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  1. this calc is amazing. makes me rethink everything!
  2. I'm a beginner and I use a wet palette every time I paint. I live in AZ, and it's dry as **** here. I make my own, and this formula works like a dream: 1. Grab a tupperware container 2. take 2 paper towels and stack them 3. Cut out a single piece of parchment paper from the kitchen. Make sure it's PARCHMENT paper and not wax paper. 4. Add enough water to wet through the paper towels, and add the parchment paper on top. 5. Experience hours of non-dried out acrylic paint. Seal back up when done, and I've gotten a full weekend out of my paints. #YOLO
  3. Picking up a little from Descent, I am coloring my bases a bit to easily distinguish between the normal troops, the enhanced troops, and the leaders. I think it helps my brain.
  4. Also, I thought about a ball and socket magnet but wanted to wait until the official rules came out about modded components and legality.
  5. I just rotated mine on the model. I actually had to switch the left with the right to get the alignment notches to go in so they faced down now. Good thing I didn't glue them yet.
  6. Thanks guys! I just used some poster sticky tack to mount the ship. This also helps by the way if you are playing at a FLGS if something is at an incline. You can get the poster sticky tack at like a Michael's. It has the consistency of chewed gum lol. Also, the guns haven't been fixed yet with glue, so i'm still safe whew. I would never have known!
  7. These models are really fun to play / paint!!
  8. I was under the impression you could attack 3 times during one round with this card. 1. Move to engage (free attack from luke) 2. Attack Action 3. Son of Skywalker additional attack. Yes?
  9. Alright, I've thought about it and I'm adding my 2c. 1. The T-47 is pretty high up. You would look over the top and determine if you are able to see the mini (and part of the base) from the perspective of the T-47. Assuming yes, LOS has been achieved. 2. Cover dictates that you draw an imaginary line from the base of the attacker to the base of the defender. If it passes through barricades or terrain it would get cover. In this case, heavy cover due to the barricade. 3. If the storm trooper would shoot back, the T-47 would get no benefit from the barricade, because vehicles don't benefit from them as cover.
  10. Let me be clear - I love this game. I own the base set and I've played it a lot with friends and neighbors. Yeah, rules are a bit finicky, but once you settle in and get a handle on it....a full game of 5 people is just some good old gaming FUN. The bad - the setup. Takes me about 45 minutes to get it all out and online and ready for my team. Over time, the fun is getting outweighed by the setup unfortunately. I've painted the mini's and put the time in, but I can't seem to get it out of the box. The great thing about innovation is that there are ways to play this game online digitally now that reduce to the setup to almost nil, and it's brought the fun back for me. I hate to be vague here, but if you really want more details contact me and I will explain. I played 3.5 hours last night and had a blast with people around the world on a game I love and have INVESTED in. Have fun and GAME ON
  11. So, do you have to be "engaged" with an enemy to shoot from short ranged with a ranged weapon? What I mean with the engaged thing is this. Player A moves from medium to short range, and then pulls out his lightsaber for an attack. I then have to tell the PC that they need to take 2 strain to be "engaged" with the npc first, and it feels weird thematically.
  12. So, I'm not getting how the engaged range works. Does it apply to both melee and ranged? If someone could break it down for me with examples, I'd really appreciate it. I found that most of the time when I play I just treat short range as close enough to swing or fire, and just go with it. The extra fiddly bits about engaged seemd to slow things down, or force players to not be able to use their action for a swing if they didn't plan for being "engaged" even though they were in short range. Thanks! Kuda
  13. Let's talk about some dice mechanics. I've been running the beginner box campaign now a few times, and I think I'm starting to grasp the concepts of the challenge and upgrade dice. I've also researched the statistics on the dice pool, and it seems that the black dice add more of a threat than the red. But let's talk examples. I like examples: Beginner Box Spoiler!!!- Don't read past here. Anyway - so the bridge scene with the mercenaries on guard. Here is how I've amped up the challenge: 1. I've added some others that were patrolling and get added to the mix if the PC's just charge in. 2. If one of the ranged PC's just takes a shot without attempting to speak to them, then I leverage their mercenary training, and all difficulty goes up by one purple. 3. Also, if a shot is heard from the trees, then they all drop prone and any ranged shots to them add one black. Any other tweaks you make to your combat to make it more of a threat? With a one time medicine check per encounter, plus stimpacks, the PC's don't normally feel really threatened. Advice I read was to sprinkle the challenge dice liberally, because as they lvl up, they get counters to those dice and those upgrades wont feel very good unless they see the intended affect. Thanks,
  14. I run beginner game sessions on roll20.net all the time. Look me up if you want to try one sometime. Kuda
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