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  1. Right now all cards are sorted by cost (Ships, Squadrons and Upgrades). Since we are actually getting many choices and Warlords was thought back in Wave 1 days, I'll consider adding a few buttons to sort the cards in the builder.
  2. The new content includes upgrades that take up to 2 slots, amirite? Those could take a bit of keyboard smashing to get them up, but I'll be damned if I can't edit my own code.
  3. Hello everyone, I find my lack of work on this project in the past months disturbing. *chokes* .. I need a little bit of context back, actually. Some of my notes on the project may be outdated, wrong, or, simply, missing. If you are experiencing bugs or strange behavious in the application, please let me know here. I'm already aware of the Tua/Pelta title bugs, but AFAIK they only happen in edit mode, but feel free to express your opinion if case you've a different problem in the past with these features too. I'll start to get the works on as soon as I have a clearer idea of the situation. edit: how are the sessions going? Des it still happen to get logged off while using the site?
  4. For those wondering, yes Wave 6 spoilers are coming to Armada Warlords, probably between today and tomorrow. The new "dual" upgrades that require 2 slots may need a little more time to be added since they need a new way to take slots off your ships.
  5. I have contacted the server provider and extended the session duration to 2 hours. While I know it doesn't fix the cookies problem, you shouldn't be logged out anymore when passing a lot of time on a single page (see: fleet builder pages).
  6. First time I hear this. I'm going to check it out. Yes- that's quite annoying... And that the Remember Me button doesn't seem to Remember Me. It doesn't in fact. He's a **** liar. Don't trust the button.
  7. No offense taken, Tirion. I know you've always been a supporter and I also feel your disappointment. Believe me, I'm the first one to hate the problems that AW is currently suffering and I'd like to see them gone in a flash too. On a completely different topic: Patreon has enhanced its way to track Patrons and I should be able to link your AW accounts to your Patroen profiles. I didn't look into it yet but it should be possible, so expect an update on your profiles soon(™).
  8. Hey everyone, first of all, I'm all but dead and I am perfectly aware of my builder situation too. As I always said and will keep saying, Armada Warlords is a project developed in my free time, without advertisements, free and no-profit. I've never asked anything in return and will never do, although I have also always received endless kind words and also donations from many users in return of my work. This said, I am a web developer in a team of 3 which work for a group on 6 companies (around 500 employees) and I am the main developer of their management systems. You may understand this task is quite heavy and pressuring. I do love to work for Armada Warlords, but work has already cut me the time to actually play board games, and it is now taking the time I used for my free projects, which actually means Armada Warlords; I can't help it. I can spend time on AW only in the time I can stay with family/friends/fiancee, and you may understand that I'm not really happy to code in the time I can actually not code anything. Armada Warlords is a work I've always "had" to do alone given the tailor-made original aim of the project and although it would not be impossible for others to work on it, it's not something I can give to others and say "hey, update me this". The game is expanding and keeps adding new features that inevitably will make the list creation more and more challenging and demanding in terms of options, which require and will require time, new features and updates that I know have to be fast, but also complete and bug-free. I'm not saying I won't work on AW anymore, but I'd like to explain how much goes into the process of getting new things up and running on a website that was never meant to be a "fire-and-forget" (aka "click-and-update") system. Thanks for reading and all the support, Nevetz
  9. Ok the steps are clear, and it is what I am currently working on. They'll wait. It's a nonsense to update the mobile builder when the main one still has bugs, which are priority one at the moment.
  10. What do you mean "go back"? Do you edit the list? I know it may seem stupid but I need to be certain about what happens.
  11. This doesn't happen, at least in the tests I've just done. Are you sure? I manually checked the database and the upgrade is where expected. What it doesn't do is to load the upgrade when forking or editing the list, which for now I cannot understand why. The data passes through 3 programming languages and I'm quite positive that it is something I didn't see looking at the code previously but have already paid attention to. I'm just going to read the code again from point zero and find what seems correct but it actually isn't.
  12. Hello everyone, sorry for the updates and bug fixing delays, I'm going to be boring and repeat the same excuse: work and other stuff keep me away from free-time projects like Warlords. I'm anyway looking at the bugs and replying to the (massive) amount of emails I receive. As always I'll keep this thread updated as soon as new things are online. Nevetz
  13. Here's a scan: It'll just need a bit of crop and resize. Thanks, I'll add it
  14. Possibly, I'd say I could work on it tomorrow but depends on how much time I'll have to prepare things for new years eve, then I'll actually need even more time to recover from it.... so if not tomorrow, during next week. Life's hard.