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  1. If mini sub factions become a thing, I hold out hope for Night Sisters with a Mother Talzin commander option (that could be a sweet figure).
  2. If someone wants to stick to lore/narrative, there is nothing stopping you from finding like minded people, ignoring the basic list construction rules and unit rules, and creating custom armies the way you feel they should be. Narrative gameplay has been an option in every minis game out there for decades, its still an option here.
  3. I have no idea how or where they would fit in, but I hope we get Night Sisters and Mother Talzin down the road for CW stuff.
  4. Well, I was iffy on getting into Legion but this has brought me in. Clone Wars era has some fantastic designs and concepts, and the cartoon easily outdid the OT at its high points. Looking forward to collecting some CIS, and hopefully the Shadow Collective somewhere down the road.
  5. Why not the Shadow Collective? It is canon, it has structure, it is a Scum faction, Maul is its figurehead. Everyone wins. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Shadow_Collective
  6. To add to the technology between the eras discussion, one need only look at the Subjagator Class Heavy Cruiser, aka The Malevolence. It's super Ion cannons disabled entire fleets in a single shot, something more impressive than any single Imperial vessel (including the Death Star and Executor) managed to pull off in a space battle. Speaking of which, I wonder if we will see Grievous appear as the commander of The Malevolence, or The Invisible Hand if CIS makes it into the game.
  7. I would say the biggest hurdle for armada is its split faction, $100 buy in. That is the biggest complaint I have heard about the game, and the reason most people around here wont even try it. IA also has this, but its considered a bit less of a problem, because its a bit more of a complete experience, and seen as more of a board game than wargame.
  8. I actually would be on board with a 4th dice type on certain potential future ships (those equipped with proton weapons most likely). Obviously, those dice and the rules for them should be packaged with those ships.
  9. I would like to add to the list that the Rebels have a whole extra ship over the empire and have since day 1. Which is really more annoying than anything .
  10. There is also the team up in Rebels.
  11. I think making them separate games would doom them to fail. And there are plenty of reasons to justify those ships showing up against ot and nt ships (mores so than Vader and Kylo Ren showing up in the same engagement and being shot down by Porkins and his E-Wing escort that everyone seems fine with). And yes, too many factions can hurt a game, but so can too few as it leads to bloat within those factions. My vote would be to make them subfactions at first (CIS with Rebels and Republic with Empire), then wean them off into their own factions when they have enough ships.
  12. We actually had a fairly strong community and had at least 8 members registered on the imperial assembly. However, the 3 biggest pillars of our community pretty much all moved out of the area within a month of each other and everything fell apart. Pretty much starting over at this point, but there are at least 4 other people preordering besides me, one of them being our new game manager who says he was big into L5R prior to moving to the area.
  13. Say what you want about the quality and writing of Empire at War as a whole. But the Consortium ship designs were great, and I would love to have them on the table. They can delay the Tie Punisher/K-Wing expansion if they want.
  14. Never really caught on at my LGS. Anything that's not 40K or MTG has a VERY difficult time taking off here. X-Wing was an exception to that, however none of the X-Wing players even wanted to give Armada the time of day due to already being involved in X-Wing and the $100 buy in. And X-Wing itself has pretty much died off here as well this year, and its back to nothing but 40K and MTG. Sigh.
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