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  1. Terrifying against Ferocity If Obscene forced to retreat by Terrifying dice of Banshee , but he wasn't target of attack, he can't use Ferocity(counter) ? Right?
  2. Makes kinder a problem. Let's say both players have took each other command tent in same turn. After that First player has BIG advantage.
  3. Question. Ironbound, Bone Horrors They may move extra move for 1 lore. If they first move was into the forest/ford etc may they move extra move? in reference says: "When a unit moves into a forest hex, it must immediately end its movement. That unit may move again later during the turn using a *unit ability* or another effect, such as advance." but in FAQ says that Obscene may not move second move after forest. ???
  4. when 1st player plays Command card: Onslaught: "... After your move step, each unit may move 1 hex" and 2nd player plays Lore card: Battle Cry: "after any player's move step, .. move unit away" When Lore card played ? before or after extra step?
  5. Undead army (They are awesome, new tactics,dynamics) They have two tents And 4 graveyards How many can be used in a game?
  6. Thank you for your support)
  7. Yes, you right , game is very tactical but still, to force enemy unit out of VP-hex, melee or flying unit can do as well with more dices (=more chances) and also to take this hex after attack. and combo of lorecard are good, but it's more in hand of fate so, it hard to count on it. And for mellee units there also many good combos. Only benefit of archers is 4 hexex range is often netrualized by blocking terrain or blocking friendly units. I really love archery in common, and I would like to use archers in game, but right now, they are not as usefull as their foe units
  8. Great game, but... Daqan and Uthuk archers aren't really very useful in usually fast VP-achievement games with in average 2-3 units working in each turn. They throw only two dice, and it's actually ONE, because melee unit kills with two outcomes of dice: [X] and [ \ ] , but archers kill only with one: [O] . extra properties (double shot or poison) also add very little. These settings maybe useful with long campaign with big starting distance between armies. or in very narrow fighting zone. May be something needs to be changed in these units.(price,fire power...) or special scenarios should be created for them. Or if somebody have fond effective way to use arches , I'll be glad to found out. Thank you
  9. Does stunned unit can perform counter-attack immediately (by paying 2 lore to "unstun") or it has to wait to player order step ?
  10. One lore card affects "Knights" units. Who are they ? Guards,Archers,Riders ?
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