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  1. Not all magical effects come from the wizard visually. For example, if a wizard chooses to cast without gestures or words either by taking the penulty or having the right advantages, it would allow a wizard to cast, say a healing spell or an illusion spell on a charcter or npc without the person ever knowing where it came from. However, if someone in the crowd had the see supernatural advantage, it would allow them to see the magic energy coming from the wizard and leading to the target. Healing and illusion isnt the only thing but i dont have my books with me to provide more examples.
  2. It makes since to restrict the dodge ability with armor since it does restrict your overall movement. Maybe a penalty equal to the seconday ability penalty would be appropriate. If not, have to go with a -25 per movement value penalized. Of course nothing in writing supports what I just wrote however.
  3. it is the case, familiar pull their zeon regen from their master's upkeep cost, so in that aspect, dual binding is very infeasable
  4. Hey all, I'm thinking about running a session with the players in Wonderland, has this actually worked out for anyone else, it seems rather difficult yet oddly tempting? And if so, would you mind sharing some of your "attraction" ideas.
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