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  1. You forgot the > 1000 different cheeses, all the charcuterie, which weight in as well!
  2. Source? And, another very, very reliable french store for board gaming has a similar price, just fresh: https://www.philibertnet.com/fr/x-wing-vf/66047-x-wing-le-jeu-de-figurines-kit-de-conversion-alliance-rebelle-8435407620650.html I try to think about it, but I cannot think about a reason why I would ask for one ;-)
  3. Scientist in biomedical engineering here. Loving my job even if it does not leave enough time sometimes for pew pew.
  4. One of the pegs of my raider looked weird with plastic looking "scratched" on a decent portion, and was not properly formed so that an extra little piece of plastic punched the cardboard based underneath. Furthermore, this peg did not fit well in the raider hole below, and it was a real pain to have it fit. I should add that one of the solar panels underneaths is also bent. I am not terribly offended by it, it is a large model with quite fragile pieces. That being said, I am on the fence of contacting FFG. Given the very steep price (almost 100 euros here in France), I was expecting typical FFG quality on this.
  5. Thanks Ransburger for this second batch that arrived safely today :-) many thanks!!
  6. Updated my list: Want: - FFG Acrylic Ion Tokens - FFG Acrylic Bomb Tokens - FFG Acrylic Evade tokens Have: - 1xFFG Acrylic Cloak Token - 5xFFG Focus Tokens (Store championship 2015) - AA Maular Mithel - AA Biggs Darklighter - 3xAA Dagger Squadron Pilot - 2xAA Soontir Fel - Dice bag Winter Store championship 2015
  7. Again, FFG shows how caring they are about their players. I am really impressed. I was hesitant on buying the Most Wanted box, but I think this makes the deal!
  8. Finished a deal with ransburger, he received my stuff, but my enveloppe arrived empty and had been cut on the side :-( Was quite sad, since I was all excited to receive my new bomb tokens :-/
  9. Excellent deal with Rekkon, thanks!
  10. Two deals in process, please find below an update of what I have/what I would like :-) - Maular Mithel alt card - Academy pilot alt card - Dagger Squadron alt card x2 - Soontir Fell alt card - Dice bag form Winter Store Championship 2015 Looking for: - 5 x FFG stress tokens - 5 or 10 x FFG evade tokens Shipping from Canada. Thanks for your interest!!
  11. Applied perspective, excellent pricing and fast delivery. And, top notch quality. Extremely happy with my mirrored silver ones.
  12. Hi all, I am based in Canada and looking for the following items: 1 x FFG acrylic cloak token 5 x FFG acrylic stress tokens 5-10 x FFG acrylic evade tokens I have the following for trade: - brand new set of dice - Maular Mithel alt card - Academy pilot alt card - Dagger Squadron alt card x2 - Gold Squadron pilot alt card - Ten Numb alt card - Soontir Fell alt card - Dice bag form Winter Store Championship 2015 Thanks in advance for your interest!
  13. Julio

    Acrylic Templates

    Applied Perspective all the way: excellent quality, they look absolutely gorgeous (got the silver mirrored ones), and service/communication with Adam is incredible.
  14. Not officially, but given that it is explicitly supposed to be an imperial equivalent to the cr-90, I don't see any reason at all to think it will be anything other than 3 EPs, same as the corvette. That being said, base cost is 100 points, vs. 90 for the corvette... And, that would mean that we can expect a 2nd huge for Imperials? This would be unfortunate that they did not announce everything at once (as they did for the transport+tantive).
  15. Maybe I missed it, but we still do not know how many epic points the Raider will cost, right?
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