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  1. The Space Turtle?!? To each his own, I guess. Hell yeah the Space Turtle! I have been playing SW RPGs for about 15 years and nearly every group has a GHTROC 720 at one time or another. My current group is flying around in one which is why I would particularly love to have a model for it now. Totally. They're a very capable transport, and from memory could carry more than the YT-1300 could. Yes! The Ghtroc 720! My immediate gaming group would likely each buy one, as that was the ship we pooled our credits to buy in the RPG so I know we'd love to have a mini for the X-Wing game. Also, I recently met a young woman from Australia working at a local gaming store who wanted to get one, as it was her favorite ship to use in the old West End Games Star Wars RPG! Gamera...Gamera...Gamera is really neat, he is full of turtle meat, we all love you Gamera! There's a website out there that tried to get all the varying depictions of the Gthroc 720 to fit together in one drawing...did a pretty good job, too!: http://deckplans.00sf.com/Ghtroc/720/Ghtroc_720.html Sathenus
  2. Was thinking about this very thing today- that detail's a bit fine to reproduce in the X-Wing scale- maybe with pens? Stormtrooper #1: "That's not regulation!" Stormtrooper #2: "I like it!"
  3. Tried to get the Ghost topper from a couple of grocery stores in my area that were listed on the cakes.com website as being able to make the cake- neither one has the topper or the cake photo page to make this cake yet. Will keep checking! Southern N. H.
  4. I had an experience similar to many reported so far- I found my local B&N had a display set up in their toys/games area with X-Wing, Star Wars Black collection and Star Wars CCG on one stand. The stand had B, X, Y, TIE bombers, ln and advanced, Moldy Crow, Slave 1, Falcon and Lambda as well as transport- no corvettes, E, A, Z, Phantoms or Defenders. I grabbed a TIE Advanced off of the peg and asked the sales clerk to check on any upcoming sale. She scanned it and told me there was no indication of a coming sale- just showed that it was to be displayed until Sept, as others have reported. Of course, I got an e-mail from B&N yesterday mentioning a 50% off red dot sale, but she said it didn't mention anything about that either- the red dot stuff had already been seperated off onto seperate tables. I did look them over just in case- no joy! Then today I got an e-mail from B&N all about a sale on common culture items- Marvel, DC, Dr. Who, etcetera, but again nothing on X-Wing. I'd almost think the stores that have the stuff on sale were all in areas that aren't selling a lot of the line, but from what other folks have said that doesn't seem to be the case. The only thing to do is to keep checking your local B&N and report in if you find anything. For 50% off it's worth it! I won't mind because my local store is right around the corner from my favorite gaming store, so one way or the other the trip won't be a waste!
  5. I started several projects on this very same idea- I was doing a line of 3 3/4" action figures of the major characters in our Star Wars RPG group- had card fronts and backs as well! Then I decided to do Star Wars Miniatures for them as well- had an entire set (with boxes) planned and half completed, along with a specialty pack the size of the Clone Wars intro set. Was ultimately planning a set the size of the Hoth set, too! I have all the parts for the custom minis and most of the cards were done. But now I'm going to work on customs for X-Wing! Got to get my old PC running as I don't know if my copy of Photoshop will run on Windows 7.
  6. Really nice work! Thanks for going to the trouble to make these. If you don't mind my asking, what application did you use to make them? I'm thinking about making some custom cards and would appreciate any information or pointers you could give. I used to collect the Star Wars Miniatures and did a number of custom cards for that game- got pretty good at it. I was actually in process of creating a whole set, with boxes for the set as well. Now I'd like to do the same for this game!
  7. The West End Games stuff was extremely canon! Where do you think Timothy Zahn and the other authors got a lot of that material from? Most of it came from the WEG sourcebooks! Sorry you didn't get to play- my friends and I had a group that played for some time. Almost got an adventure published in the Star Wars Adventure Journal before they shut down!
  8. I've wanted one of those ever since I saw the preview for the game they were introduced in many years ago!
  9. I really like what you did with that.. the blues are nice, and I like the yellow accents.. then again I am part swedish too.. lol.. great paint job though. Oh, no- a Swede! Snalla, I kid you! I once knew a lovely Swedish girl- she was a teacher working in Umea. Art and French. But she met another guy. C'est la vie. But you're right- that shuttle paintjob is very reminiscant of the Svenska flag. And I like the way the detail is picked out and the light rust shading. Nice work!
  10. Ebak- get some other cheap models- any kind that have similar levels of detail. Dry brushing is fairly easy to learn and there are companies that sell special brushes just for that- some are just cut flat across, some are like little sponges. Practice on the cheap model kits until you get to a level of ability that you're happy with, then try on the X-Wing minis. Some hobby stores have videos and DVDs showing how to do this. Others have books, but the videos are better. You may even find videos on YouTube showing how to paint!
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