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  1. Yeah, saw the stuff on ebay but pricing was ridiculous. May have to resort to the gaming groups
  2. Looking for a simple trade, my rebel Rogues/Villains for your imperials Rogue/Villains.
  3. Anyone know of anywhere selling opened packs of Rogues and Villains? Preferably in the UK or Europe. I really don't need any of the rebels stuff and would like to add a few extra of some of the imperial.
  4. Had a dispatch notice from Chaos Cards today. I noticed late last week that Amazon appeared to have stock, prices were not too good though.
  5. I'm ordering through Chaos Cards and their site is still saying that the release is delayed. Wayland games has a 30 odd day counter counting down to release but Amazon says I can get it via Prime tomorrow. Any UK players had their Wave 2 or had shipping confirmation?
  6. Amazon said earlier today "order in the next x hours to get it on Sunday", if you're a prime customer.
  7. Considering how good FFGs customers service is when you get a broken miniature or something wrong with a product, I'm quite shocked and disappointed at the apparent lack of customer service around wave 2 and it's release. We have only been told the bare minimum that it was delayed, and their "Upcoming" section is updated so irregularly and with such vague levels of information that it is practically useless. Now we're seeing people in some geos getting products that according to FFGs site shouldn't be released yet. I just don't understand why they can't be more informative and manage expectations better than they are.
  8. http://www.chaoscards.co.uk/miniature-games-c487/star-wars-armada-c726/fantasy-flight-games-star-wars-armada-home-one-p120246 It only shows for stuff they still have available for preorder
  9. Chaos cards in the UK says in stock and it will be dispatched when released. Sounds like they are just waiting for FFGs official release date
  10. What are you using to fix the fibres in place? I used various glues but they often melt. Going with hot glue next time around. Also what diameter fibres are they . Looks great.
  11. hopefully FFG has used the delay to get wave 3 well under way and won't be announcing it until they know it's ready for shipping
  12. You can never stop with one Bothan, they're so morish
  13. Just keep killing Bothans until we find out
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