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  1. The current state of the galaxy is that the Empire is at war with the Hutt Cartel, as Emperor Skywalker has outlawed slavery (indentured servitude is still permitted in the CSA), and is determined to bring it to heel. At the climax of the first adventure, the Death Star was revealed to the galaxy, coming out of hyperspace with an Imperial Fleet at Nal Hutta. The Hutt homeworld was the Death Star's first victim, and it took Nar Shaddaa with it in its death throes. He's now parked it just off Naboo, and it's just... sitting there. He's basically forcing Padme to return to him by holding her homeworld hostage. Fortunately, the PCs recovered the Death Star schematics and are going to be part of the counter-attack.
  2. Wow, sorry for the lack of replies, guys. I stopped getting notifications about this thread. Weird. Yes, he was. Vader surpassed him, as he was largely uninjured. It took a decade of training and study, but eventually the two clashed, and Anakin won, but just barely.
  3. Sweet Christmas, I thought they weren't supposed to cancel out. *facepalm* Well, that's one major hassle resolved.
  4. My entire group, myself included, is new to this game, and I'm having trouble making dice rolls interesting. It seems like there are a LOT of Advangates/Disadvantages generated with any given roll that a PC is competent at, and trying to spend them has become a bit of a pain, to the point where I'm letting them cancel each other out, just to make my life easier. How do you handle spending them, especially on non-combat checks? Also, my players are being extremely passive, letting me do all the spending of ads and disads both, I guess to allow a more coherent scene. Should I be forcing them to describe how they want them spent?
  5. Got this from someone on Reddit. Figured I'd share. Arquiten-class Light Cruiser Silhouette: 5 Speed: 3 Handling: -2 Defense: 2/2/2/1 Armor: 5 Hull Trauma: 45 System Strain: 22 Vehicle Type/Model: Light Cruiser/Arquiten Manufacturer: Kuat Driveyards Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 14 Navicomputer: Yes Sensor Range: Long Crew: One ship's captain, one pilot, one co-pilot, one navigator, one comms operator, four engineers Encumbrance Capacity: 3200 Passenger Capacity: 16 Consumables: Eight month Cost/Rarity: credits/3,600,000/6 Customization Hard Points: 4 Weapons: Two forward twin concussion missile launchers (Fire Arc, Forward); Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [short]; Breach 4, Blast 4, Guided 3, Linked 1, Limited Ammo 10 each, Slow-Firing 1. Two port dorsal and two port ventral twin light turbolaser (Fire Arc Port; Damage 9; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Breach 2, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 1).2, Link Two starboard dorsal and two starboard ventral twin light turbolaser (Fire Arc Starboard; Damage 9; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Breach 2, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 1). Four turret-mounted quad lasers (Fire Arc All; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Close]; Accurate 1, Linked 3).
  6. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Imperial_light_cruiser Haven't been able to find this so far, and the name is so generic, searches return too many wrong results. Figured I'd just straight up ask.
  7. Agreed. I was really annoyed at TCW being cancelled, and didn't like the idea of a "kid Jedi" being the sidekick. But I finally gave in and watched it. My heart grew three sizes that day.
  8. I wouldn't be sure about that. Tarkin was an excellent politician, craving for power, but probably not the best military commander (refusing to send out Tie-Fighters in response to the Rebellion's attack on the Death Star, for example). He was a member or a privileged, old and powerful family as well, and Vader probably wouldn't care about privilege - only about ability - when assigning posts. Don't understand me wrong, he and Vader were probably allies when Vader took over, but I see Tarkin only ending up as a dead body on the Imperial Throne Room's floor, strangled by invisible fingers. I don’t think that Emperor Skywalker would have built a Death Star either. Firstly, we can see in Episode IV what Vader thought about the Death Star (insignificant to the powers of the Force). Secondly, I don’t see Vader as the type of person who would see any use in the ability to destroy complete planets with one shot. In my opinion, he’s more the personal type, someone who enjoys killing his enemies personally and up close. Thirdly, with Sidious dead and Vader’s body unharmed, Skywalker is the most powerful and dangerous being in the Galaxy. I don’t think he would be stupid enough to build a weapon powerful enough to potentially kill him. I see the Empire constantly at war since Vader’s ascension to the Imperial throne: first against the Hutts, later against the Black Sun and other criminal organizations. Alderaan wouldn’t be destroyed, but rather under Martial law and ruled by Imperial forces with an Iron fist as the Emperor suspects that Bail Organa helped Padme escape. Vader’s flagship, the Executor, has probably been finished much sooner as there would be no Death Star to take up resources. So the Empire’s most powerful weapon would probably be the Executor. The Imperial Senate is