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  1. Thanks Goshiu! I've just adopted it as my lingo since everyone uses it, but had no clue where it came from until now.
  2. I still have no idea why Stronghold's are called "Box" so you aren't alone....
  3. Hi all! With the launch of the new roles and RRG are they going to release the list of phase two of the elemental championships schedule so people can book time off to attend events? All i seem to see are individual stores posting their own events but it would be nice if FFG updated their organized play page more frequently so people could plan stuff. If anyone knows anything feel free to let me know :). thanks!
  4. Hi guys! I'm just wondering about the Iuchi Farseer card and if it's reaction to reveal a province upon entering play. Would this trigger if I for some reason needed to charge! her in? Or would it only trigger if I pay for her from the dynasty phase? Any clarification would be great! Thanks!
  5. Hi Everyone! I just played a game on jigoku with Kirei-Ko in my deck and i'm confused about what triggers it as I had two separate windows that were both actions, but only one triggered it. I was playing a dragon opponent, and i had the 1 fate in my pool, and he had master alchemist out as well as mirumoto raitsugu. He used the action of master alchemist to pay a fate to the fire ring which i figured would trigger kirei, but nothing happened. He then used mirumoto's action and kirei did trigger allowing me to bow him. Was Master Alchemist's action not an ability? Or is that a glitch in jigoku? Any ruling help would be great! Thanks!
  6. Thanks a bunch for your help! I'm going to an EC this weekend and wanted to make sure i knew how it worked before including it in my deck!
  7. Okay thanks, yeah the second time I was in conflict, and he had a character with 7 mil in conflict, and no chars at home. I had one guy at home and it was Kisada I was against. I wanted to trigger it to waste Kisada's ability but it wouldn't trigger at all. Based on your rationale it would lead me to believe jigoku is bugged with that card somewhat. I appreciate the info!
  8. Hi all! Just wondering about Honest Challenger's duel ability and when you can use it? I tried using it in Jigoku from home and in battle and neither time did it trigger for me. Is there something I'm missing? Does she have to be in conflict to use it? Do both characters have to have a character at home to use it? I'm super confused but it seems like a good harpoon ability if I can figure out when to use it. Thanks!
  9. The runner of the event replied to me and said as per FFG it would "not" be legal for both the Kotei and Elemental Challenge, however it would be legal for the side skirmish pods. So yeah complicated but at least I can deck build confidently now.
  10. Hi Everyone! Now that we know Children releases on Feb 14th (Yay!), this makes me wonder about how soon those cards will be useable in tournaments. There is a Kotei and Elemental Challenge happening Feb 23,24th in Toronto which I and i'm sure some others are attending and there has been no word from the organizers yet but based on previous rulings, I believe Children would not be legal for those tournaments as it would not be 11 days post launch. The 11th day would be the 25th which would be the day after those events. Is this correct? I have emailed the organizers for clarification but haven't heard back yet. I don't want to spend time designing a new deck that isn't legal, or on the other end of the spectrum, not designing a new deck and getting stomped by new cards I forgot to include. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Okay thanks so much! We were trying to decide how it would ever be a useful card other than potentially playing around it early game but if it doesn't have to be used immediately that makes it more useful especially when we are just playing with Core Sets. Thanks!
  12. Hi Everyone! Me and a friend just played our first game of L5R last night and I was playing Unicorn. I had Endless Plains as one of my provinces and my friend declared an attack against it with a keeper initiate I think it was called. This caused me to reveal Endless Plains and read the text which has the keyword "Reaction" and says I have to automatically break my province and he picks a character to discard. I was watching a team covenant video where they were playing with Endless Plains and once it got revealed, the guy made a choice to not use the reaction and keep the province as a 2 strength province however he said on further turns if endless plains got attacked he could activate the ability. Is this true? I thought by reaction it happened automatically but then again how would a person use the 2 strength if it always auto breaks. Can you reveal it, decide not to break it and then use the ability in a further conflict when attacked? Can someone please clarify this for me? I've looked all over but I can't seem to find exactly the answer i'm looking for. Thanks so much! :)
  13. Hello, I might just be overthinking it but can someone explain to me how the leadership guardian card works? I understand that you commit it to another investigator's skill test, however when it says "Leadership gains (willpower symbol) ?" does that mean the skill test of the investigator gains a willpower boost plus whatever they need for that test? Effectively giving the investigator potentially plus 2 willpower for a test if they need it? Or does it mean that the wild symbol when being committed to another investigator's test can only be used for Willpower? I'm a bit confused on this card so if someone could shed some light for me I'd appreciate it :). Thanks!
  14. Haha cool, well we've been playing wrong for all of Act 1 then but at least it wasn't really unfair for either side because we applied the rule to both the OL and the player. This will make Act 2 very interesting now that we are playing with correct movement! Thanks for the help!
  15. Thanks Atom! We argued that it seemed too powerful causing hit and run like scenarios with melee heroes that would put melee monsters at a large disadvantage but I suppose if heroes can do it, monsters can too!
  16. Hi guys, You've been so helpful so far so I'm back with another question. I probably misread something or just didn't read the rules close enough but I have a clarification needed about movement. Can a hero who has say 5 movement points, move 3, then attack, then resume the move action prior and finish the last 2 steps? Or does a hero who declares a move action have to use up all or some of the movement, then proceed to the next action which can also be to move up to their full speed. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  17. Thanks for messaging FFG about that first one! Yeah at the time my only option was basically to kill off Zachareth so he'd respawn fully healed. I'll check back once you have an answer! Perfect, that's what I was hoping was true, otherwise wow having 3+ weakens on anything would effectively kill them outright haha. Thanks Zaltyre!
  18. Hi everyone, I'm sure this is a pretty easy question but I couldn't find the ruling on it last night during our session so we just decided that they can't. So I have two questions pertaining to this. Can lieutenants perform a rest action? In our case Baron Zachareth had the weaken condition and the only way to remove it is to rest so I was wondering if they can rest since they have attributes just like heroes do. Also, Can you stack conditions? There was an argument made that since there are multiple weaken tokens that you can stack weaken on either monsters or heroes. Is this allowed? Or is it one of each condition per figure? Any help would be great before we move into act 2! Thanks!
  19. Hi there! Yeah I figured it out shortly after posting haha. I didn't know that I had to play the rumour card on the quest tracker at a certain point so after deleting the previous quest, I was able to find it! I really love this tool and thanks for the quick response! I apologize for my lack of messing around with the site more before asking a question haha. Take care!
  20. Hi There! I love this tracker so much so far and just started using it. I have a question though. I can't add rumours to my campaign right now and I have selected all the box expansions that have rumours in them at the moment. The drop box is just blank and we did the "What's yours is mine" quest from lair of the wyrm. I noticed you were working on a new quest selector or something and I was just curious if adding rumours is down at the moment? Can you let me know? Keep up the great work!
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