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  1. Leebo every time. Much softer and much more dangerous. With focussed fire and half decent dice Leebo can go down in a couple of turns. Fat Chewie can take 4x that.
  2. I always assumed they were seismic charges...
  3. I'm sure FFG will do fine for the foreseeable future, but inevitably they must eventually hit the wall. GW managed 25 years before they ran out of material for sensible updates and had to artificially force flyers and titans into what was a small scale skirmish game.
  4. But that will never happen, because GW state that they are a model company. Their rules are an afterthought even by their own policy. I firmly believe that GW began selling us the lie that they're only a model company when they realised they didn't have a clue how to make a clear and consistent rule-set for their games. If the statement were actually true they wouldn't publish any rules at all. If the statement were only partly true they would publish their crappy rules for free, either as a stand alone pdf, or as individual updates supplied with each box of toys. However, each successive edition of the rules has been deliberately (and cynically) engineered to encourage players to need more models, bigger models, and extra rules in the form of expensive codices and data slates. The company policy is clearly to produce a game that encourages you to buy more and more of their expensive models, but also to have to continually buy more and more of their perpetually updated rules. And this is inevitable under the capitalist doctrine of infinite growth, because once the game is saturated with every flavour of Space Maine, Eldar, Ork etc, the only way to sell more stuff is to invent new races, release new versions of old models, and to change the rules to make popular units obsolete and unpopular units the next big thing. FFG are going to hit this wall too eventually... There are only so many waves of shippy ships they can release before the game is saturated and they either have to change the rules of the game to re-popularise old models, or they re-cast the models to encourage people to buy the newer toys. This is already evident with the release of the FA starter set, the Aces/Veterans repaints and the release of S&V. The difference is that the core rule-set for X-wing is both extremely solid and also free. If anything this makes them more of a model company than GW, who charge an absurd premium for their flaky ever-shifting rules.
  5. GW made a gamble with AOS. They had to do something, as the tactical marine box was out selling the entire Fantasy range. A lot of the stuff they are currently releasing has been in the pipe since before the new CEO took over (I believe admech has copyright 2013 on it!). Now whether he pushed for its release or if it was planned to be released already, who knows. They are working on getting things back on track... I suppose we will see what happens in the next year or so with 40k. As far as I'm aware, there was a time not so long ago when the tactical marine box was outselling the entire rest of the 40k range as well... Certainly Marines as a whole have been their cash cow for many years, hence the number of codices catering to various forms of power armoured super-humans. You're absolutely correct that they had to do something with WHFB, but AoS was so obviously ill-conceived.
  6. 6th-7th Ed 40k killed GW for me. I'm not saying 6th didn't need a fix, but being forced to pay for what was effectively a patch less than 2 years after 6th was released was just blatant profiteering. Combine that with the ridiculous trend towards superheavy uber-units making infantry obsolete and the game has become unplayable. I would genuinely love to want to play 40k again. I have 3 large armies with years of history behind them. I've been collecting since the earliest days of rogue trader and still believe that somewhere in there is the core of an excellent infantry skirmish game. The lore, the imagery, and the models are still second to none. But until the entire top management of GW is dropped off a cliff somewhere on Mars, the company is only every going to go backwards. Their belief that they can profit purely off the reputation of the model range without any kind of coherent and playable rule-set is frankly mind boggling. I'm glad to see that their once seemingly impregnable monopoly has been broken, and the fact that it's X-wing that has knocked them off top spot doesn't come as a great surprise. I only hope that the competition forces them to reevaluate their business strategy and start making sensible decisions again. The re-boot of specialist games suggests that someone is taking it seriously. But they have been very complacent for a long time and specialist games aside, nothing else they seem to be doing with regards to 40k and AoS appears to show any real shift in attitudes. Necromunda and Blood Bowl are still the two best miniatures games ever made though, and I have enough nostalgia for 40k that I'd be pleased to see them stop the rot.
