm going to borrow a 4th bomber and try this list.
  2. Nevetz

    Han Solo, Sol and Jostero

    Yeah unfortunately Jostero doesn't work with Homing Missiles. Looking to edit this list to something new.
  3. Scurrg H-6 bomber - •Sol Sixxa - 62 •Sol Sixxa - Cunning Commander (49) Trick Shot (1) Bomblet Generator (5) •Havoc (4) Trajectory Simulator (3) •“Genius” (0) Customized YT-1300 Light Freighter - •Han Solo - 77 •Han Solo - The Corellian Kid (54) Trick Shot (1) Perceptive Copilot (10) •Lando Calrissian (8) Rigged Cargo Chute (4) Kihraxz Fighter - •Captain Jostero - 57 •Captain Jostero - Aggressive Opportunist (43) Homing Missiles (3) Hull Upgrade (5) Shield Upgrade (6) Total: 196/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder The idea is to have Sol launch bomlets and have Jostero perform free attacks with the bombs damages or by having the opponent choose to suffer 1 damage + primary attack or 4 attacks without range bonus at distance 3 with Homing Missiles. Han works mostly by himself, having Perceptive Copilot and Lando working together to pretty much have a "Target Lock + Focus" with a single action. Bonus points for attacking through obstacles, Rigger Cargo being the best. There are 4 free points (5 counting Trick Shot on Sol isn't required, but it will be useful with the Cargo around) to work with, let me know what you think or how you'd customize it!
  4. If you are on an asteroid which is locked, don't you just ignore it thanks to Qira?
  5. I've read the FAQs but I still have some doubts. Let's say I have Scum Han Solo with Trick Shot and Qira sitting on an asteroid locked by the YT, what happens when I shoot and the firing line is obstructed by the asteroid? From what I read, I can shoot due to Qira, and roll 2 more attack dice for Han and Trick Shot, but is the shot actually obstructed? Also, what happens when the other ship shoots back? Is the attack obstructed? Thanks
  6. Nevetz

    High Initiative Imperial TIE Swarm

    Right, it sucks. Well, back to building!
  7. TIE/sk Striker - “Pure Sabacc” - 53 “Pure Sabacc” - Confident Gambler (44) Elusive (3) Shield Upgrade (6) TIE/in Interceptor - Soontir Fel - 63 Soontir Fel - Ace of Legend (52) Swarm Tactics (3) Shield Upgrade (8) TIE/ln Fighter - “Wampa” - 30 “Wampa” - Black Eleven (30) TIE/ln Fighter - Iden Versio - 51 Iden Versio - Inferno Leader (40) Swarm Tactics (3) Shield Upgrade (8) Total: 197/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder I haven't tried this list but it looks like it can split safely in various formations depending on the opponent's list. The idea is to have Sabacc and Wampa going at the best Initiative they can do increase the damage output, while Iden can either protect Fel or Sabacc from taking that damage that would cripple them. Shield upgrades should also help. Each turn it is also possible to chain the Swarm Tactics triggers to give PS6 to either Sabacc or Wampa based on the situation. Iden could lose the shield, or Sabacc could lose Elusive for more bid.
  8. The main "window" height is calculated based on the browser window height, which creates 2 scrollbars, one for the website and one for the "squad-build-tool" div, which is a pain when you have more than 2 ships becuase you have to switch the scroll from an area to another to see either the total points or all the squad. I removed the height manually so I don't see it anymore, but I think it should be the way-to-go solution.
  9. Nevetz

    Bug with TIE/IN and list PDF

    It's from the website, 1.0.3
  10. If you add, for instance, Soontir Fel with Predator, Afterburners and Stealth Device, the website calculates 70 points, which is right, but the PDF only prints 62. It looks like it is only counting 1 modification slot.
  11. I can take care of the code part, GK. I'd also kinda like to change the layout of the builder for the SSD, if the idea I have in mind is actually decent.
  12. Nevetz

    SSD Poll Threat. Happy or not.

    Happy. A centerpiece that has been wanted/asked/theorized/imagined since 2015 is finally coming to the game. Yes, the price is high, but considering the price of an ISD, we couldn't hope for much less, I guess. It won't change the game for many, but sure it will a lot of fun to people that enjoy playing Armada without focusing only on the competitive side or like custom scenarios. I can also see it as a "one time, group purchase" for game stores that host Armada or little communities that can share the tag price.
  13. Wops, slight misread. Also, don't worry, I've always been very open with other builders, having more choices is good for the players themselves and developers like me and Ryan. I also have to say that his builder really made very, very good step forwards in design and usability, which is always good news for the Community.
  14. Err, nope! Warlords is 100% free and donations only add a "donator" status to the account, but it has no additional features included.
  15. Nevetz

    Hugs for everyone...

    Hugs from Armada Warlords, admirals.