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  1. Saw Gerrara on Tantive

  2. Scum Corvette and??

    I hope it’s the Protectorate fighter that comes with the next huge ship. Could always use more pilots/upgrades for it.
  3. New preview: save the dream

    It’s just too bad they didn’t make the Reaper a large base ship. Especially for how stupidly big the model is on the small base.
  4. What world would we be living in if...

    My guess would be that by the time Scum drooped within Brobots in tow, FFG probably forced the designers of the game to use either small or large bases due to the amount of time, effort, and resources it would take to get the production going on mass producing 1.5” bases or doublewides (scale/size testing, specials molds, different pegs, etc.). Though, this theory is kinda bunk because they release new ships every wave and they must have an army of laborers assembling, packaging, and painting them. There seems to be no legitimate reason from a design perspective as to why a medium base did not work, other than the “it-doesn’t-fit-the-grid-of-the-game” sort of argument. I looked at my K-Wings, ARCs, and Silencers tonight for game night and I just sighed at the missed opportunity.
  5. What world would we be living in if...

    TBH, this is what I was hoping for when they announced the K-Wing. It would’ve made for some interesting maneuvering through debris and formations. Unfortunately, it never happened.
  6. Which preview will be out today?

    Gunboats for Hire.
  7. What world would we be living in if...

    The Scurrg H-6, K-Wing, and TIE Silencer were on large bases? I understand that they’re supposed to be bombers/strike fighters/superiority fighters and whatnot, and I know point fortressing on small-base ships is popular in the competitive meta, but, what I really want to know is WHY TF ARE THESE SHIPS NOT ON LARGE BASES? Aggressors are on large bases, but they’re no bigger in profile, smaller even, than some ships that have been released (Punisher, ARC-170 as well). I was just wondering how you think the game, or the “world” of X-Wing, would be different if these ships were on large bases. Would the game be fair? Would their base sizes make no sense whatsoever? Would you not buy them because they’d be $30 each?
  8. Suicide Setups

    We have to take a huge ship in tournaments now, so why not rig them to ram things and explode? Gozanti-class Cruiser (40) Mara Jade (3) Rear Admiral Chiraneau (3) Cluster Bombs (4) Cluster Bombs (4) Automated Protocols (5) Suppressor (6) Soontir Fel (27) Push the Limit (3) Autothrusters (2) Stealth Device (3) Royal Guard TIE (0) Carnor Jax (26) Push the Limit (3) Autothrusters (2) Stealth Device (3) Royal Guard TIE (0) Glaive Squadron Pilot (34) Predator (3) Ion Cannon (3) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE/D (0) Glaive Squadron Pilot (34) Predator (3) Ion Cannon (3) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE/D (0) Glaive Squadron Pilot (34) Predator (3) Ion Cannon (3) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE/D (0) Glaive Squadron Pilot (34) Predator (3) Ion Cannon (3) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE/D (0) Total: 298 Token removal, boosts, stress, and hopefully two rounds of Cluster Bombs to deal with overzealous enemies. I feel like setting them up to be cheap, disruptive, and capable of going full send into the enemy fleet is the best way to setup an huge ship if you plan on investing more into your fighters than your huge ship. Although, the Gozanti listed isn’t exactly the cheapest setup, it hopefully has enough resiliency to stick around two or three turns of firing for the Ion/Ds and Aces to pick off their fighters. I’m excited to try this out soon!
  9. please DO nerf harpoons

    Nah. IMO, they’re fine. But this is just a filthy casual’s perspective.
  10. How is the starviper in epic?

