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  1. So, I have totally fallen in love with this list! So much, in fact, that I'm thinking about running it at Regionals. What do you all think? Soontir Fel (27) - Push the Limit (3) - Autothrusters (2) - Royal Guard Title (0) - Stealth Device (3) Omicron Group Pilot (21) - Accuracy Corrector (3) - Tactician (2) - Tactician (2) - Engine Upgrade (4) Omicron Group Pilot (21) - Accuracy Corrector (3) - Tactician (2) - Tactician (2) - Engine Upgrade (4) TOTAL: 99
  2. Reporting a great trade with Ragnaras! Everything came as promised and it only took 7 days to get from Lithuania to here in the US. Thanks!
  3. I have two mats that I bought and a custom board that I made. One mat is the HCD Starfield Mat and the other is a 3'x3' cut piece of yoga mat. The yoga mat is, by far, my favorite playing surface but the HCD mat looks cool. The board that I made is used when the table will not accommodate a 3'x3' surface. Im posting this from my phone. I will add pics later, when I get home.
  4. OGP+Tactician+Tactician+EU+Accuracy Corrector OGP+Tactician+Tactician+EU+Accuracy Corrector Soontir+Autothrusters+SD+PTL+RGP 99 points gives you the initiative bid running a stress-dealing, 23D/9A little bundle of "mooooooooo!"
  5. Everything I've heard and seen says that the game play interaction is very limited - just shooting and a little Maneuvering - but it's really about the immersion experience. A lot like StarTours at Disneyland.
  6. "A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack" - Yoda
  7. OGP Shuttle + 2x Tactician is my favorite!
  8. This is exactly why I dont pre-order anything. I'm not going stir-crazy over product I have paid for but not received. Plus, I'd rather put my money back into the local FLGS's. It keeps the shops running and my money stays local.
  9. I've done some basic "googling" on the TIE and the /Ln had a P-s4 engine. That was upgraded to the s5.6 engine and was put on the /IN. Also, there was a squad of /Ln's that were equipped with P-w702 Ion Maneuvering Jets that improved performance so they could fly within the confines of the Death Star II. The missing word could be in reference to one of the upgraded TIE engines...
  10. The TIE Experimental M5 was basically installing a massive booster on an /Ln engine. It made the TIE much faster but it's maneuverability was slightly lowered. What if that became an upgrade card that gave TIE's (or at least the /Ln) the SLAM ability?
  11. Updated: 5/23/2015 I am looking for 10x Evade Tokens from 2014 Regionals. I have an alt art Vader to trade with someone for ALL 10! Thanks!
  12. Just ordered my Wave 6. When it gets here, they're going in a 2.5" BF pluck foam tray and a PACK 216 - for now. A custom tray will be ordered once the shapes are available.
  13. I hit refresh and everything went light. FFG shaking things up again...
  14. I just unlocked the $16,000 Stretch Goal with my $100.00 pledge! Woohoo, acrylic asteroids!
  15. My FLGS has finally set the date for its Store Championship. Given the current meta - Fat Han and Hammer & Anvil, in my area - my question is, "is the the TIE Swarm still a competitive list to run? I've been playing X-Wing since it's inception and my go-to list has been "Sinister Six." I've had a ton of success with it in the past but haven't really run it lately. Instead I've been running Buzzsaw Phantom/Mini Swarm. With the Store Championship in the near future, what would be the more viable option? Opinions?
  16. I only have their EBay profile. I've looked online and have haven't been able to locate a website. http://m.ebay.com/seller?itemId=291219209473&sid=gemcat-gemko I have contacted them several times via EBay and they are always quick to respond.
  17. So, I saw the GemCat movement templates on EBay just after Christmas and at $40.00/free shipping, I thought, why not? No one's ever said, "I have too much X-Wing stuff." I blame it on Christmas Spirit. The templates were available in 5 different colors - FlorBlue, FlorRed, FlorGreen, FlorOrange and FlorYellow. I got the FlorBlue templates. I have some black acrylic movement templates that I have been using for a while (also found on EBay) and I thought the blue would be a good change. Immediately after payment, I received a message from GemCat asking me what custom engraving I wanted on the templates - Super impressed! I got the Imperial Cog on mine as I am a dedicated Imperial player. The shipping information said that GemCat was in Poland and that the processing and shipping time could be lengthy. I ordered them on Dec 30th and they showed up on Jan 17th. To California I might add - not too bad for a quick jaunt across the pond! After opening the shipping package, I was first impressed by the display packaging. They come in a semi-rigid felt "tray" that I have found to be great for storage. I'm planning on beefing up the tray with a BattleFoam topper to make it a little more stable. After that, it should make for great template storage. As for the templates themselves, they have a great florescent glow, very much like the FFG templates and range rulers that we have all come to know and love (if you have them - I have a range ruler from the 2014 Store Championships.). I compared each of the maneuver templates with their FFG cardboard counterparts and have found mine to be exact duplicates. The only fault I have with them, mine in particular, is that on the 5-straight template, there are a few protruding bumps on the the left edge, near the middle of the template. Nothing a little dremeling can't take of and they shouldn't affect gameplay but... The only real difference between the GemCats and the stock cardboard (or other acrylics), besides the obvious upgrade in material and quality, is the width of the range ruler. It is narrower than its American brother but that doesn't really bother me. In fact, I actually prefer the narrower ruler as it makes it easier to get in-between ships. Overall, I am very impressed with these movement templates. I have played a few games with them and they are very nice. They look great on a play mat and fit perfectly in-between the maneuver "nubs" on the ship bases. More than anything, my X-Wing friends are blown away by the felt storage tray. I'm fairly confident that I will use the GemCat's until I see something better is available or I am lucky enough to acquire some official FFG templates. I think that they are well worth the price and would recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade from cardboard. My experience with GemCat was awesome and I would not hesitate to buy from them in the future. Enjoy and fly casual!
  18. The list is called "Sinister Six." It's pretty much been around since the beginning. Typically, its the six named TIE's with Swarm Tactics on Howlrunner - but Hull Upgrade on Howlrunner works too!. It's the list I've run since X-Wing came out, and I have had a ton of success with it; plus, its really fun to fly. In my experience, it has had some trouble with Phantoms but has just enough firepower to put down Falcons. It's still my go-to list when I don't fly Buzzsaw Echo/Mini Swarm.
  19. I totally agree. My main takeaways would be using Cryodex, have cool prizes and make sure everyone walks away with something. When I host, I think prize for the Champion, Top 4, Participation prizes and I always do a "The Force was not with them" prize for the person who finishes in last place. Collecting squad lists is a good idea no matter how small the event is. IME guys going to small tournaments often don't have much experience in the tournament scene so going though the "official" process is a great learning experience.
  20. I have seen a ton of 3rd-party acrylic vendors offer Barrel Roll tokens. What's up with that? What are they used for? Am I missing something?
  21. Craig, When will the Wave 5 cutouts be available in the Tray creator? I've got my bag of foam ready to buy but I want to put together a custom Decimator tray!
  22. The acrylic proton/seismic bomb token that I have is 1-1/4"x 1-5/16" (nub's included) The acrylic proximity mine is 2-3/4" dia. (nubs not included) Hope this helps
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