probably long gone and the Empire is ruled by the Military. When I imagine Vader’s Empire, I think less fascist state, but rather regular military dictature. So I’d assume that COMPNOR is a lot less powerful in this timeline. Vader’s Empire is probably less dark and suppressive than Sidious. Members and Supporters of a Rebel Alliance could be old Separatist worlds, the Hutts and a variety of criminal organizations, Corellia (with Garm Bel Iblis),… Of course, that's only my idea - feel free to do whatever you want in your AU, I'm sure it will be a really cool and fun setting to play in! Tarkin encourages his harsher tactics, in the name of rule through fear, something Vader can get behind. The Death Star was 50% finished when he took power. Tarkin persuaded him better to finish it than waste resources trying to repurpose it to something else. Anakin decommissioned the senate much sooner than Palpatine, and is part of the reason for the instability of the Empire. The Empire IS constantly at war with organizations and societies that get on Vader's bad side. He has a treaty with the Hutts, but only because he needs them off his back while dealing with Black Sun and other criminal syndicates. The Hutts are far enough out that even he realizes he needs a few less fronts before taking them on. He has made it VERY clear to them, however, that he will not tolerate slavery in Imperial space and any slave who enters Imperial space is immediately granted freedom and can apply for government assistance in building a life as a free man. His chief positive reform. I want to give little hints that there IS still good in him, like in the OT. They do support the Rebellion however, though neither side is aware of it. Should the Empire find out, Vader's limited patience will snap and he WILL go after them, no matter how strategically unwise that would be.
  9. who is garm bel iblis? And i would just handle this vaguely.. Thinking of slavery, I can imagine Lord Skywalker(as i have begun to think of this AU Vader) Leading a **** near open warfare against Hutt Space. Garm is in charge of boots on the ground. Ackbar is in command of the fleet. Cracken's still running Special Forces.
  10. Okay, so. This makes for an interesting concept, but I would scale it down massively, or ditch it entirely. Or at least, never, ever try it more than once. Maybe use it as a preventable outcome for character actions later, but then drop it entirely. Your players might become jaded to something that's supposed to be horrifying, and might even think it gets silly if it happens too much. Oh, I know. It has to be a SOLID sighting, confirmed by multiple sources. It's not like Elvis sightings. But yes, your point is well-seen.
  11. While technically true, Yoda straight up says "once you start down the Dark Path, forever will it dominate your destiny." He also equates fear and anger to suffering and the dark side in his famous PT speech. It's a very easy logical conclusion to make that the Jedi of the PT are very narrow-minded and dogmatic when it comes to things. Obi-Wan's "Only a Sith deals in absolutes" line is a perfect encapsulation of how hypocrtical and blind the Jedi are to their own failings. Ulltimately, it was what destroyed them. Given how Mace treats him, its not surprising to think that Anakin would consider the Jedi Council distant, unapproachable, and judgmental. And let's face it,he did go to them. He went to Yoda with his prophetic dream and got handed a trite pop psychological book quote for "ancient Jedi Wisdom". Qui-Gon was the only one who could have trained Anakin, because he saw outside the narrow confines of Jedi Dogma, and could have reached the boy, helped him understand things. Instead, he got accepted into an order who didn't want him, purely on a dying man's last wish, taught by a man who wasn't a terribly good teacher, and saddled with a prophecy everyone constantly brought up, but wouldn't explain to him. Finally, after seeing their complete stupidity in handling the "Ahsoka gets framed for murder" situation and their non-apology for hanging her out to dry, Anakin's sudden heel turn in Revenge of the Sith didn't seem so jarring anymore. I blurted out to all my friends in that scene, "God, no wonder he doesn't hesitate to kill you all." Hyper-Emotional Young Man + Disapproving out-of-touch Elders + Warm, Open Manipulative Friend == "Are you actually SURPRISED he picked the kindly old man who always supported him over the riddle-spouting puppet and the condescending jackass who always looked at him like a mistake?" Indeed. Despite the melodramatic way in which the Jedi are "The Good Guys", they are in their own way as bad as the Sith when it comes to being dogmatic and blind to their own failings and imposing their unwavering vision of the universe on everyone they can. Let me put it in a more modern context. What do the Jedi do for apprentices? They take children too young to know family to train almost from birth. Why do they do it? So they won't have attachments that would "tempt" them. What do the First Order do for Stormtroopers? They take children too young to know family to train almost from birth. What does Snoke want Kylo Ren to do as his ultimate test? Kill his father so family won't "tempt" him. When the bad guys agree with your recruiting and interpersonal relationship policies, you're doing it wrong.
