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  1. I agree that they were well within their legal rights. "Legally valid" is not always the same as "reasonable". In my opinion, the FFG response was "poor form" and was not the right way to handle this situation. There were so many better ways to address their concerns (which were reasonable and legitimate) other than sending in the lawyers. I know there are some great people at FFG, because I have met some of them at GenCon. But FFG, as a whole, now feels like a bully corporation that cares only about the bottom line and not about their customers or the community that exists around this game. So legally valid? Sure. Smart? Nope.
  2. My FLGS does subscriptions for LCG-like games and seems to get them in the day they are generally available (and they give me a 20% discount for getting them via a subscription). But if my FLGS didn't have that, I'd probably get a subscription via Team Covenant.
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