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  1. Is that the article that states that Jim Henson's daughter (who runs the puppetry company now ) is ensuring that there's more puppetry than CGI. I'm excited for that. As a young fella, the Skekses (?) scared the woo hoo out of me. In other slightly related news .. Labyrinth 2 is on the cards. Jennifer Connelly in that movie was my first crush.
  2. I read once upon a time that EA has the license for all SW digital platforms/games .. or something like that. I really enjoy the squad benchmark program. Close enough to a mobile game. For those that love Tie Fighter and X-Wing PC games .. check out
  3. Whilst I can appreciate the desire to improve yourself, your skills and your understanding of the game, my advise is to not stress over winning. Keep in mind that the Kallus thingy-mi-gidge is just that .. a thing. Do you need more 'things'? Consumerism within our culture pushes us to want more, better, newer, shinier things. I maintain that our focus should be on enjoyment, on interacting with human beings and having fun with our time on this rock. If having things or winning a competition brings you joy, wonderful. But please be honest and true with yourself. Regardless of your pursuits, all the best sir.
  4. The characters do not change as you level up. Luke will stay as Tatooine Luke from 1 star to 7. I don't think there is a playable Luke with Lighty in game yet. You can see all the playable characters in Characters tab
  5. Are we talking about spraying your opponents with the aerosol based self defence spray? Or hitting them with a large spiky iron ball on a stick?
  6. Interesting theory. As I see it, you don't hear a lot of positive feedback from acting folk about Mr. Lucas. I imagine this has something to do with it. Additionally, SW is huge and the acting folk had a tough time breaking public perception of them as they were branded by their role, rather themselves. The late Carrie Fisher would agree to do cameos, presentations, etc. on the condition SW/Leia were not mentioned. I imagine these would some of the factors that would push actors away from the SW project. Yes, some actors did break the typecast through previous/future works. Sir Alec Guiness, Peter Cushing, Harrison Ford.
  7. In semi related news. I recently searched for a blu-ray version of Caravan of Courage for my little'n. Couldn't find it on Blu-Ray but I acquired it via other channels. Not sure if I should be admitting to this, but the scene where the little guy hands his armour over and dies .. quite touching still.
  8. I think so. Bandai Samurai Taisho Vader Bandai Ashigaru Stormtrooper Bandai Ronin Bobafett Here they all are here:
  9. "I will live to see you eat that contract .. but I hope you leave enough room for my fist .. because I'm going to ram it into your stomach and break your god-**** spine!" This quote should have won Pulitzers, Emmys, Tonys, Nobels, Logies, etc ... all of them. It's second only to the Conan's response when asked what is best in life. OP, I'm curious to know what the other 9 in the top 10 80's films are. I hope Overboard get's a mention.
  10. I also bought these .. couldn't resist.
  11. OP: I lived in Japan for 5 years and can say that SW culture isn't quite as big as it is in the west. The Japanese are very loyal to their own industry/IP which is quite admirable. Yes, Bandai makes some awesome SW kits .. but go to any toy store and you'll see that the Gundam kits outnumber SW kits 100:1. That's not to say SW isn't huge over there (there's a SW expo at Nagoya Castle right now), just not as big as it is here.
  12. Does anyone know how GW makes the calculation?
  13. Ditto. Bought the mega fleet pack. It promises 4 x 5-30 ships and 4 x 5-30 corresponding characters for about 2,500 crystals. Got 20 shards for each. Extremely underwhelming. 4 Nihilus packs promising 5-20 shards .. 5 shards in each. What I find interesting is that I have ZERO intention of buying crystals through their store as the returns to date on the crystals 'earnt' has been a very negative experience. Constantly getting the minimum is pushing potential customers to your store away. I'd suggest they say 1-20 shards .. and when you get 5 you don't feel like you've been stooged .. yet again!
  14. If it's good enough for Paris .. it's good enough for Punishers #prayforpunishers
  15. Look, it really depends where your interests are. I was disgusted by a fellow (that calls himself a human being) who works ina games store AND said he didn't like Mass Effect. I loved Skyrim, ME, KOTOR, etc. That RPG genre is amazing. I just sold COD IW and COD:BO3 unfinished, yet enjoyed Titanfall 2. Am currently having a lot of fun with Doom. I loved Battlefront when I first played it. The visuals, the sounds .. it was Star Wars! But after a few hours when every game feels the same. There's no life in it. I haven't touched it in months and probably won't.