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  1. I'm looking forward to the announcement of the Bounty Hunter book (I really hope it's next). I was thinking about the thread from a while back speculating about possible new specialisations for Bounty Hunters, but I couldn't find the thread. The specialisations I'd like to see include: Pirate Hunters (House Tresario) These hunters are specialists in space combat. They mainly take on pirates, smugglers and privateers. They get most of their contracts from the Imperials. Live Capture Experts (House Benelex or Slaver Syndicate) These hunters train specifically in the art of live capture. Their skills are in equal demand between Imperials looking to bring fugitives to justice and crime lords hoping to settle old scores with a personal touch. Their skills also come in handy for hostage rescue situations. These hunters may or may not have links to slaver rings. Jedi Hunters (Crimson Nova) These hunters specialise in taking down force sensitive targets, be they rogue jedi, force-sensitive exiles or rival dark side force users. They train their minds as hard as they train their bodies, with the aim to resist the influence of force powers.
  2. We're still flying the Krayt Fang at the moment. Doesn't really feel like a part of the team yet. I think we'd happily trade it in for an upgrade.
  3. Reynard Kitsune started off life as a bothan street rat on Tatooine. As a youth he ran with a gang of criminals and eventually he ended up working for a hutt as a hitman (Bounty Hunter: Assassin). He's quite stealthy and deadly with a rifle, but not very tough. I've pitched the idea to my GM that Reynard has earned quite a reputation (after infiltrating the palace of his former employer and assassinating the Hutt in his own throne room) and I proposed that he be approached by a legitimate bounty hunter guild looking for new talent. If my GM agrees I will take the opportunity to pick up the Gadgeteer specialisation to represent him "going professional". This will have the added benefit of helping him to toughen up a bit. It will also be a good opportunity to take some obligation and then buy some new (restricted) gear. Reynard's goal is to become the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy!
  4. Your group needs more consequences. Burn down a village and suddenly nobody wants to deal with you anymore. You can't dock at reputable planets. Bounty hunters are always chasing you. Like... always! If you do enough damage, wreak enough havoc, it should get to the point where you're running all the time with barely a spare moment to heal your wounds from the last ambush before you're ambushed again.
  5. Except that Gimli and Legolas actually start to like each other?
  6. I'm guessing there'll be a capture specialist and some kind of piloting specialisation maybe? I'd really like to see Mandalorian as a specialisation, but I'm not really sure what that would actually entail
  7. But if Mandalorians are a culture not a species, wouldn't it make more sense to have a specialisation for them?
  8. Another vote for the Bounty Hunter book (and the concussion rifle)
  9. My favourite species in Star Wars is the Anzat! There was even one in the Mos Eisley Cantina in Episode IV I would also like to see Nautolans, Cathar, Togruta and Zabrak Some less likely species: Falleen, Neti, Pure-Blood Sith, Yoda's species hehehe
  10. Triel (human smuggler) and Reynard (bothan bounty hunter) were attempting to clear some mynocks off the outside of their space ship. Reynard was getting frustrated as he kept missing the mynocks, so when the last mynock flew onto the face of his companion he was determined to shoot it. Of course, Reynard rolled a despair and ended up shooting his friend in the face. Reynard attempted damage control and, with the help of the Twilek Kitty Politico, he tried to convince the dazed Triel that he had shot himself in the face. Of course, he failed the roll for deception. Triel now has zero trust for two of the companions he shares a ship with. Awkward!
  11. Reynard Kitsune, Bothan street-rat trying to make it as a bounty hunter (me) Kitty Politico, Twilek noble sold into slavery by treacherous sister What's-his-name (I forget his real name), Human computer genius with a gambling problem Triel, former mushroom farmer turned criminal low-life Lowriik, Wookie NPC (owes us a life debt) R2-XJ, astromech droid I love the idea of having guests use the NPC's as characters to join the fun! I'm totally going to invite people to play the Wookie for a session.
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