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  1. I am really looking forward to getting an explanation for that move.
  2. I vaguely remember Worlds "State of the Union" presentation and I think I recall a new tournament software being at least hinted at. I am currently (for an embarrassing long 7 months) working on such a software (just whenever I am really bored, that's why it takes so long). This announcement has somewhat taken away my motivation to continue my work. But I do have some questions regarding that new software and don't really know where to ask to get official answers. The official forums seemed the best place to try. Please redirect me if it isn't. 1.: Is such a software actually in development, as of now? When is the intended release date? 2.: Have you considered open soucing it during development or at least after its release? This would help a great deal in adding features and also, what my initial aim was for my tournament software, allow integration in different 3rd party software. This would in my case be the software I use for commentating AGoT games eventually enabling me to do live tournament coverage. 3.: If you decide to open source it: What programming language is it going to be in? This would be important for me to know, because if it is something that only runs on Windows this would not meet my requirements. 4.: If you decide to NOT open source it: I would love to hear an explanation why?
  3. After searching the FAQ for a definition of what "un-/successfull" is (one might argue that 0 characters successfully gained cannot be killed) I realized that pretty much exactly my question is already in there on page 29. Thanks ktom.
  4. Is the lomys thing with choosing 0 characters still valid with FAQ 3.6? I would say yes, but that's mostly wishful thinking
  5. Maybe check on the boards of the German publisher.
  6. Is this still true with FAQ (3.6) Triggered Effects: My interpretation would be, that during step "b", checking for play restrictions, Bran is still standing. Meaning it is not allowed to be triggered, as the cost to kneel Bran is only implemented at step "e".
  7. Yep, I apologize. Now I am one of "those" forum users
  8. Hi, in a Melee game when I have Queen's Guard out and play Harry the Riverlands to kneel 2 or more characters, does Queen's Guard's passive still trigger? Assuming yes: If I use Harry the Riverlands to kneel characters controlled by player A and B, can I choose a character controlled by player A for Queen's Guard's passive?
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