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  1. I can take care of the code part, GK. I'd also kinda like to change the layout of the builder for the SSD, if the idea I have in mind is actually decent.
  2. Nevetz

    SSD Poll Threat. Happy or not.

    Happy. A centerpiece that has been wanted/asked/theorized/imagined since 2015 is finally coming to the game. Yes, the price is high, but considering the price of an ISD, we couldn't hope for much less, I guess. It won't change the game for many, but sure it will a lot of fun to people that enjoy playing Armada without focusing only on the competitive side or like custom scenarios. I can also see it as a "one time, group purchase" for game stores that host Armada or little communities that can share the tag price.
  3. Wops, slight misread. Also, don't worry, I've always been very open with other builders, having more choices is good for the players themselves and developers like me and Ryan. I also have to say that his builder really made very, very good step forwards in design and usability, which is always good news for the Community.
  4. Err, nope! Warlords is 100% free and donations only add a "donator" status to the account, but it has no additional features included.
  5. Nevetz

    Hugs for everyone...

    Hugs from Armada Warlords, admirals.
  6. What browser are you using? Are you using a desktop/laptop or a mobile device?
  7. I can see these: http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/public.php?id=97 - are they all the fleets you are looking for? Do you see them in your profile?
  8. Tell us your username and we'll handle the problem
  9. Nevetz

    Armada Development Projects

    If people accept the final version of this JSON as the standard model for a fleet, I don't see any problem adding an import/export function to any program, not just builders. We (speaking of builder owners) should have everything already set to try an export with an agreed model.
  10. I'm pretty sure GK spent more time building fleets on Warlords than me coding it....
  11. Nevetz

    Armada Development Projects

    It seems ok to me, but I'd need to read it in detail. I've already seen that you are dealing with dual upgrade cards, which is good. I guess the only change I have to make to my backend is a new column for each card that links them to the "standardized" name on the JSON.
  12. I have already asked my provider to keep sessions alive for more time than usual, but it didn't resolve much. We'll try to find a way to keep users logged in the builder for much longer.
  13. I have to thank @Green Knight for his work: he did in less than one day what I couldn't do in weeks, so this time all the honors are for him. For future updates and fixes, I'll be working with him in order to fix what is still pending and maybe add a bit more to Warlords tools.
  14. Hello @Hedgehogmech - looking to add them in the following days; have to deliver 3 other projects this week and I've been busy with them the whole time in the past weeks and this one too.. I think it's also the right time to "outsource" something to the brave people who offered help
  15. Uhm at first I was like "That’s funny, the damage doesn’t look as bad from out here" but now I am "I’ve got a very bad feeling about this"