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  1. Dawn of Rebellion has been out for a while now, and while FFG routinely announces the Specialization Decks availability the same day as the new Sourcebooks hit shelves, there has been no news of decks being produced for the generic (non-EoE/AoR/F&D) lines. I would greatly enjoy new Specialization decks covering the six player options included (as well as fresh Adversary Decks!!!). Now, with the announcement of the new Clone Wars Era Sourcebook, I'm worried that FFG/Asmodee have decided to move away from these products, especially after restricting production already and forcing those of us who appreciate these decks to buy solely from their print-on-demand stock at a premium (if it's even offered! there are some decks that are not listed on FFG's site at all). Rise of the Separatists will have six more player options that should have decks made available. Without any news of a change in development, I can only assume that future games will lack these 12 Specialization Decks. It feels like FFG doesn't care about this as they move more towards X-Wing and Legion as the primary focus of their SW Licensed games. The RPG has released its last sourcebook for the three original lines this week (Cyphers and Masks). Every future announcement/release will be an Era Sourcebook, a Location/Region Sourcebook, or an Adventure Supplement -- unless these new Eras' player options receive their own Sourcebooks and Specialization Decks (as if each Era could be considered a "Core" Rulebook of sorts - which might be interesting). Anyway, this is just me wondering why there haven't been any announcements in regards to these resources being continued with the new materials that have released. I would like to see the RPG continue to expand in both volume and the detailed size of the galaxy for which it describes. What are your thoughts?
  2. had that been announced before GenCon though? i'm wondering if there will be any big surprises.
  3. So the Force and Destiny Beta is almost a guarantee as we've gotten a beta at each of the last GenCons, but what other news do you think we'll find out about? News of the next EotE or AoR sourcebook? Specialization decks for AoR and Far Horizons? There haven't been many announcements of late and I'm hoping that GenCon brings us a lot of news for the Fall and Winter.
  4. i'm hoping that for those of us who don't get out on Rebellion Day to try our hands at this will not have to wait too long for the downloadable pdf version, much like we got with the Free RPG day download.
  5. i think it'd be great to have ways to improve ships and gear not already provided by the Cores in the Technician supplement. being able to Tinker or Jury rig a ship without house rules would be a great addition to any campaign.
  6. well maybe that's the point for FFG. EotE is meant to be the scum and villainy that you find on the edge of the galaxy and what better represents those sorts of characters than the audience at Jabba's palace? i like where they are taking this, but the Entertainer specialization really had me expecting a Bith to be included. I wonder if they are saving them for one of the upcoming supplements like Suns of Fortune as they wouldn't really embody (well stereotypically at least) any of the other specialization splatbooks.
  7. so it has almost been a full year since v1.0 of the faq/errata came out...are they planning on updating that soon or what?
  8. CaptainRaspberry brings up an interesting speculation: will it be Destiny or maybe just the Force as the plot mechanic for F&D? I can't quite wrap my head around what it'd be like to track ones destiny or earn "points" for it unless it was tied specifically to the Destiny Points mechanic, but I wonder if FFG is considering something akin to what BioWare did by creating a Force spectrum -- showing whether your character is more light side than dark? I wouldn't be a complete fan of them just throwing in a spectrum for the Force without further mechanics working upon that, but wonder what others thoughts on this would be?
  9. i'm not sure that a Star Destroyer could actively maneuver to hit such a small target as a PC character in space. wouldn't it basically just lumber in the general direction? i'd imagine that if the character didn't fall out of their ship, directly in front of the Star Destroyer and unconscious that they'd have a chance to at least make an EVA "landing" upon the surface of the Star Destroyer. the character would likely have their own velocity as it's pretty difficult to end up completely still in space, so i'm not sure how you'd handle the differences of speed except through the difficulty of the coordination check.
  10. man, now i can't tell which i'm more excited for: the F&D beta or its forums?
  11. that sounds like a reasonable explanation, kaosoe. i think once my party transitions to AoR in their campaign that i will likely award duty points based on mission objectives completed. we don't get together so often and this will work in the similar sense as awarding the higher end of xp for sessions. that being said, i don't think that i'll award duty until the mission/adventure has been completed and not as objectives are completed.
  12. i should finally be getting my copy this afternoon from mm. ups guy better hide it on my doorstep while i'm at work...i don't know what i'll do if he doesn't.
  13. that's a good point but i'm not so sure about them being excluded completely. they might not be able to use the force, but they do make for great targets while practicing or as it was in the CW, great canon fodder. you probably just won't have them included as a playable race -- at least there's a repeat we know we won't see in the beta!
  14. i just took those as suggestions and sort of reward as makes it most enjoyable right now. many of my players are new to role playing in general and i want to move pretty quickly at first to draw them in. i think later, like 2P51 suggested, i'll draw back on the rewards some if it seems like i'm overdoing it. but it depends on other factors too. how often you play, if you feel the need to motivate/reward fun play, and other things that are "at the GM's discretion". goal is just to make sure that your party is having fun and that not everything is a cake walk. i figure that being looser on xp rewards than credits is also a good thing. pcs will feel rewarded but you can still constrain them through their finances.
  15. man how could you think of playing only one of the core books? what's sw without scoundrels? the rebel alliance? or jedi? seems like these are all just part of one wholly compatible system to me.
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