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  1. Wave 1. Seeing those iconic ships for the first time .. nothing has come close to that experience.
  2. This week is more of a damage deck over an EPT kinda week. I am utterly defeat and it's only Tuesday Critical Hit
  3. I'll be at the at the midnight session in Australia .. so can have seen the film, had a sleep, cooked breakfast, sobered up, read War and Peace and updated this thread before it hits cinemas in USA. Only 28 hours before we see if this theory is on the table or not. I won't update this thread with any spoilers until 24 hours after release.
  4. This is a great point. Though neither look like Rey. Hmmmmm.
  5. But what if Rey's parents AREN'T relevant to the story .. but Disney is using it as a device to link the media platforms into telling the bigger story. In the film, Luke might say something like "Your parents defected from the Empire. I met your father once .. I felt the force in him." That's enough for the film goers. Battlefront 2 then tells the tale of the two defecting .. just like the books, comics and animated series fill in blanks in the ' bigger story'. I don't think the pilot we see at 1:03 in that clip can be identified as Iden's daughter. See @flyboymb's comments re: Chekhov's Gun device. It seems really weird that there are references to their daughter. I'm starting to see more and more merit in this theory. #I+D=R
  6. I agree with you both. One of the things that makes the SW great is the level of emotion investment we have in the universe. Those 'throw away lines' about Ord Mandell, Blasting Wamp Rats in a T-16, Han and Lando's relationship etc, all serve a purpose. However, at a personal level, we build those stories ourselves. Those lines are a trigger. We immediately fill those stories out. With what!? With what is relevant and exciting to us. Our brain knows exactly what it likes. These stories (which are part of the SW universe) are tailored to meet our individual and specific interests whilst adhering to our own personal canon. The same principal works in horror films. When we can't see the Alien/Monster our brain thinks of the scariest beast based on the limited information available to us. By the end of the film when we can actually see it .. we often think"Meh .. that's not too bad!" because we're seeing someone else's Alien .. not our own. This is why I think origin stories and prequels do more damage to characters and franchises. They take our own bespoke stories away from us distancing our emotional investment from the universe.
  7. I think we all have enough X-Wings in our collections. Bah, who am I kidding!? There's no such thing as too many X-Wings.
  8. Isn't there a rule about posting 'pawnograffy' on these forums? [spelling intentional to dodge the FFG net nanny)
  9. C3-P0 and R2D2 aren't human .. but like the other non-human there, they also didn't receive a medal for their valour. Yes, I'm beginning to agree with you.
  10. "Groot 5 standing by" The painting is outstanding.
  11. Agreed. That was frustrating in the prequels though: Ep1: Here's Darth Maul, he's your bad guy today. Ep2: Here's some old fella, called Dooku he's your bad guy today. Ep3: Here's an asthmatic cyborg, he's your bad guy today. There was no consistency across the series. I hope they keep it consistent this time around.
  12. Agreed In my circle of friends we are all gravitating toward the co-op games ... particularly Destiny 2, Borderlands and The Division. Far Cry 4 looks promising. It's possible that over the past 15 years we've been inundated with FPS MP death matches and grown bored of this format. It's also possible that (as we're in our late 30's) we are slowing down and just want to play enjoyable stress-free games, drink beers and talk nonsense while our kids are out of the house.
  13. Fair point. Is it possible that in the movies they might say that Rey's parents were Imperial defectors who were being hunted by Kylo Ren. Luke can say he met Rey's father and felt the force in him. The intricacies of the story are however, revealed in the game. We saw some cross-over between Rebels and TFA.
  14. Theory. At the end of BFII Kylo references Iden and Del's daughter. There are at least two references to her .. odd. Not at all relevant to the story. Iden and Del had both been to Jakku. Luke makes a few cryptic comments to Del about the Force when they meet. Could Del be Force sensitive? Is it possible that Rey is the daughter of Iden and Del? It makes sense that they'd hide her from the empire. It makes sense that she'd be on Jakku. It makes sense that she'd be force sensitive. It kinda also makes sense then that she's drawn to the relics from that battle at Jakku. In the SW universe, if you're a main character and not Lando, you're guaranteed to be related to someone else in the story. What are our thoughts?
  15. Yes. You're very right. Deep down I knew. But the campaign talks about 'hope' a lot and I guess I also had a lot of hope for a more engaging campaign.