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  1. Because FFG has never been at all ambiguous in their writing.... You know, the more people in this community act like snarky jerks, the fewer people want to engage in it. It costs nothing to be courteous...
  2. Ah, I see. As long as an opponent figure takes damage from some source (direct or blast or whatever), one of your mercs gets movement points.
  3. As an aside, 'Opportunistic' also only works for mercenary figures (yours). In other words, you can only play it during one of your mercs' activations, as I understand...
  4. So... The 'Choose Faction' page looks identical to the one you get when you're not logged in (besides checking the name in the upper right corner, I know). This is the second time I've built a squad and had no way to easily save it to my account because all paths to logging in after the fact, clear the page... Would it be possible to add a bold red header above 'Choose Faction' (or something obvious and pretty) that warns people the list won't be save-able unless they are logged in? Perhaps an intermediate, auto-timeout page with the warning (click here to continue now) sort of thing... Cause (I know it's my own fault but) I'll never remember exactly what I did.
  5. In campaign, heroes can always suffer one strain (if possible) to gain 1 movement point, up to twice per activation. So, whether you do this before your attacks, in between or after, you may still spend those movement points to move up to two spaces...
  6. I'll pile on a bit here. When I'm running the imperial side, I tend to stick to these as general rules: Always try to go after the FIRST rebel to activate with everything you have. Then focus on that guy till he's flipped. That figure will not have the option to rest directly after taking a beating (because it's already activated), and it will be fairly difficult for that player to use that figure practically if you focus them down (they'll have to spend a lot of time resting them just to keep them upright). Use stun, bleed and weaken as often as you can to remove actions and slow the rebels down. If you can, pile swarms of figures into hallways in front of objective doors or on top of objective tokens/terminals. This will force the rebels to chew completely through you in order to interact with the objective. Don't always feel like you have to spend every point of threat. Be strategic about deployments - if you can wait one round, even if the board is clear, to deploy 2 full groups of troopers, it's better than deploying a single officer who will immediately die and only getting 1 of those trooper sets out instead... Those first 2 are the most important (for me). An IP who focuses one one hero at a time is hard to beat...
  7. This changes some previous off-the-cuff rulings, eh?
  8. Yeah, that's why I brought this up (because besides it happening several times to others, it almost happened to me - we started round 3 with 10 seconds to spare on the clock). I've seen other threads talking about playing to the clock, etc. I just wanted a few hard and fast rules of thumb to help me foresee the time stretch. Personally, also, I tend to apologize when I'm taking a while to decide something - and I really try to read my opponent for cues of frustration, etc. Not that those should change my decisions, but really - at this level, I don't think round 4 is too much to expect...
  9. Absolutely - you have to 'feel' it out, but I think some general rules apply to every game, even the top table late tourney games: You should be shooting for a 4th round If you or your opponent are consistently taking longer than 2 minutes to make a decision, you need to speed it up That second one would be what I personally would use if I was dealing with a slow opponent. The first time, I'd mention that we need to speed things up if we want to see a round 4. After that one, I'd call a TO to observe, just to be safe. Too many times, players are just passive aggressive (instead of working out issues) and they compound that by not calling on a judge early enough for the judge to effect change... Anyway, yeah - friendly conversation here fellas...
  10. The awesomesauce is that he could legally play the card and it would do him no good at all. lolz
  11. Just wanting a discussion due to recent events at a local regional tournament, but it occurred to me that I had never really thought about specific rules of thumb regarding the pace of activations/rounds/etc... So, I broke it down like this: my own list has six activations, but I've seen more and less, so I went with 7 for an average, per player. Round time is 65 minutes. If 14 activations take 2 minutes each, that leads to a 28-minute round which leads to JUST 3 rounds total overall (considering setup and between round counting/shenanigans, this is a 'barely'). This also only considers that each activation has one figure to deal with (often not the case, but I don't think it would take any of us 2 full minutes to decide where each of our troopers or weequays are going individually)... 3 rounds is not a lot, but many games at this local tourney weren't even getting to round 3. Since this sort of thing has never really come up in the past (for me at least), I had no idea how to reason it out. How do you tell as a judge if someone is deliberately slow-playing without sitting and staring? And how long is just too long for an activation, regardless of the stakes? Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that you should be moving your dudes no later than 90 seconds into your activation. This gets you almost always into round 4 on average. And if you're taking longer than 2 minutes consistently, you're a problem and need to speed it up... What say you all?
  12. Had a great trade with fightwookies. Love mah cards!
  13. I've been known to throw dice that betray me. During regional tournaments. Many times.. LOL
  14. Yes. But it wasn't the list - it was my legendary horrible dice luck. The stuff of legend and songs sung far and wide as warnings to the uninitiated. My name is a verb at my local game store. And beyond. But no, seriously - it's true. In this particular instance, it was a pummel from Vader followed by the 3 attack RGC command card - all great rolls against my Vader - all of my defenses for those 5 attacks were the same: roll 2 single blocks, re-roll one into a single block. 5. Times. This happened before the end of the third round and I rage quit the tournament... Epilogue: I think Vader was dead before the last attack by the RGC, so he had to eat it. Which was all the solace of a band-aid on a severed hand. I do remember rolling 5 times though, so we may have just rolled it out to prove just how legendary my dice luck is...
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