  7. Some friends and I ran a friendly tournament among ourselves a couple of months ago with the following rules: Each player wrote 5 lists. No list could duplicate a named pilot from a previous list. No list could feature a ship totaling more than 50pts. At least one list must belong to a different faction. Each list was randomly assigned a number from 1-5. It was very much a fly casual tournament so we avoided bringing anything that could be called an ultra-competitive tournament standard list (or netlist if you prefer). At the beginning of the day we randomly assigned matchups and lists, and then played swiss ranking but with a new randomly assigned list for each game. It was an excellent day. We all got to play with stuff that we'd never usually bring to the table, but with lists that still "worked" in that there weren't any useless upgrades or pointless combos that you can get with properly random list generators. I habitually run imperials if I'm playing competitively, but this time I brought a rebel list (3Xs and a HWK) and a scum list (Boba a Y and 2 Zs) along with a TIE swarm, a Vessery list and a Vader & Maarek list. I really recommend the format for a friendly day of gaming. You learn a lot about your own flying style and about how to fly unfamiliar lists against other non-standard tournament builds.
  8. I liked having all three control elements in the one list as it gives you more flexibility and frees up the points for the Mk2 engines. I think a lot of people focus on the maneuvering aspect of the TB, and that it doesn't effect large ships, but forget about the drop in agility that it gives which is just as powerful and really helps the rest of the list land its shots.
  9. So along with everyone else on here, the first thing I thought of when the TIE/D title was spoilt was Vessery with an Ion cannon. Then (along with everyone else) the full implications of the Tractor beam sunk in, so the second thing I thought of was Vessery with a Tractor beam. But Vessery, while awesome, is still expensive, and really requires the rest of the list to be built around him to supply him with TLs to feed on. So the third thing I thought of was running a 3 Delta list. Now most people seem to consider that the TIE/x7 title is better for the Delta, but I was considering the following for maximum annoyance: Delta Control Freaks: 99pts Delta Squadron Pilot TIE/D, TIE Mk2, Ion Cannon Delta Squadron Pilot TIE/D, TIE Mk2, Flechette Cannon Delta Squadron Pilot TIE/D, TIE Mk2, Tractor Beam
  10. I'm aware of that. The question is whether it's worth stacking gunner with the tractor beam so that you're not wasting firepower on missed TB shots. The cheapness of the TB would suggest that it's worth having gunner as an insurance, where you wouldn't bother if equipped with the mangler or HLC. It's win win. Either they spend tokens to stop the TB and leave themselves open for the gunner shot - or they don't (or it gets through anyway) and you get to splumph them into an asteroid.
  11. Another thought... Is it worth putting a tractor beam on a firespray along with Gunner? Trying to decide if the cheapness of the tractor beam makes up for the expense of gunner. Could make for a nice combo, if not quite as brutal as on the defender.
  12. Outmaneuver is cool, but I'm really curious about Ruthlessness on this guy. It basically shuts down both Biggs, Jonus and Howlrunner (and Serissu, who might actually see some play now, being a PS8-10 Tractor Beamer), and is a nuisance to Rebel HWKs, Chaser, Garven Dreis, and anyone using Swarm Tactis, Squad Leader Decoy or Fleet Officer. Come to think of it, I'm really looking forward to using Tractor Beam against Lone Wolves ("move a little closer now!"). Ruthlessness would also be cool, although it's situational on the R1 shot and you could end up being forced to sting your own ships if you're not careful. Outmaneuver seems like a good fit because it not only makes the Tractor Beam more reliable, it's also probably going to set up the second shot for some serious pain. And then the mini swarm can finish off the target with impunity.
  13. I'm sure I won't have been the first person to think of this, but this was my first attempt at a tractor beam squadron. Vessery Tractor Beam TIE/D Outmaneuver Twin Ion Engine Mk2 Epsilon Squadron Pilot x4
  14. I've placed in a tournament using the pre-fix defender paired with a firespray and a bomber. Not the most competitive environment in the World, but the ships are by no means useless and can be made to perform very well. I can't wait to try this list after Vets comes out. http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/388146/hunting-party
  15. KillingTime

    Choosing an EPT

    In addition to the above, I'm a big fan of outmaneuver on some pilots. Stripping the green dice from your target is very powerful - as long as you already have an ability that allows you to reliably modify your attack dice. The classic case is on Vessery who can stack target lock and focus, and can easily k-turn into a position behind his victim. I think in more general answer to your question, you need to look at the cards as either an enhancement of something your ship/pilot can already do, or as a mitigating effect on something that the ship is bad at, or lacks entirely. So in the case of outmaneuver, which is a poor choice on many ships, it clearly works on Vessery because he can already reroll and focus all his dice, and he can easily get behind his target, so this EPT has far more utility on him than on most. In the case of PTL, it's a great card on lots of ships, but you don't want to put it on a ship that has very little green on its dial as you'll never be able to clear the stress.
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