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  1. For the Doomshuttle, I say go dark green and silver. The Dr. Doom-shuttle.
  2. I did this with a Z-95 when they came out. I don't think I have any pics of it on my phone to show, but I will try to post some after work today. I did a primer coat of white on the model, then did a black drybrush over everything. Knowing that I'd be working with several layers on this, I then did a wash of bright blue on the model ( I ended up doing 2 coats of this). Finally I worked slowly with some more light drybrush work of black, and then did some fine point touch up work. Honestly it could've come out better, but I'm happy with the results. I wasn't looking to do a whole squad of these, so if it isn't perfect, I'm ok with it.
  3. Arashi

    My playmat solution

    The rubber cement is holding up very well. No noticeable cracking or peeling. All slats are still firmly held. I used 18 yard sticks total, and as much as I wanted to be all precise about it, I got impatient with measuring it all out. I trust my designers eye, so I eyeballed the gaps. They do not effect gameplay at all. Not only is the mat firm enough in between, but the gap is only 3/4 of an inch (give or take), so no chance for a base to overhang the gap without more than 50% support on a slat support. The only modification I would make after months of use would be to maybe add some non-slip material to some of the slats in various spots. The yard sticks on a well varnished table can be slippery such that at the right angle of leaning, one can move the whole mat. It's only happened twice, and only an inch or so of movement (and no shifting of ships), but I plan to add some nonslip surface in a pattern to the bottom of 4-6 yard sticks. I could just use more rubber cement for it. Thanks for the kind words, all.
  4. Aren't you not supposed to be talking about this??
  5. I don't think there'd be any fear of anything breaking off, tbh. You're only looking at an extension of a half an inch or so from where it is now.
  6. I believe the first 2 pilot cards are the generic Tempest and Storm pilot cards. Like usual, FFG adds in the 2 generic pilots to go with the flock of new ones. So there are 4 new pilots to go with the new and improved TIE Advanced. Still awesome. :-)
  7. Well done, Tusken, well done. Hi-larious!
  8. And is that a cameo by the Tesseract in the background of the Avengers Squad?
  9. I will gladly take the "New Mandos" of TCW over that dross that Traviss wrote. Those books were the worst of every multi-author series. I had to force myself to read them, because I am a completionist. I don't know if it is strictly the writing itself or the predictable story telling/characterizations, but they were just not for me. As far as canon goes, with as convoluted a past as it's had, I stick to the EU as much as I can. I don't have anything against Disney's decision about canon, and feel pretty confident that many of the things that I love about the book/comic book EU will be adapted into the new media canon. Just as things were with TCW already, I expect more from Rebels and Episode 7.
  10. Arashi

    My playmat solution

    I got mine off Amazon for about $20. Just search large mat and a 82" x 36" should pop up. Cut it and its perfect for X-winging. I believe that is the one that I purchased. I got it on a rare sale, that was $15 with Prime free shipping. Here is the link from my order history. The dimensions are actually an exact 72" x 36" so a quick and accurate cut in half gives you 2 3' x 3' mats. Or keep it big and use it for Epic play at 6' x 3'. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007MTWI48/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 heychadwick: I don't know of any local places that carry that size mat. I had a hard time finding one that was plain black and that size. A lot of the ones I found at sporting goods stores, and department stores were brightly colored, or had an image on them (even when I could find the right size). A lot of the sizes I saw IRL were of the right width were 3' wide by 4' long.
  11. Greetings all, I thought I would share some pics of my playmat that I made. I wanted to use the yoga mat style that I've seen others use, figuring the nonslip surface, and thickness would be better for use and durability than a vinyl playmat and cheaper than the mousepad style. The problem was, my dining table is too narrow to accommodate the 3' widthe needed. It would have a 3" overlap on either side. Obviously, you can't set a ship base on a section of the map that isn't supported by the table, so that wouldn't work. My solution was to use cheap yard sticks from Home Depot as a backer for the mat, with enough spacing so that it would roll up similarly to a bamboo shade, or some bamboo place mats that I've seen. So I painted the yardsticks black, and adhered them to the back of the yoga mat with rubber cement. The best part is that I didn't have to cut anything because...they're already 3' long! So far it's seen about 3 months of use with no signs of any wear and tear. When rolled up, it's easy enough to transport, and I've considered getting one of those yoga mat carrying straps for it, but haven't had much need yet. Rolling it up also makes it easy to store because it stands up on it's own in the storage room. I've liked the yoga mat surface quite a lot. There looks like a lot of glare in the pics, but it's not as bad in real life. That setup is directly under an incandescent light, and the flash went off as well. The ship bases and templates don't move around at all. Especially if you apply just a little bit of downward pressure. I like that I can use it on just about any flat surface, regardless of it's shape and dimensions. Edit: Forgot to add that it only cost me less than $20. The mat was $15.00, and was the 6' x 3' so I got 2 mats out of it (so $7.50 for one), and I used 18 yard sticks @ $0.58/each for a total of $10.44. The rubber cement was 1.72 for the jar, which I used 3/4s of. Grand total - $19.66. That is my playmat, I hope you enjoy!
  12. Found the thread on page 3, unacceptable! Here is my YT-1300 repaint. Fairly simple, but I like the asymmetry of the blue on the cockpit side.
  13. If any ship deserves a muscle car style racing paintjob, it's the B-Wing:
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