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  1. Thats the thing about factions in a war game. Some factions appeal to some players. Others do not. Generally speaking, the more factions you have that are well done and well supported, the more players you will attract with different tastes, leading to a more varied and more healthy games. Personally, I love Empire, Scum, Clones, and CIS. I have no interest in Rebels, FO, or Res, and don't even bother looking at their release articles. At my LGS, X-Wing took off when Scum was introduced, Legion is becoming popular only now with CW, and nobody want to play Armada with only two factions to choose from, but are looking to give it a try with CW.
  2. I honestly prefer super glue for general assembly. I save the plastic glue for only the most fiddly of bits, and repairs.
  3. I was not there, nor have I seen pics yet. But they apparently had two booths, and their larger booth was set up in the event hall (which was a first for them). They had their first con painting competition, and it was the first Gencon event for both Malifaux 3rd Edition, and The Other Side. I did make a sizable order from Wyrds Gencon stock though, so looking forward to that. And I would have done the same with FFG if they would let me. But I suppose this means I can just get the stuff I want at a discount once it hits retail.
  4. Wish they would do like other companies (such as Wyrd) and put their con exclusives and preorders online during events.
  5. If mini sub factions become a thing, I hold out hope for Night Sisters with a Mother Talzin commander option (that could be a sweet figure).
  6. If someone wants to stick to lore/narrative, there is nothing stopping you from finding like minded people, ignoring the basic list construction rules and unit rules, and creating custom armies the way you feel they should be. Narrative gameplay has been an option in every minis game out there for decades, its still an option here.
  7. I have no idea how or where they would fit in, but I hope we get Night Sisters and Mother Talzin down the road for CW stuff.
  8. Well, I was iffy on getting into Legion but this has brought me in. Clone Wars era has some fantastic designs and concepts, and the cartoon easily outdid the OT at its high points. Looking forward to collecting some CIS, and hopefully the Shadow Collective somewhere down the road.
  9. Why not the Shadow Collective? It is canon, it has structure, it is a Scum faction, Maul is its figurehead. Everyone wins. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Shadow_Collective
  10. To add to the technology between the eras discussion, one need only look at the Subjagator Class Heavy Cruiser, aka The Malevolence. It's super Ion cannons disabled entire fleets in a single shot, something more impressive than any single Imperial vessel (including the Death Star and Executor) managed to pull off in a space battle. Speaking of which, I wonder if we will see Grievous appear as the commander of The Malevolence, or The Invisible Hand if CIS makes it into the game.
  11. I would say the biggest hurdle for armada is its split faction, $100 buy in. That is the biggest complaint I have heard about the game, and the reason most people around here wont even try it. IA also has this, but its considered a bit less of a problem, because its a bit more of a complete experience, and seen as more of a board game than wargame.
  12. I actually would be on board with a 4th dice type on certain potential future ships (those equipped with proton weapons most likely). Obviously, those dice and the rules for them should be packaged with those ships.
  13. I would like to add to the list that the Rebels have a whole extra ship over the empire and have since day 1. Which is really more annoying than anything .
  14. There is also the team up in Rebels.
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