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  1. I can’t wait till June 20th

    Shhhh .. keep this quiet. Use your endor voices.
  2. Cool Stuff from The Last Jedi Novelization

    Admittedly, the movies are watchable. They lack the charm and charisma of the originals and certainly won't enjoy the longevity of those first 3. But this garbage in the book!? Seriously .. what the actual phuque is it? It feels like that terrible midichloriad scene again .. and again .. and again .. I get it, we all have different personal canons and I confess I am very Vanilla. Anything from EU outside of X-Wing series was too far out there for me. Rebels is too far out there. But this stuff described in the book is laughable.
  3. Cool Stuff from The Last Jedi Novelization

    Maybe I'm closed minded .. but almost everything you've mentioned from the book has killed a little bit more of SW for me. It's like authors have think up the craziest BS to put their mark on the universe. I can appreciate that others like it but it really doesn't correlate with my personal SW canon. Does anybody else feel this way .. or is it just me?
  4. What if..(x-wing style)

    Slight adjustment to the OP's intention .. but I can see some fun in randomising the action cards in your deck, placing them face-down and choosing the top one.
  5. Boycotting TLJ Blu-ray, really?

    Ahh, you got suckered in to reading/listening to someone's pointless rant .. .. that makes 2 of us now.
  6. These are some great posts. I love that you persevere, try new materials and techniques, learn from them, improve. It;s great to see beautiful unique models (your T-70's are stunning) but more inspiring to see someone practice, learn and grow. Well done!
  7. A Lando Movie

    I normally disregard your posts as they're often just a one liner of negativity, withing nothing that adds value to the conversation ... .. but in this instance .. I whole heartedly agree with you. I've ranted all over these boards about how prequel movies kill the characters we love by de-authenticating our emotional investment in to the universe. A pointless endeavour when there is so much universe to explore outside of the main characters from the the primary arc.
  8. I'm new to this project. Card art always sucks me in. The artworks you have compiled, the design of the cards and the calibre of this project all exceed "impressive, most impressive". I'll be keeping an eye on Supremacy.
  9. E-wing recanonized

    I see what you did there! Nice one!
  10. Admittedly, I bowed out early. It felt like a grind (not progression) from the start. For me, progression implies enhancements in a chosen area, to shape my character to be the character I'd like explore. My experience with SW:BF2 is different. I played for a period of time to open randomised loot boxes in the hope I got something interesting. I get it, games cannot progress forever. The Division, Destiny, etc all get grindy ... but they're not grindy from the start. Aesthetically .. it's a gorgeous game. You can't argue that.
  11. Three Word Story

    a hideously grotesque
  12. Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Played a quick game. Is really good.I missed a few combat phases by hitting skip .. but that is just me being a chump
  13. I say it's a terrible theory based on one point: It's a big universe .. why the blazers is everyone related?
  14. 6" Black Series SW Figures

    Prove it!
  15. New Star Wars ruined Original Star Wars

    No arguments here, but how the heck can you compete against nostalgia. There is a tonne of research showing how we look back at the good old days with such nostalgic fondness. Trump utilised this psychology in his campaign when he kept referring to the "good old days". The way we remember memories is constantly distorted. By recalling a memory of the past, you are remembering it as your brain has chosen to distort it, not by the actuality of its events (source). Therefore, each of us shares a varied, modified and personal experience when considering the Original Trilogy. How can you compete with that? By extension, The OT gave us hooks into the universe for us to invest in at an emotional level. Eg, "That bounty hunter we ran into at Ord Mandell ...". What? What happened? We, the viewer, fill that back story ourselves. We create a little story with minimal details, but it is our story. It is a story relevant and exciting to us. It is a story that adheres to our version of the SW canon. We have now created a small part of the universe, we own that, we have become emotionally invested in this universe because some of it is ours. The prequels took this away from us. They did not give us to opportunity to participate. On the contrary, it de-authenticated our own stories. I think this new trilogy is bringing some of this personal emotional investment back. What happened to Kylo? Why has Luke seemingly shut himself off from the force and given up? What's the full story behind Han and Leia's amicable split (separation is very real to a lot of mature aged audience - who experienced the original trilogy)? These hooks give us the opportunity to own part of the universe again. Finally, this is why I argue that OT characters are now more interesting off-screen. I do not want to see a Han Solo, Boba Fett or ObiWan movie. Leave them with us as they are. It's a big universe, show us more stories and characters from within it and stop breaking down our own emotional ties to the existing franchise.