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  1. Hello everyone, I am interested in picking up a copy of Descent 2e but I recently found out from my local stores that it has been out of print. I see online that there are currently some "on the boat". Does anyone know how long it takes to get into stores from this point? Or when exactly FFG Q1 2015 occurs? I don't want to dump $100+ online for a used copy. Thanks!
  2. In my opinion, FFG should have made the Command Spell a different entity itself so it cannot be treated as a spell (such as a 'curse' or 'force').... this would eliminate many other questions as well. But then you would need to clarify the counterspell and other components of the game.
  3. I am very excited to see them finally use the light and dark sides of fate. This will add a fun, and unique feel to the already amazing game. Finally all of the OCD owners can rest easy now we will have the 4th corner. Long Live Talisman!
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