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  1. Too bad you can't prove if these air bubbles lead to better results. You could be in some money there. And with how the debate on rolling style vs cheating, you should be fine from that stand point. LoL
  2. I scaled each pic individually so this may help.
  3. Nice video. But that won't satisfy naysayers. To quote the man in video " Yeah ... X-Winger!"
  4. XAQT78

    Happy Star Wars Day

    May the Fourth Be With you!! and me too
  5. It needs an aux arc, each side pair of guns could rotate out to 90 degree. This was my fav ship and wanted to play it in WEG RPG. So give it aux like yv666 would be very improved concept.
  6. XAQT78

    Bump Ruling

    How long are you suppose to "fly casual" ? I've read thread / articles about 40k players and their ruler battles, that's why I like predetermined measuring devices. Everytime I watch tourney videos and see dice fly across table and hit things, or constant bumps of models. I assume every milometer counts, let alone having your opponent touch your models and re-position them.
  7. I've always been fond of "dice towers" 1.) less chance of accusation 2.) control of dice landing i.e. no figure collisions. Desperate low / slow near dropping .. yes. I've seen those long cylindrical die .. guy would load it on finger and get near 6 every time. I've heard rumors about 40k dice rollers .. but i find that most palm position dice are hard to prove since it's still gonna hit / roll on map.
  8. I go through cool stuff inc. link in sig, not only do you get great deal but free shipping over $100. Which I used when bought 200 worth. I want at least 1 of each but not sure if I'd ever played.
  9. But a 4D +1 Ion ? stripping shields or not, your giving it red die equal to corvette ?! Stripping shields isn't enough penalty for your output, not even "can not make another attack this round" if you want a fire-link thing, you'd have to use corrans penalty of "can not attack next round" and drop to 3D + 1, but again if your give it primary than it gets the "primary range modifies" You could go with •Title for the "dual attack" / 3D + 1 Ion "requires Ion Canon Upgrade; can not attack next round" and IMO would balance it more,
  10. by archaic scaling .. should be bigger than deci but narrower of course.
  11. Think pushing this "unique" Ion is a bit much, by reading through stuff on ship. There is no special weapon component for this ship, so it should not receive any special abilities above what current upgrades offer. You can not give it a free Ion ability when others have to spend points for Ion cannon/turrets. You can not deal 1 Ion then strip 4 shield? That is essentially a free 4 hits (albeit only to shields) Should have more Hull than Shields Should have dial similar to Y/Bs but equal to X or worse than Int/As. Primary attacks = Generic Laser output, varied a bit by ships capabilities. Secondary attacks = Offer various abilities, dmg & effects @ a cost of list points or limitations. Example of unique ship ability that works: This is a great example of a specific ships ability from reference to in game concept. The Y-Wings turrets could be locked into position, allowing for a single pilot (yeah, where did the other crewman go to?) to fire these secondary weapons. Generally were aimed forward, but could be locked in a rear position. XG-1 does not have a function that is specific to the ship, ergo, doesn't get a special "Ion / XG-1" only ability like the Y-Wing.
  12. Issue I have with creating your own ships is making sure they aren't more biased than what their point values should be. I would consult whatever charts / mathwing stuff to make it closer to what we can match FFG formulas. I'm new to X-Wing though have been following it for a while plus theory crafting too. It's based of lambda, giving more combat capabilities. Have to remember it's a starfighter and have to think about it would how it would work in gameplay. For me, you would have to separate the love for this ship from implementing a balanced game concept. That's my critic about it, again I would find the point formulas to use for a base. Your giving the ship a lot of stuff for little cost. I wouldn't care if the thing only flew 1 red straight with its abilities as is. Overall, still is very creative and complete idea for an expansions!
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