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  1. Just FYI, you can use a text only view or a table view if you don't have enough bandwidth or you need to print a list without using almost any ink
  2. Weird, I'll have to check that. It seems something buggy in the very core of the builder, not something related to new upgrades that manipulate other upgrade slots. Do you know if there is a certain way to reproduce this bug?
  3. I have updated the compact fleet builder to behave correctly with Minister Tua and Phonenix Home upgrades. I'm still polishing the whole thing but it's already working fine. Sorry for the abysmal delay.
  4. New spoilers are up on Warlords, peeps.
  5. Yep, "Particular" has been cut. I'm extending the size and will add the missing part to your username.
  6. I'll be adding this card to Warlords today. Sorry I have just seen the notifications (and the card) now. edit: it's up and running
  7. Fixed, it was a problem on the card.
  8. Armada Warlords has been updated to the latest spoilers. I have also added both "Boarding ........." cards but they only take the first type (so Weapons Team) in consideration while building the list. An update will be added to Warlords as soon as I figure out a good way to solve this problem. Also, do you have any better scan of that Capture the VIP card?
  9. Hey there everyone, I've updated Warlords to the SWM26 content - excluding the Boarding Troopers upgrade which is still part of the dual-upgrade update I'm still working on. Have fun building your triangles!
  10. It may be something outisde my reach, probably a server reset. My hosting is in Italy and very probably maintenance operations are scheduled at nighttime, so more or less from 9 to 4 hours ago. I personally did no change to those files recently so it's the only cause I could guess.
  11. It may be an editing problem, I'll have a double check at the function.
  12. Dear Minister Tua and Phoenix Home lovers, your nightmare ends today. I have fixed the problem loading those upgrades in the edit mode; same should do for the fork function. I'll be looking to add those dual-slot upgrades in the following days.
  13. Regarding logout timers, I did another improvement that should help - let me know if it'll happen again.
  14. I can add a checkbox to each ship without much trouble, for squadrons I'll probably have to add it in a new row under the squadron name; anyway, noted.