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  1. In the original trilogy, he is called/referred to as "3PO" by Luke on several occasions. The "C" is eliminated, only making sense that the "-" goes after the "C."
  2. Does it seem odd (and slightly unfair to the Imperials) that the majority of the named alternate art cards are on the Rebel side? Sure, the Imperials got Colonel Jendon, Boba Fett and Mauler Mithel but the Rebels have Ten Numb, Luke, Biggs, Wedge, Chewie, Lando and now Han. There are also the generic pilot cards but again, the Rebel side rules - Forgive me if a missed a few. We all know that its been "Rebel rules" when it comes to the huge ships (hurry up Gen-Con, and hope for Imperials) but this whole Rebel favoritism - if it can be called that - seems like it's starting to become a trend. Respectfully, An Imperial-Faithful Player
  3. Giving them TC is a waste though. They would just blow an action getting a reroll that they'll already get. One of the reason Predator works so well on them is because it gives you attack die mitigation so you can leave your actions for tighter defense or maneuvering. Didn't think about it like that. All I was thinking about was the look on my opponents face when he sees a TIE that can target lock. I'll look into this. Thanks.
  4. This is a list I want to try out. 99pts Echo - VI+ACD+FCS+Gunner (Expensive! I know.) 3x BSP - Predator+Targeting Computer
  5. I use a Black & Decker laser that I got from Lowes. It works great because I can either place it on the table or hold it above the table to shoot a line, depending on the particular circumstance.
  6. I figured that was the case. Logically though, it should be a natural thought provoker. If the ship is cloaked and FFG tries to recreate that by adding +2 evade dice and during decloak, you have to move with the 2 template (straight or bank, depending on pilot) to simulate not knowing its exact location, then should a ship, realistically, be able to lock onto it?
  7. I have been looking to upgrade to foam storage for a while now, but still haven't pulled the trigger. I have been looking at both BF and LT, including using both of their custom tray creators, and have come to these conclusions. - With LT, the real cost will be shipping from Australia to the US - about $60.00. BF is in Arizona. The AU/US exchange rate is almost 1:1 so no big deal there. IF you are in the US, you also don't have to pay the AU GST (Goods and Services Tax), which is included in their prices. - The LT trays are a lot smaller that the standard BF trays (more than half), so you will most likely be needing more LT trays, depending on your fleet size. - Craig with LT is a really nice guy and will actually help you design your trays or answer any questions you have about the design process. You can even commission him to design your trays for you (at least he offered it to me). - LT "pre-designed" trays have a lot of thought put into them (just look at the Tantive IV tray) and the layouts make total sense, unlike BF where you get good ship storage but the token/dial/bases/card, etc. storage leaves something to be desired. I also really dig the "tray titles" on the sides of the LT trays. As I write this, it makes me think that LT is going to be the better choice for me. Time to save up! Hope this helps.
  8. Ive been looking for this rule (if any) for a while. "Can another ship target lock a cloaked phantom?"
  9. That is an awesome idea. My 9 year old nephew is coming to spend a week with me in August and I am going to introduce him to X-wing. Totally going to do this.
  10. I've been reading a lot of posts lately about giving the TIE Advanced a chance. I decided to give it a shot and here is the squad I came up with. I haven't played it yet but will this weekend. What do you think? Darth Vader - Swarm Tactics + EU (35) Night Beast (15) Winged Gundark (15) Echo - VI + ACD (35)
  11. I just added washers to my small bases and they really do help with reducing unwanted movement. The shelf liner idea is a great addition. Might have to try it.
  12. At my local Imdar Alpha tourney, I played a round where my opponent tried to make a red maneuver while stressed. That was the first time that had happened in a game I was playing and I had to stop and really think about what I was going to do. My opponent was obviously new to the game but was I going to "be nice" and let him "re-maneuver" or follow the rules and set the dial myself? Although conflicted, I called for the TO and ended up setting the maneuver dial so that the ship became totally useless for a couple of turns, but I did not run the ship off the board - which I could have done. I considered it a good middle ground move where my opponent got to learn the red maneuver/stress rule and I didn't take full advantage of the situation. So, was too harsh considering or the right move? Would you have responded the same way?
  13. Did anyone else notice that the Outrider comes with the Boost Instruction Card but I didn't see an Engine Upgrade Card or stock boost action. Hmmmmm?? There has to be a reason.....
  14. HobbyTown USA, Fresno, CA 1st - E-Wing 2nd - Phantom 3rd - Defender 4th - Headhunter
  15. I've flown a TIE swarm pretty much since Wave 1 of what I guess is called "Sinister 6." 1x Howlrunner w/ST 1x Mauler Mithel 1x Dark Curse 1x Night Beast 1x Winged Gundark 1x Backstabber Recently, I have been flying a split TIE swarm with: 1x Howlrunner w/ST 2x Obsidian Squadron Pilots 2x Royal Guard Pilot w/PTL & Targeting Computer I have had great success with both.
  16. I agree, but that's a ton of disposable income to use to supposedly boost your "X-wing self-confidence" or put on a certain "X-wing persona." I have a great job and make good money (and didn't think twice about buying the transport or Corvette) but wouldn't ever consider spending several hundred dollars for any "official" or "promotional" X-wing items - especially focus/evade or shield tokens.
  17. So, I check eBay once or twice a week, looking for X-wing stuff and if something peaks my interest I will usually make a purchase - for the right price. While I was looking today, I couldn't help but notice the absolutely ridiculous prices that some of the items are going for. $150.00 for 10 "official" focus tokens? 250.00 for 6 translucent dice? And people are actually buying this stuff at those prices.! IMO the aftermarket material available (such as cog o'two and AP) are just as good if not better. Does anyone else understand the mentality behind paying insane amounts of money for these items? I can understand and appreciate rarity but seriously...
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