  12. Tarkin is his most trusted advisor. I should have been more clear. Anakin's empire is less day to day oppressive but much more brutal in the long run. Remember in the EU, Vader base delta zeroed an entire world just to contain a bioweapon. He's overreacted to Padme's escape and the formation of the Rebellion. Any planet suspected of harboring sedition is razed. If a sighting of Padme reaches him, the ISB rears the area apart looking for her.
  13. Waffled on which forum to put this in (seriously, can we get a general Star Wars RPG forum for "Cross-Line Discussions"?) and went with AoR over the other two, as I'm focusing mainly on the Rebellion/Empire side of things at the moment. So first off, why do I need to do an AU? Well, simply put, I'm something of a continuity nazi as a GM. Don't get me wrong, the players are always the center of my stories, but I avoid the Rebellion Era like the plague, because Luke, Han, and Leia are THE stars, and my players have had little interest in being "heroes of another story" when they know i won't let them kill Darth Vader or blow up the Death Star themselves. But with the success of The Force Awakens, I find myself wanting to go back and do a classic WEG-style Age of Rebellion (with a side of Force and Destiny) game. But I want my players to not feel like they're being hemmed in by the OT. The Core Concept During the battle of Mustafar, Anakin Skywalker defeated Obi-Wan Kenobi, killing his old mentor. Taking his injured wife to his new master, they used their combined power to save her life and those of her twin children. For the next several years, Anakin continued to study at the feet of Palpatine, keeping his wife as a near-prisoner, and their children raised in the arts of the Sith. Presented to the galaxy as Darth Vader, destroyer of the hated Jedi and heir to the Empire, he served as the Emperor's fist. Finally, ten years after the fall of the Jedi Order, Master and Apprentice clashed, and it was the apprentice who remained standing. There was a brief shake up in the hierarchy of power, but "Vader" had been planning his succession for some time. Those who opposed him were swiftly disposed of, and order was restored. However, one thing did not go as planned: Padme Amidala Skywalker escaped the Imperial Palace, though she was forced to leave the twins behind when her efforts to extract them were spoiled. With the aid of a few old friends, including her fellow Senator, Bail Organa, and her new protector, Ahsoka Tano, Padme set about forming an organized resistance to her husband's empire. Fast-forward another nine years, and the galaxy is on the verge of another civil war. The Empire is about to bring it's greatest weapon onilne. Enter those PC-looking types.... The Major Changes The Empire is no longer sexist/speciest. That was Palpy's thing, and Anakin never showed any such inclination. The Empire is both better and worse under Vader's rule. The worst tendencies of Palpatine's Empire for subjugation and slavery have been removed. Slavery is illegal and woe to any who practice it, if the Empire gets their hands on you. The current Emperor takes that sort of thing.... personally. On the other hand, Darth "Failed Me For the Last Time" Vader still tends to have a Zero Tolerance policy on failure, and a extreme lack of mercy for what the law dubs criminals and rebels. Think less "Machiavelli-Meets-Hitler" and more "Vlad the Impaler meets Genghis Khan". The Royal Heirs are directly involved in the operations of the Empire. Luke acts much as his father once did for Palpatine, having an unofficial but powerful role in the Imperial Military. Leia helps oversee Imperial Intelligence and has shown a particular knack for counter-insurgency. She's also the "Nice" one of the family, and is sent when her father actually wants to try for a soft sell rather than his usual direct approach. The Rebel Alliance is organized and led by a triumvirate of Senators Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and Padme Amidala. Padme's insider knowledge has alerted them to several important projects (including the Death Star), and has helped them counter Imperial tactics The Rebellion is in a strange position. With Vader's "reforms", many are persuaded by the seeming attitude of "as long as we obey the law and meet our quotas/taxes, he'll leave us in peace!" approach that is the hallmark of his reign. That said, those worlds who have suffered from his... punishments tend to be very enthusiastic supporters. There are a handful of fully trained Jedi left in the galaxy, though none who made the rank of Master. Few can even lay claim to the title of Knight. That said, there is an open race between the Rebellion and the Imperial Inquisition to find and locate Force Sensitives. The Rebellion hopes to formally revive the Jedi Order, but are still too few in number. The new Emperor doesn't give a sith (pun intended) about the Rule of Two. He is training both his children as his apprentices. He's also expanded the role of the Inquisition and uses them to recruit young Force Sensitives. He wants to create a new Sith Order to replace the Jedi, believing that he can bring "balance" to the Force by creating an Order of Dark Side users to act as the Praetorian Guard to his new Sith Dynasty. The clone trooper program has been partially revived. ARC Troopes once again serve as SpecForces, and the current Emperor prefers them as his personal unit, over the typically conscripted Stormtroopers. Okay, that's the broad strokes. I guess I'm mainly looking for input on what other changes to make to the setting, or what ramifications I might not be considering.
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