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  1. In my opinion, they are weaker in you are more draw dependent and have to play the game in a more indirect style. I find them alot of fun to play, but a bad draw can put me in trouble early. Still my fav faction to play.
  2. I agree with Budgernaut, the Empire vs Rebellion is cheaper and complete out of the box, and should be a fun simple game for you and your wife to enjoy. While the LCG core set is definitely playable out of the box and also would be a lot of fun it is customizable with plenty of expansions, and if your like me, once you get a taste of this LCG, you'll want more, and soon become obssessed with it.
  3. At the very least, you can score 1 unopposed damage. 1 damage can be important at the end of a game, i've lost/won by one damage more often then i'd of thought
  4. As a casual player in Canada, core costs $40 plus tax so close to $45. A casual player can pick up the game, get hooked and decide later if they want a second, or possibly a third. It simply lowers the initial buy in for casuals. Making it more marketable, sucking us newbies in. It would make a lot more sense to make a core the complete product and make the intial cost (in Canada closer to $100) but would lose some newbies? It's what I tell myself anyway.
  5. Thank you, so it is a no win situation if my opponent knows i want to blow up a hero's journey. Assuming i can't blow up secrets.
  6. Old question revisting. If for example secrets of yavin 4 is out, and i want to destroy say, a hero's journey. If i attack secrets of yavin 4, a decoy engagement, then declare a second engagement with a hero's journey, they can redirect this engagement to secrets of yavin 4. So secrets of yavin 4 has been engaged twice. For my third engagement i can't engage either objective, right? I think i am missing something here. Because if i engage hero's journey first as the first engagement, the opponent can redirect to secret of yavin 4. So I guess the question here is what objective was engaged?
  7. I think maybe with 2 cores and expansions, a casual player would be alright.
  8. Gray Squadron! woo hoo more Y-wings! Yay for more love for the y-wings. Outrider and the falcon or going to cause my scum a lot of headaches, nothing a new slave 1, houndstooth can't handle though
  9. If you like the original trilogy and the expanded universe, this game is a must. Its still fairly young as LCG's go as well, although there's still a fair amount to buy to have all the cards. There's videos online of people playing so you can learn strategies pretty quick, I'd reccomend watching Team Covenant's you tube video's they commentate their matches which really helps new comers in the game
  10. The rebel deck is exactly what i've been running lately, very fun deck to play.
  11. Hopefully not a close to 6 month lay off like last year then
  12. I've seen nothing but growth in my area, I'd call this game a young emerging game
  13. With 3 force bubbles, yep someone would ask that question. I imagine there'll be a rebel ship like the imperial ship that allows the pilots bubbles to count towards the force struggle, making this card ssoo good.
  14. Pilot Luke is already cheaper to drop in as a pilot, so errata is not necessary, and Wedge at 2 cost fullfills pilot condition plus his ability. I don't think any errata would be necessary. Can't wait to see Scum pilots and fighters, and of course more love for the Y-Wings
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