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  1. Does anyone know how GW makes the calculation?
  2. Ditto. Bought the mega fleet pack. It promises 4 x 5-30 ships and 4 x 5-30 corresponding characters for about 2,500 crystals. Got 20 shards for each. Extremely underwhelming. 4 Nihilus packs promising 5-20 shards .. 5 shards in each. What I find interesting is that I have ZERO intention of buying crystals through their store as the returns to date on the crystals 'earnt' has been a very negative experience. Constantly getting the minimum is pushing potential customers to your store away. I'd suggest they say 1-20 shards .. and when you get 5 you don't feel like you've been stooged .. yet again!
  3. If it's good enough for Paris .. it's good enough for Punishers #prayforpunishers
  4. Look, it really depends where your interests are. I was disgusted by a fellow (that calls himself a human being) who works ina games store AND said he didn't like Mass Effect. I loved Skyrim, ME, KOTOR, etc. That RPG genre is amazing. I just sold COD IW and COD:BO3 unfinished, yet enjoyed Titanfall 2. Am currently having a lot of fun with Doom. I loved Battlefront when I first played it. The visuals, the sounds .. it was Star Wars! But after a few hours when every game feels the same. There's no life in it. I haven't touched it in months and probably won't.
  5. We live in a culture where everything has to be sensationalised though. Hyperbole is the new norm. You won't believe what I'm going to say next! Number 6 is mind blowing!
  6. My canon for A-Wings is based on the PC X-Wing games of yesteryear. They had shields in that. Not very good ones, but they were there.
  7. Stackpole's Rogue Squadron books where the only EU novels I really enjoyed. The only ones I re-read. It got a bit silly whn Alliston continued the series. But yes, I'd enjoy a Rogue Squadron movie.
  8. An interesting related conversation. Disney and Netflix are possibly discussing a live action KOTOR project. Should this show air, the ships/characters become canon and would likely be utilised by FFG. We may see some of the characters/ships from KOTOR I and II on the table. I know some people are challenged by the time line on the FFG table (eg. Porkins flying alongside Poe). How would we feel about a much wider timeline .. if these EU ships became canon and picked up by FFG.
  9. I looked at some of your other images. Your Republic Shuttle is genius!
  10. Agreed. We're seeing a lot more Mauls now that he is available in the store (for $30 AUD :O). I've been using him for a while. He self heals on hits, destroys jedis and if he makes a kill, goes back for seconds, thirds, etc. It took me a while to farm him to 7* but for those on the chase, just be patient. .. you'll get there. and yes, he solos entire squads (at a lower level of course). He's an absolute beast.
  11. A Sith update you say .. well this is relevant to my interests. I just 7*'d Maul and Sidious with Darth on his way. Have also been working on Dooku and Savage. I agree with the above poster .. Dooku is annoying in GW. His counter strikes frustrate me.
  12. 100% agree. But it's such a large and wondrous universe .. surely there are other, more interesting stories we can explore.
  13. The Heart of Gold (From Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy) - Infinite Probability Drive. .. Imagine it. You roll 3 hamburgers and Paul Heaver wins the Fifa World Cup. Serenity from Firefly - Inora Crew - just for Inora. Morena Baccarin the most beautiful lady in our cosmos! The more she graces our TVs the better.
  14. Hmmm, JBR7's post above indirectly raises a good point. Joe Stated he dislikes Netflix's Sci-Fi productions and enjoys Manga. I quite enjoy some of Netflix's Sci-Fi production and despite having lived in Japan for a considerable chunk of my life, can't stand Manga or Anime. Without this information, should Joe ask for a recommendation we'd all gladly recommend shows that WE like. However, these might be at the other end of Joe's interest spectrum. Perhaps, a better method for making recommendations would be to state: a. the show(s) we recommend b. why they were memorable c. 2 or 3 other shows/genres that we like. It might add some value to our recommendations ... just a thought.
  15. I do appreciate the lengths Monsieur Lucas went to to keep the Darth Vader / Luke Skywalker relationship reveal. Word is, VERY few people knew. At the time of filming, David Prowse said some other words inside his helmet, Hamill responded appropriately (as Lucas had given him the heads up) and then had James Earl Jones say several lines - one of which was "I am your father". It wasn't until the editing phase that it became apparent to the crew. On an aside, Lucas may have known the direction the story was going in, and just needed to flesh it out and finalise a few thing (refer to the Dark Vizier example above). I don't think George R. R. Martin this much planned.