    3 Atk + 3 Def ships are always good in Epic, IMO. PS upgrading your ships is important if you want to fire on huge ships, and Crack Shot is good for plinking off evade results from the reinforce action, but I think it's better spent on an EPT to improve the consistency of your attacks like Predator or Expertise or to improve your resilience like Push the Limit.
  11. I'm just trying to get a consensus in this section of the forum of how much Epic is played and how much is theorycrafted. I know we all love discussing combos, lists, interactions, and other aspects of the Epic format, but do you get to play it often? Do you get to play as often as you want to? Do you find yourself in an area where people don't have an interest in Epic? Since TLJ dropped, I've gotten three games of Epic in and have one going on tomorrow for about four games within a month and a half. I think it's safe to say that I get to play it often, but not necessarily as often as I want to (I'd rather be playing Epic every week...), and I am lucky enough to have a gaming group that will throw down a bunch of models for the Epic format if I pester them enough. Beyond the initial answers, what can we do as fans/a community of Epic players to get more games of Epic in? What can FFG do for us? Cheers, Nick
  12. Solo Trailer to Drop on SuperBowl

    Hopefully it's just a TIE with more guns.
  13. Help With Testing A New Epic Format: Fighter Squadrons

    P L A Y T E S T I N G U P D A T E : Last Friday (1/26) I was able to get a game of E:FS in with @Parakitor and the format testing turned out well! First and foremost, you should check out the pics at the bottom of the post! We modified the initial setup rules: Instead of each player bringing 6 obstacles to be laid out individually a la Standard setups for 100/6 matches, we agreed to replace one obstacle for each Epic point that a ship is worth. In our case, Parakitor placed a Raider and three obstacles, while I placed a CR-90 and three obstacles. This change made the game vastly different than my initial run of E:FS when my opponent and I just used twelve obstacles scattered throughout the board. The Huge ships with their blank bases are large and take up way more board space than three obstacles. We ended up setting them up diagonally and perpendicular to each other spaced out at about 1/3 of the board for each ship (reference pics at the end of this post). Setting the ships up in this manner essentially divided the board into three theaters: left side, middle, and right side. A number of the asteroids were placed in the middle and to my right, which led me to set up jousting lanes for my Rebels on the right side, my Adv. Sensors B-Wings in the middle to determine which theater they will participate in, and my A-Wing aces on my left side of the board due to the large amount of obstacles in that area. Though the board was essentially broken up into three different theaters/zones/areas of operation, the game still held the nuance of an Epic game rather than just two or three 100-point games. Huge ships as obstacles also change strategies by a great deal. Since the profile of the base of a Huge ship is so obstructive, we found our ships deadlocked in a zone while it took reinforcements from another zone a good amount of time to get from one area to the next. We played with the standard Epic rules of treating Huge ships as obstacles (like an asteroid, unless your maneuver entirely clears the base of the Huge ship) and it made planning our moves and strategies much more careful. We actually really liked this change to the setup because it allows us to still utilize Huge ships in a game of Epic (which is what Epic is really about, after all) while still having 300 points of small-based action. I think this change is going to be a mandatory rule for the format, that each player needs to bring a Huge ship to the table and use its Epic points value in lieu of the number of obstacles you would've taken in its place. However, for the sake of simplification, I think the rule would be for each player to bring a Huge ship and three obstacles. I guess that would be worded as "For obstacles, each player brings an Epic ship and three obstacles of their choice." To make placement fair, we each placed our own Epic ship followed by placing one obstacle from the pool. I think this change will be better for the format thematically and strategically. Thematically, we get to use our centerpieces for actual play, and strategically, it makes the game play way more unique and dynamic and requires players to think critically beyond just a 100/6 game with the point limit multiplied by three. AS FOR THE GAME ITSELF... I got whooped by Parakitor's Imperials. I flew a group of Rebel Aces (Wedge, Wes, Luke, Garven, Horton, Tycho, Jake) backed by Tactician B-Wings with Linked Battery. He flew 13 TIEs including Soontir, Howlrunner, Duchess, Pure Sabacc, and