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  1. I am not the creator, but he would like me to share their excellently edited video of this match: Hey guys, would like to show you the Final Match of the West German Regionals with English commentary. It's a struggle between Old Man Fenn and Triple K's. Enjoy it!
  2. Oh my goodness, you cannot complain about the way AEG San Diego regionals was run. This is my second regionals, the previous being another $25 entry at Sacramento. At this tournament, there were about 70 players, with a cut to top 8 after 6 rounds of swiss that lasted until 2 AM. The store was enormous! Adequately held this tournament WHILE a second tournament of another kind was taking place, with no intrusion on the actual storefront. Meanwhile, AEG was filled to the brim, basically shutting down operations for us to play a full 2 days of x wing. (sure, it was a fairly normal second day). Both were well run. The Sacramento event had a large water cooler. That was nice. The 2 day event at AEG was so smoothly run and communicated. This is something we have come to expect from the usual TO who manages such a good job consistently, and on to add to his usual competency there were 3 other officials, at least 2 of whom I know to be seasoned TO's as well. On to prize support, beginning with participation prizes. I can't remember so I don't want to assume there were or weren't enough participation prize boba fetts. At AEG, the organizers guaranteed that each person who attended received a Hera. Additionally, each person received an awesome custom token unique to this event. At sacramento the ONLY prizes beyond the FFG standard kit were 3 raffled off gaming mats. No store credit raffle, no store credit for the winners or top 8. If I've managed to place top 8 at a huge tournament, I expect to at least make my entry fee back in credit. Nothing says I ought to expect this but after playing in several dozen tournaments this has been the case all but this once. Meanwhile, at AEG there was a cut to top 16 that gave prizes beyond participation level. As well as countless raffles. I actually lost count of how many people were called at random to receive some sort of prize. Maybe not all the prizes were hefty but neither did they have to be! I've been to tournaments where the raffled prize was bigger than 1st place. I've been to tournaments where the prize for taking last place was incredibly sizable. So in comparison, I'd say $25 for sacramento regionals was a bit steep considering there was no effort to make prize support, but the tournament was well run and no complaints beyond the price. $25 for AEG's above and beyond tournament hosting, excellent chances of non-winner prizes, expanded participation prizes, and adequate reward for placing well. If you were disappointed by anything beyond some bad luck at AEG's regionals you need to fly better.
  3. Sorry for the episode 1 post. Lighthearted comic from: https://www.facebook.com/DankXWingMemes/
  4. Those crackshot weequays might be female. Same with the wookie gunner? Hard to tell with these aliens
  5. Looks like this is from this facebook meme page: https://www.facebook.com/DankXWingMemes/?fref=ts
  6. I like a lot of these names. Though I'd heard Mynock calling the ps5 barrel roll ship "Barrels" making them all very characteristic of their ability. I made the suggestion of "Twelves" for obviously the pilot skill 12 TIE. The whole point of the names is to make the pilots very recognizable by a given callsign so its much easier for opponents and for yourself. Also for the cool factor from these TIEs having some more character
  7. My tournament list currently is really similar: a crackshot black squadron swarm with Howlrunner instead of Lockdown making it a normal old school TIE swarm. I was using 4x crack shot, 1x draw their fire, but I think Wampa is a great addition. I'd say try it out with the emperor. Lockdown + crack shots is going to be very good, but not nearly as accurate as Howl with crackshots and it flies quite differently I imagine. (at least it doesn't rely on formations to maximize the list potential) So I would say try palp shuttle especially with wampa and due to the fact that you need some dice modification on those attacks. But you may find that you need the higher ship count because there might not be that much firepower coming from 4 Howlrunner-less TIEs and it may be hard to catch fleeing decimators that can easily damage your shieldless ships (despite emperor).
  8. I just played in a store championship yesterday (35 players) where all 4 top four finishers were Imperial. Empire is getting huge new instruments for their lists. Rebels are still solid. Scum is still brobots.
  9. Definitely +1 for Stress Y wing
  10. I flew Poe w/ VI, R2D2, AT ; Eaden Vrill w/ Chewbacca Crew ; Gold Y w/ TLT BTLa4 R3A2 And while it managed to win quite handily, Eaden Vrill was rather disappointing as he could tank damage but didn't output as much firepower as I had hoped. Even when he was shooting at the stressed target it was hard to manage actions to actually force maximum damage. And it was harder to pull off the combo than I had thought. And when he has only 2 dice it's such a waste of points. The obvious switch is to add another TLT Y and a headhunter, ala Paul heaver. I'm curious about Etahn Abhat R2D2 VI and giving Poe R5P9 instead.
  11. Don't forget Syck mangler cannon. But do what fits best with the two starvipers and a Khirax, whether that's another brawler Khirax, a long range sniper Syck, a flanker N'dru, or another close range utility ship like Y wing Autoblaster turret.
  12. It could use an evade action or a native illicit slot. The ship is not particularly fast and needs that focus for defense since it can't always just run away. Evades and glitterstim are good for more reliable defense. I like your modification idea.
  13. The credibility of this thread is bolstered by the sheer number of posts sporting Y-wing profile pictures.
  14. My standard TIE swarm list from regionals was: Howlrunner w/ Predator, Hull Upgrade Black Sqn w/ Draw Their Fire 5x Academy 99pts. In fact, all three upgrades in the list are defensive upgrades for Howlrunner. Sort of. I never liked how Howlrunner's shot did not get the reroll that the rest of her squad does, making her shot often completely useless. Predator also doubles as offensive power that you can always count on to aid your shot so she is free to take evade. Often times, an enemy will look at the TIE swarm and want to kill Howlrunner first. But they almost never even try. First of all, she rides in the back of the swarm formation making other TIEs much easier targets for follow up turns. She has more health than other TIEs (which is the biggest thing) so they don't think she can be one shotted (very rare for 4 health ships). Then they hope they can land a crit, but DtF eliminates that possibility. And then Howlrunner in especially dire situations will have an evade token while the rest of the TIEs have focus. She survives most games I play, even if it is only one that one hull left.
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