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  1. Hi All, Can anyone point me in the direction of any L5R RPG Podcasts which use or discuss the new rules? Thanks in advance.
  2. GM Hooly

    The Dice Pool Podcast - Episode List

    I just know other podcasts create a new thread per episode and they seem to be quite popular. Just seeing the merit of it.
  3. GM Hooly

    The Dice Pool Podcast - Episode List

    Should we make a new post for a new show? Or should we just keep it all here?
  4. GM Hooly

    [Input Request] Players "Push it to the limit" Rule

    Ok so you set the difficulty and the player then goes to the effort of describing in detail what they want the scene to look like based on the what they are trying to do. Did you ask the player what they think would be an appropriate adjustment to the pool? Did you ask what the extra speed would have looked like in the scene so you had a better idea of what to add Challenge, Difficulty or Setback Dice for? Did you ask input from the table to add epicness to the scene? Did they spend a Story Point? Did you spend a Story Point? If it were me, I would have said: ”Well due to the extra speed you are going at, have two setback, but because of that amazing description, have a boost Dice because that scene sounds EPIC!” Don’t codify something that doesn’t need codifying. Go with feel. Who cares if players succeed or fail, as long as EVERYONE at the table is having fun.
  5. GM Hooly

    The Dice Pool Podcast - Episode List

    The latest episode is here and ready for download from iTunes or your favourite podcast feeder: EPISODE 10 - Encountering GeneSys In this episode of The Dice Pool Podcast we tackle the first part of encounter design - the story elements. How to get that encounter just right. The whens, the where and the hows will be explained with a good dose of our usual banter and some fun tips and tricks for making encounters fun and exciting as not just a GM, but also a player. We also answer some of your rules and games questions.
  6. Holding place for setting material
  7. GM Hooly

    The Dice Pool Podcast - Episode List

    The latest episode is here and ready for download from iTunes or your favourite podcast feeder: Season 2: Episode 1 - Voyage of Calamity This is an Actual Play Episode using the Genesys Role Playing Game by Fantasy Flight Games. Prepare to sail the wind currents high above the Night's Edge as we visit the world introduced in our first Setting Roulette of the podcast. In this Chapter 1 of Season 2 of The Dice Pool Podcast Live Play Series, we join four intrepid heroes, the Werewolf Captain Artimis Gristlemore, the Spell Slinger Jerrico Runetide, the Shade Touched Sneak Jonah Bonny and the Arcane Seer Anora Steelclaw, all of the lightning trawler Calamity, on their first adventure where brave a powerful arcane storm in search of fortune and glory. Will our heroes survive their first encounter? Listen in to find out!
  8. GM Hooly

    Lets make some Heroic Abilities

    I would definitely have an Obligation style mechanic in a Supers game to represent things like Dependants (Spiderman's Aunt May), Criminal (Antman), Oath (King of Asgard - Thor), etc. I can also see powers as a Suite of options which include the basic power upgrades, and talents. Sorry, I've hijacked the thread with my thoughts on Supers.
  9. GM Hooly

    Lets make some Heroic Abilities

    Honestly the method I would use for this is this: I would then allow characters a certain number of Power Points in character generation based on their Origin.
  10. GM Hooly

    Lets make some Heroic Abilities

    The limiting factor that I can see with having Powers act like Heroic Abilities as they currently stand in Terrinoth is that they can only be "Upgraded" 9 times, and that is provided that the Heroic Ability allows for that to occur. Lets use the flight example: So for this, Duration, Frequency and Story cannot be used because they have no where to be applied. This means that you are limited to 6 upgrades (or 300XP earned). Plus, your Superhero can only fly. That's it. How would one do Superman for instance? A way for multiple Powers needs to be added. I do like the additional benefit of Supreme which allows you to take on the Advanced Flight Heroic Ability. I don't have a solution by the way, and I think the way Heroic Abilities are structured is the answer. The question though is how to apply multiple powers? Things to consider though: Powers in Supers Games consistently have Drawbacks Powers are regularly connected to each other. Powers should have their own suite of upgrades and/or Talents that add to the powers. Some powers are going to be more expensive than others. Just some random thoughts.
  11. GM Hooly

    Lets make some Heroic Abilities

    Or you could make Advanced Flight with pre-requisite to have the Supreme Version of the Simple Flight.
  12. GM Hooly

    Lets make some Heroic Abilities

    Spanner throwing commencing: Can all of the Heroic Ability upgrades that we see in Terrinoth be applied your Heroic Ability?
  13. GM Hooly

    Heroic Ability Upgrades from Terrinoth

    It’s the Grenade issue all over again. If you treat Minions as individuals and then apply the damage to each target, then add up that amount, then remove the number of minions from that group that are equal to... I’m bored already and I’m typing the thing. KISS theory please! It makes for better story telling.
  14. Kaitlin will be happy!
  15. GM Hooly

    Group skill checks

    If there is no limit to how many can join the check, set the check based on the difficulty of what they are trying to do. Add a number of boost per person, but if unskilled, they also add a setback. Just think outside the box a bit. Skill Challenges work really well too.