two Defenders with x7. I split my forces into three groups for each zone of the board: Jake and Tycho covered the left flank in order to play as decoys to split up the massive force of 13, I placed Red Squadron + Horton to my right side of the board in order to joust a majority of the low and mid-PS level Imperials hoping to remove several of them before they get to fire, and finally I kept my B-Wings in the middle so I can either split them to support the left or right or focus them in one direction if needed since my opponent didn’t set up his forces in the middle. On the zone to my right, Red Squadron’s initial joust failed to remove any TIE off the board, even with Horton’s TLT support, with the retaliating volley dealing Garven a Damaged Cockpit putting him at zero so that his token synergy with Luke would no longer work. Wes got Snap Shotted taking significant amounts of damage before getting nuked alongside Garven in the next round of jousting, Wedge and Luke survived but couldn’t recoup the lost points. Horton had a lot of staying power with Chopper chucking useless upgrades to recover shields, but it ended up eating his action and reduced the consistency of my TLT shots significantly. Parakitor committed five TIEs towards Jake and Tycho which ended up being too much for Jake to handle. Both volleys of Proton Rockets that my A-Wing aces were armed with failed to do any significant damage, which the goal was to erase at least one ship for each set of Procks. The crowded airspace (or would it be spacespace?) set a prime opportunity for Jake to get Snap Shotted, bumped, and promptly annihilated. Tycho stayed around to keep playing as a distraction for his committed force, but even he suffered from being Snap Shotted down to 1 hull. As for my B-Wings, I ended up splitting the pair up from their initial deployment in the middle zone: one to support Jake and Tycho, which got destroyed by the swarm of TIEs, and one to flank the joust, which took way too long to get any relevant shots to remove ships from the table. I invested heavily into them but they ended up being too slow to get anywhere in time to support my forces, but that was mainly my fault of poor deployment than the ships and their setups themselves. Overall, my Rebels lost to his Imperials at about a 60-65 point difference (Imps destroyed ~150 and Rebs destroyed ~90). In hindsight, @Parakitor brought a formidable list to the table and I was ill-prepared to play Rebels in the E:FS format. 13 TIEs is no joke, especially when they are armed with Snap Shot in addition to their abilities to add dice (Scourge, Mauler, Pure Sabacc). I also learned that Strikers are excellent ships in the Epic format since they end up covering more table than I had expected. Tactically, I felt like trying to PS kill the enemy would be more effective than body counts, which is why I took almost all aces in lieu of a greater number of generics, when statistically, meeting the enemy ship-to-ship, dice-to-dice would’ve given me a better chance than investing more points in aces. I also would not have engaged in the joust the way I did. After seeing his forces move into the right side of the table’s firing lanes, I should’ve broken off Red Squadron and forced the TIE’s to engage in the middle zone of the battlefield. This would’ve given me the advantage of time and terrain. Had I broken off into a hard left at the beginning and forced his force to fly around the Raider obstacle to meet me, it would’ve filed his forces into a thinner line than the spread out firing lines we established. The mid section was also more crowded with asteroids and debris, which would’ve been detrimental to his superior numbers and potentially given me more cover to my lower-agility ships. I also would’ve paired the B-Wings with Jake and Tycho as a force of their own for the engagement on the left side of the table so that Jake and Tycho could fire their volley of rockets and the B-Wings can cleanup and/or engage other targets while Jake and Tycho come back for another pass. I had a lot of fun and feel like the changes made Epic: Fighter Squadrons much more unique, challenging, and enjoyable. TL;DR recap of the post: -We changed the rules for obstacles that require each player to bring 3 asteroids/debris and 1 Huge ship. -I'm considering making this change a permanent one for the Epic: Fighter Squadrons format. A finalized E:FS topic will be created once I have more data and spend a few more months hashing things out. -The Huge ships as obstacles make the game unique and challenging in a way that strategies have to be more keen to adaptation over advantages in numbers. -I lost horribly and reflected upon the match. Cheers, Nick
  14. How Many Gozantis Does a Fella Need?

    Ah, yes, the Top Gun Naval Aggressor Star. Looks good!
  15. FFG Needs an Official X-Wing App

    Give me an official X-Wing Miniatures game app, or give me death!