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  1. How many White Walkers do you see in the SW universe??? Riddle me that Mr. Boyega.
  2. In Daenerys's war room .. there was only one person that pees standing up .. and I' not sure he'd get it over the porcelain.
  3. OR .. go one step further and NOT show a movie about an established character altogether. You're very right. We've seen enough of Han to know a bit about his backstory and what we don't know we can fill in ourselves. It's a big universe, let's see some stories from other parts with characters who are new. Let's create some new Han Solos.
  4. Sounds like you guys are having fun. That's great! I've always said At-At .. but I say Ay Tee Ess Tee .. "not At St". The SW Read-a-long ABC's pronounce it At-At and as a kid I listened to it enough to recite the whole cassette. No doubt where I developed my pronunciation of the walker.
  5. What if this was all orchestrated and planned from Day 1? To generate conversation, interest and awareness of the film, they switch out Directors (stating "creative differences" - what does that mean exactly? It doesn't damage the previous Director's reputation and we are all fine with that reasoning) and swap them for a named known fellow. "Oh yeah, Ron Howard, I've heard f that guy .. who were the former Directors again? Never heard of them. Glad they made THAT move!". But here we are. Talking about the film. Building awareness. "No Conandoodle, we'd never be conned into generating free marketing for this product". Wouldn't we? Do you recall the buzz around Rogue One requiring to re-shoot extra scenes late in it's production .. that also generated conversation. Maybe I'm on to something here.
  6. I read this morning that they left due to 'creative differences' with only a few weeks left of filming. Another article stated they were fired by Kathleen Kennedy for the same reasons. Regardless. I have zero interest in a Han solo film. The character is much more intriguing off screen.
  7. I'd happily give you mine. I have zero interest in Rebels or its characters.
  8. A few shards off IG-88's 7th *. Have Boba and Dengar. Would love to see a Bossk, 4-LOM and Zuchuss to get that Bounty Hunter experience.
  9. I have a 7* Dengar .. I'm struggling to see his value.
  10. Thanks for the share. I just binge watched several hours of SW fan films .. There's some really good ones.
  11. Lego .. yeah, I've heard of it. Here are my pilots and dome of their astros. Got this year's Y-Wing in the cupboard to make too.
  12. Is that the article that states that Jim Henson's daughter (who runs the puppetry company now ) is ensuring that there's more puppetry than CGI. I'm excited for that. As a young fella, the Skekses (?) scared the woo hoo out of me. In other slightly related news .. Labyrinth 2 is on the cards. Jennifer Connelly in that movie was my first crush.
  13. I read once upon a time that EA has the license for all SW digital platforms/games .. or something like that. I really enjoy the squad benchmark program. Close enough to a mobile game. For those that love Tie Fighter and X-Wing PC games .. check out
  14. Whilst I can appreciate the desire to improve yourself, your skills and your understanding of the game, my advise is to not stress over winning. Keep in mind that the Kallus thingy-mi-gidge is just that .. a thing. Do you need more 'things'? Consumerism within our culture pushes us to want more, better, newer, shinier things. I maintain that our focus should be on enjoyment, on interacting with human beings and having fun with our time on this rock. If having things or winning a competition brings you joy, wonderful. But please be honest and true with yourself. Regardless of your pursuits, all the best sir.
  15. The characters do not change as you level up. Luke will stay as Tatooine Luke from 1 star to 7. I don't think there is a playable Luke with Lighty in game yet. You can see all the playable characters in Characters tab