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  1. TLT's wreck defenders. So do Ion bombs and anything that forces them to move slower than 3+
  2. Hmm...can't find any of his other matches on YouTube nor Twitch. thats strange. I remember watching him several times that weekend.
  3. lol. The Kylo Ren's shuttle title should have another line on it. "Before removing your shuttle as a casualty, throw a tantrum and flip the table!"
  4. the guy flying her at worlds was masterful most of the time. the final game was ehh, but he was on the stream at least 2 other times. See if you can get the 2016 worlds on youtube and you will see how it is done. I have played a lot of Miranda, and a lot of bombing warden k-wings. And the wardens are very useful to get the feel of how and when to slam/bomb. I still don't fly bombing Miranda very well. At least not well enough for competition yet. Still need a lot more practice.
  5. We have been unofficially told that the rest of the wave should drop around Jan 25. Just days before the Phoenix regional. And if you look at the wording of what is legal when, you will see that everything is legal when it drops as far as regionals goes. We will see.
  6. Because of the timing chart you can chose the IG second shot or the gunner second shot to go second. So you just have to specify that the IG second shot is going by using the mangler, then shoot your primary weapon. The redit article lays out the timing and he cut and pasted the email response from FFG confirming it works that way. It is a very ugly combo, but it would require you to be good at flying the YV-666 as if anyone gets behind you, your done.
  7. I was thinking about the following list: Brath with X7 and Expertise Steele with X7 and Adaptability 26 point OL Was wondering if anyone has any experience with this list, and how it played for you, Thanks.
  8. Give me more bombers and more bomber pilots. Please.
  9. If you can find a way to put the shuttle title in there with vessery then you have amazing synergy. You could drop the countess and play vessery and steele at ps 8 with x7 and have points for a bid.
  10. Bomber Miranda really wants Advanced slam, so drop the LRS.
  11. Remember that a star destroyer is a very large ship and if you look at the rules for Huge ships and Ion, you will see that ion weapons are the only way to shoot those guys. It basically deprives them of the energy they need to do anything other than move..Adding an effect that like what you suggest to a 100 point game means that all we will see is Ion weaponry or re position type ships. everything else would be out of the meta.
  12. I think you will see less and less of the Black one title as Hot Shot co-pilot becomes a staple. That card kicks Poe in the teeth and tells him to get sit in a corner for the rest of the game. But in the Meta in AZ LRS is not ever seen. The problem with LRS is you can just not bring that ship into the fray. And then your bombers can re acquire because the are too close.
  13. Yep. Loved the Vader humor, "Don't choke on your asperations"
  14. LT. Ketch finally gets the ship he deserves. Ewok pilots for all the empire ships!
  15. There are possibly better choices for the phantom. But the durability it would give the Tie SF is very intriguing. The Bomber needs chips or LRS to be effective. Unless you are talking about the Tie bomber shuttle. Then I like it alot.
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