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    zixition72 got a reaction from Brekekekiwi in Pet Peeve - Card Title Abbreviations   
    I still have no idea why Stronghold's are called "Box" so you aren't alone....
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    zixition72 got a reaction from LordBlunt in Endless Plains Clarification   
    Okay thanks so much! We were trying to decide how it would ever be a useful card other than potentially playing around it early game but if it doesn't have to be used immediately that makes it more useful especially when we are just playing with Core Sets.
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    zixition72 reacted to Indalecio in Lieutenants Resting?   
    ... and the mighty Zachareth who had caused mayhem across the country suddenly reached for a chair and sat down for a moment to regain his breath, while the battle was raging around him...
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