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  1. Conandoodle

    X-wing game considered legends

    Don't forget the Great Mario Space Race of ABY23
  2. Conandoodle

    Your favorite bad joke

    Who is there?
  3. Conandoodle

    Novel Characters getting some love!

    Whilst it'd be nice, I don't think that'll ever happen. They have enough T-65 pilots with varying abilities. There are a few threads form yesteryear exploring custom cards and abilities for Rogue Squadron pilots and synergies. There are also some remarkable re-painted models out there though. Interesting question. Personally, yes, I'd prefer not to have them at all. In my personal canon Corran and Gavin fly X-Wings, it's what I associate them with. However, I can also appreciate that I'm only 1 of 7.5 billion people on this disc and that other folk have different interests, canon, etc I don't expect to see those listed pilots make the table top .. but was merely stating my preference in the ships they fly and why.
  4. Conandoodle


    The Australian accent (particularly the broad accent) often has a high rising terminal at the end of sentences. Some students studying English (whose native language is a tonal language like Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, etc.) can struggle because they're told that when a sentence goes up at the end it means there's a question.
  5. Conandoodle


    True or not ... I'm stealing this next time someone gives me grief about my spelling. (Though part of me wishes 'Dyslexia' wasn't a word you'd memorised .. Dislecksia? Dislekseeya?) I was at a conference and a guy I was talking to said "I'm sorry, I'm on the Asbergers spectrum and find conversation really difficult, if I say anything inappropriate please forgive me. I'm trying very hard". We then had a 'normal' conversation. Afterwards I thought, that was brilliant! He'd laid down a perfect 'get out of jail free card' .. I couldn't call him out on anything he said or I'd look like an inconsiderate scumbag.
  6. Conandoodle

    Novel Characters getting some love!

    Personally, I prefer to see Corran Horn, Gavin Darklighter, Erisi Dlarit, Lujayne Forge, Andoorni Hui, Ooryl Qrygg, Nawara Ven, Rhysati Ynr, Peshk Vri'syk, Bror Jace, Aril Nunb and Pash Cracken as X-Wing pilots. I really enjoyed the Michael Stackpole series and didn't really get invested in many of the other stories.
  7. Conandoodle

    Novel Characters getting some love!

    You mean they'll miss with you .. no moss with you .. wait .. mass with ? .. errr..
  8. Conandoodle

    X-Wing themed gaming table??

    I say keep it simple. Look at the aesthetics of the amazing table already shown. Simple star field, simple coloured ends for each team and Star Wars logo. You want it in the front of the store to attract players. The bold simplicity of it will draw the eye, the Star Wars brand will draw the interest and the game itself will draw in the wallets. You also mentioned not being overly artistic. You're more likely to get a better result by keeping the build as simple as possible. Maybe think about buying a colleapsable table from a thrift store and screwing some MDF/plywood on top.
  9. Conandoodle

    Odanan's 2nd Ed. Custom Cards

    Thanks for this. Keyan with Kyle Katarn crew is my favourite combo.
  10. Conandoodle

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    I don’t understand what the hype about Boba Fett is either. What did we see in the OT? 1. Darth Vader pulls him aside and says "No disintergrations" AFTER saying "I want them alive". I used to work in management and when you have to specifically spell out conditions after making a black and white point .. it means you're dealing with incompetents. 2. Can he fight well? Don't know. He follows Han to Bespin .. and then tells Darth. Who does all the hard work? Does Boba Fett capture Han? Nope .. Darth does. What exactly does Boba do? The same thing Bobby Farret did in elementary when he saw Peter Duncan pull Amy Brown's hair .. he told the teacher. Bad ***. 3. Oh, but we see him fight in Jedi. That went well. He misses Luke at point blank range, shoots a rope (when apparently armed with an arsenal of cool stuff - oh but he wanted Luke alive .. after trying to shoot him with a blaster???) and flies into the side of a barge after being hit by a blind guy within arms reach? He couldn't defeat a blind guy at arm's reach .. the blind guy didn't even know he was there .. and Boba still lost. Yes, he is admired because of his badass potential and mysterious persona. Leave it that way. They can make all the Boba movies, toys and games they want .. he's still as useless as the white crayon.
  11. Conandoodle

    Inferno Squadron title for TIE-s?

    Have to be careful though. Inferno Squadron operated on both sides of the law.
  12. Conandoodle

    Boba Fett movie is happening.

    In my head .. Boba Fett doesn't even speak with a Kiwi accent
  13. Conandoodle

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    There’s talk of a Boba Fett film .. there were plenty of references to the ‘scum and villiany’ element of the SW universe in Solo (the very out of place Maul scene points to this element too). I would argue that a Boba Fett film would act as a sequel to Solo (Han’s story has been told) and this story arc would be unpacked through films focusing on other characters.
  14. Conandoodle

    Boba Fett movie is happening.

    1) Established characters are more interesting off screen. Leave them alone! By creating another origin story / prequel a Disney is de-authenticating our own emotional ties to the universe. It’s a big universe .. let’s explore another element of it. 2) There were plenty of references to the ‘scum and villiany’ element of the SW universe in Solo (there’s also a scene that feels very out of place which points to this element too). I would argue that a Boba Fett film would act as a sequel to Solo and this story arc would be unpacked.
  15. Conandoodle

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    It was nice of Lando to conveniently forget that Han owed him a VCX100. Serious question though: At times Lando’s voice was very Billy Dee Williams. Do you think they sliced BDW over to add authenticity?