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  1. Hopefully FFGs new CEO means what he says and dedicates resources to getting their shipping and logistics straightened out
  2. The thing with Rogues is they are like mystics in many ways...not that everything focuses on a single stat but that they need setup time and resources. It took me about 100 playthru's with Skids to finally get it, the Rogue class has tools and money and their overall "trick" is: if I have money...Any thing you can do I can better. That is what every card in their class is geared toward, gaining resources and boosting their stats to do bonus damage grab clues, evade multiple enemies, or move great distances quickly. Which is why everyone gravitates toward Preston/Jenny they naturally generate large amounts of resources. Getting their builds right takes alot of patience and re work but once done right IMO they are often better than most seekers. For example in their class once you have a little xp their "weakest clue gatherer" still investigates at 6 without spending money and Also fights at 5, with out money spent. Add any amount of money and that number can easily be much higher. If they don't have a weapon they can still evade in an emergency. If you do the skill buffs right you can generate extra money while investigating. For those of you who also think Skids is low tier. Once I had a good deck figured out he was able to ACE and I mean ACE, Killed ghoul priest max VP, ALL six cultists, and break the ritual, the Gathering solo (Standard). I won't lie it surprised even me but it also opened my eyes as to what Rogues can do.
  3. To all those who rate the player cards in this pack below what they would use, can I have yours? I have currently constructed 14 decks and not enough of the player cards in this pack to go around. I had open up alot of Deck slots and Early testing has shown significant improvement with the addition of these cards.
  4. SRBA You are an exceptional painter, they look so good.
  5. Something else I would consider, try to live the experience as much as you can the more you can feel what you are doing the more enjoyment is usually generated, at least in my experience. For example the other day I was playing with some new players and one used dynamite blast in the room we were all in, I described it as *slight spoilers* "So we are in Roland's study with these doglike monsters, and Carolyn just looks at everyone and shouts Duck! right before she depresses a Dynamite plunger and we are all thrown about the room, we recover, very messed up, but all the monsters lie dead, Roland groans "...Ugh good job Carolyn...I think.." Live the moments try to make them as memorable as you can, and Don't forget to read the flavor text on as much as you can, it will slow the game but the newer players will probably appreciate it. Just my opinions but I have seen it help get new players in much easier.
  6. It is also important to note, if you have dissonant voices in your threat area you are SOL if it comes up from the hunch deck that turn, it is weakish, but it can also be dangerous, especially since it comes up often.
  7. Except that seekers already have like what 15 ways to get additional clues per investigate, probably more, and a rather large number of really good cards that trigger on having a clue on a location (see Preposterous sketches and inquiring mind, just off the top of my head). It is often overlooked and very useful, is it as powerful as the others maybe not, is it still a good card? IMO absolutely.
  8. All the skill boosters from that cycle (well prepared, high roller, recall the future, quick study, and cornered) are that good, they are marginal in expert, and I guess on Easy they are sometimes not required, but in general they are all very strong, as they play to the factions key strength and can overwhelmingly boost a single stat whether it is the main one for a key check or an off one to prevent a nasty treachery card. If you don't think they are that good try using them. I will forever use them, until a better one comes along as they allowed solo skids to complete MM and get all 6 cultists with time to spare.
  9. Wow this is really interesting, though I somewhat Agree with Trench Knife, and kind of with knuckle dusters. Cheap shot and astral travel are remarkably strong cards already. Also Astral Travel is not meant to be as strong as Elusive that is very probably the best level 0 card in the game and designed as a Rogue card exclusively, we don't want everyone to get the "same thing" I think that would be boring. As for Cheap shot a card that lets a Rogue, fight at 7 or 8, most times, inflict damage and evade said enemy, I take it even in expert now. I guess we will have to wait and see but I am really surprised so many people think Astral Travel and cheap shot are that not good, however I will say if they do upgrade them I will take them almost every time in the decks that can use them. So I guess I will be excited to see what happens
  10. My solo choices are typically Roland, and possibly now Joe, Skids or Agnes. As we all know Mystics can do almost anything with the right spells and Agnes can just throw out Raw damage. Roland has the best ability for skill gathering solo possibly ever, especially if you use both his original and replacement cards. Skids has become an all star for me in just about anything. It took me a while to realize how to build him correctly but he can be so wonderfully capable once he has one or two of his tools down, and the more he gets down the more he can do. (my rogue boards always are asset heavy, but they also wind up pulling the group and/or themselves out of almost un winable situations)
  11. Dunwich is probably the best for 5-6, but be warned the Essex county express scenario will very probably be very difficult at that player count, however the "bad Resolution" for failing that one is not that bad so I would say it still is probably the best, as was said above you will need an additional card not present in the ECE pack (because it only has enough for 4 players) but it can be easily proxied. Please let us know how it goes.
  12. So Shotgun is Ideal in a Mark or Leo deck but any guardian can make use of it. You have to spend a little more to over pump but unless you are running a very specialized deck most guardians run a pair of beat cops and vicious blow. and when you need to use the shotgun odds are you are going to commit extra fight to make sure you hit with as close to full force as possible, it is especially good with mark because his signature skill gives 4 fight however any guardian can easily get to that point with the desperate skill that gives 4 fight icons. In addition it is even easier with the inclusion of Well prepared which can get you an additional 2 fight icons. Now does it require a little bit of special deck building sure. However are you likely to include those cards in your deck whether you have shot gun or not, probably. It is good because with the inclusion of venturer and stick to the plan having a shot gun as your only weapon is remarkably easy in late campaign and to just kill an enemy outright in a single attack and still have ammo for 7 more is something all guardians aspire to because it allows them to use their other actions to stay near the weaker members and still be capable of protecting them. That is my 2 cents, I also tend towards lightning gun about half the time and now the new BAR but I still use shot gun about 50% of the time
  13. I just want to say this on payday...and using the "click economy" which is NOT a good measure of a cards worth in this game, if you get 4 extra actions in a turn, very easy for rogues...Leo de luca with borrowed time,Finn base ability with leo de luca with 2 quick thinking, quick thinking with leo de luca with double or nothing, police badge with leo de luca with quick thinking... The list goes on and not everyone has those cards but all I am saying is if you get 4 extra actions in a turn and then play this last you basically spent one xp for a 4 xp hot streak, and you got to perform 6 actions as well, and the card doesn't even force you to play it only then, so if you are in a bind and need 3 resources you just drop it and its another emergency cache for only a single xp. to me what this card does is incredible and its stock will only grow as rogues continue to get more cards that grant them actions. IMO this card is far better than people give it credit.
  14. First, those are interesting Ideas, Second "Standard" is misleading because standard difficulty is still very challenging especially solo. The enemies hitting you automatically is a theme choice to me, you are a normal person, not a super charged hero, fighting creatures/gods that are supposed to have powers beyond our comprehension, the fact they automatically succeed when they hit you is just one of the strengths they have against us. Just MO but it helps immerse me in the world a little more when I'm sure it was just a balancing mechanic.
  15. They will almost certainly announce one, but odds are it wont be released until next year, however there are multiple fan made ones on Board game geek so there is a lot of content that is not official and most of it is very well done so check that out. Also welcome to the community!
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