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  1. SpikeSpiegel

    Solo 2? SPOILERS!!!

    I'm excited for the Solo sequels
  2. SpikeSpiegel

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    Loved it. Easily the best new Star Wars film so far. My favorite parts in no particular order: - Han getting his name by joining the Empire to become a pilot, only to cut away to three years later and getting blasted on Mimban. - Han speaking Wookiee and connecting to Chewbacca. Super heartfelt moment for me, especially when they're on the heist and Han translates for Chewie. - Han bragging about his VCX-100 - Donald Glover as Lando - Lando having the hots for his sassy robot - L3 and Qi'ra's conversation about Lando - L3's feminist-activist humor, especially starting the revolt on Kessel - Kessel run explained - Lando being salty about getting his ship trashed - Beckett betraying Han betraying Becket betraying Dryden with Qi'ra betraying Han to kill Dryden so Han can save Chewie with Beckett trying to kill Han but getting shot at the end. - EDIT: SURPRISE MAUL There's a lot more I loved about the movie but I basically just loved the entire movie.
  3. SpikeSpiegel

    What about X-Wing 3.0?

    Just gotta say that it’s coming. Don’t let the current hype fool you. On a more relevant note to make this not just a trash post: 6 years of 1.0 content and gameplay is pretty good in my book! Here’s to hopefully another 6 years of healthier content and gameplay!
  4. SpikeSpiegel

    X-Wing 2nd edition announced

    Ugh, I have a lot of 6+ of ships. This conversion's gonna hurt. I could admit that it's my own fault, but I don't want to.
  5. SpikeSpiegel

    X-Wing 2nd edition announced

    Why does it feel like I'm being tricked into playing Destiny but it's being called X-Wing?
  6. SpikeSpiegel

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Dicussion Thread!

    It's so obvious that it's tiresome.
  7. SpikeSpiegel

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Dicussion Thread!

    How many wolves will Filoni be able to shovel into this show?
  8. SpikeSpiegel

    SpikeSpiegel’s Epic Photo Thread!

    At my LGS we play a modified Epic format I've been working on that uses 300 points of small base ships with three asteroids/debris and a huge ship as part of the obstacles per player. Thanks! I hope to get more action shots up soon, but I need to play more to do that... Life's been kicking my *** lately but I can't wait to get some ships and dice on the board again!
  9. SpikeSpiegel

    X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Casual Format

    I was thinking of a fun way for people to get their T-65s and TIEs back on the table and came up with an X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter casual format where each player can put any pilot from their faction or from Scum & Villainy into the base model of an X-Wing or TIE. Here’s the rules: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter -100/6 base dogfight style -Players may only use X-Wings or TIEs and must include 2 named pilots in their list. -Players may use a pilot with their printed pilot skill, EPT slot, and ability from a different ship in their X-Wing or TIE. For example, Dash Rendar’s pilot ability to ignore obstacles and pilot skill (7) will be placed on the T-65 X-Wing’s base stats along with the addition of the EPT slot; Soontir Fel’s ability to assign a focus token when receiving a stress token and pilot skill (9) will be placed in the TIE Fighter’s base stats along with the addition of the EPT slot. -A pilot’s squad points will be determined by the original squad points printed on their original cards, but will not exceed the highest squad points on a pilot already printed on an X-Wing or TIE Fighter. For example, Wedge Antilles’ squad points are the highest on a T-65 at 29 points. By placing Dash Rendar in the T-65, instead of costing 36 points, Dash will cost 29. By placing Jake Farrell in a T-65, he will cost 24 point so since his original printed value did not exceed Wedge’s printed value; Howlrunner’s printed squad points is the highest on a TIE Fighter at 18 points. By placing Soontir Fel in the TIE Fighter, he will cost 18 points instead of 27 points. -A single pilot from the Scum and Villainy faction may be included in your list following the same rules above. I’m not sure if this would be horribly broken or if someone has already tried this or not, but if you ever wanted to run Chiraneau in a TIE or Hera in an X-Wing, I think this might be a fun way to try something new. I’m sure someone can spam a 6-7 TIE Swarm and jam out wins, but hopefully putting Dash or Corran in an X-Wing can help even out the odds. Im going to try to see I feel I can get my game night crew on board with trying this out and I’ll post results if it ever happens!
  10. SpikeSpiegel

    Re-design any 1 ship of your choosing

    Generic Jumpmaster base squad points cost is upped to 31 and it gets all of its torp slots back. P1 title grants unhinged mech in addition to red die.
  11. SpikeSpiegel

    now that the Sheathe is out, can we buff the ARC?

    Would've been nice to have a generic PS1-2 ARC at 23 points. It would've made the U-Wing obsolete though.
  12. SpikeSpiegel

    Which preview will be out today?

    Right? Clone Wars Era makes way more sense for Armada and Legion if they want the full 40k-esque scale of conflict imo.
  13. SpikeSpiegel

    Captain Hindsight: 3 simple TLJ fixes

    I'd actually really like those changes a lot. Especially if we got more Rey/Luke time in the time Canto Bight took. However, I also still like the galactic political commentary on the whole 1%ers and how infinite warfare is driven by capitalism from DJ and Rose, though. It could've been talked about somewhere else, though. Maybe through Maz in Episode IX or something.
  14. SpikeSpiegel

    Rian Johnsons’ Trilogy Begins

    I disagree. And I’d like to even hypothesize that if this wasn’t the right place for subversion, then no place would ever suffice for it. Taking a primary plot of the Skywalker story and breaking ground through subversion for the sake of the Star Wars universe to expend was a great aspect of TLJ. And I think it wrote really well with the characters: Defeated/shutoff Luke- yet still saves the day, Kylo wanting to destroy the past for his own purposes/ambitions/story, Rey being a symbolic nobody but everybody in terms of using the Force, even the new Force powers. It challenged and expanded my expectations and ability to enjoy Star Wars in a positive way. Now, I don’t think the movie was perfect, but I **** well enjoyed it as a Star Wars film.