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  1. I see. So it's just the sum of the 3rd and 4th in my list that are limited to +100, not the 1st and 2nd? Say a 5th level wizard had put 100dp into Magic Appraisal (100%), has a Pow 13 (+25), has put 3 natural bonuses into it (+75) and one +10 into it, and as a wizard gets +10/level. His natural bonuses plus 10s is +85, still under the limit, so he has the full magic appraisal of 100+25+85+50 = 260.
  2. In Core Exxet it limits secondary ability bonuses to +100, but I'm not clear from what I read online (and I don't know Spanish) what is included in this +100 limit. There are at most four things I can think of that would be included towards this limit: - Characteristic Bonus (from the characteristic itself) - Innate Bonus (from character class) - Natural Bonus (equal to characteristic bonus) - New Core Exxet Bonus (fixed +10s) Is the +100 limit on the sum of all four of these bonuses? Or on the sum of only some of them?
  3. I don't see the sale prices. Is it over already? I would have stocked up, to lend to future players...
  4. Secrets of the Supernatural has names for the four branches of the Arcana Shepirah. Perhaps he's using the Spanish names for those branches.
  5. First you have to look at the type of spell. The types are described on pages 114-115, and say whether the spells are visible or not. Attack spells are visible by default, and Spiritual spells are invisible by default. Some attack spells say they're invisible, like Fire 30: Heat Wave. If they don't say, like Fire 16: Fireball, then you default to page 114 where is says attack spells are visible. Anyone can see a Fireball coming at them and try to dodge. Most people can't see a Heat Wave and have to make a Notice 180 or take a blinded penalty against it, but those with See Supernatural see the Heat Wave without rolling Notice.
  6. I went through it again from scratch. Platform: Win7. Browser: Chrome. Clicked on Start Creation, and set some of the fields (characteristics, name, dp) Clicked on Save Character. Clicked on Download as Text File; Nothing happened. Right-clicked on Download as Text File and opened in new tab; it started a fresh character with a random name. Clicked the Copy button, copied & pasted the text into notepad, saved as Tereza.animaUnico. Tried to load the text file Opened a new AnimaUnico tab and tried to load that file. Choose the file to load, but nothing happened. No error message, either. Selected all and copied the text from notepad into the Carga box, then clicked Carga. Nothing happened. No error message, either. As far as the copy/paste is concerned, maybe notepad is screwing up the text with carriage returns. I looked at Tereza.animaUnico in cygwin, and there are no surplus carriage returns. $ wc Tereza.animaUnico 0 18 2000 Tereza.animaUnico Saved to the Character Server. I noticed that the text file was much smaller than the text on the Character Server, so I copied the text from the Character Server's "Tereza" into a text file Tereza2.animeUnico $ wc Tereza2.animaUnico 0 339 37663 Tereza2.animaUnico The Choose File option still doesn't successfully load the Tereza2, but now I can copy & paste the text from Tereza2.animeUnico into the Carga box and it loaded successfully. ----- So in the end there is a roundabout way to do it: save to the character server, look at the file on the character server, copy/paste the text from there to a file, and then load it by copy/paste the text from the file to the Carga box. I hope this helps. I hate to be too critical of free things, and I hope you find this detailed example helpful.
  7. William, Can I ask what OS & browser you've been using the save function with? I haven't had any luck so far saving characters to my hard drive.
  8. Awesome stuff, William! Thank you! You've helped me find and fix three errors in my current character. I eagerly await metamagic sphere and sub-paths. (Sorry if that sounded pushy. Just expressing a preference.)
  9. I was basing it on this under Casting Spells at the start of the Magic chapter: "To take full advantage of the Accumulation, spellcasters must also be able to pronounce conjurations and make hand gestures. Losing their ability to speak and move their body will reduce their Accumulation by half" I take from this that if Innate magic doesn't require you to Accumulate, there's no reason to use gestures or words.
  10. Thanks for the reply. You're correct, of course, that I would take a -25 to magic projection for the second Fireball. That brings another point to mind: when using Innate Magic, you don't need to speak or gesture, since those only affect MA.
  11. A new question on an old topic... Let's say I have Innate Magic of 50 Zeon, and want to use it to cast a basic Fireball (cost 50). I don't Accumulate Magic or spend Zeon; I just declare and cast the spell. So far so good. The next round I do a full move. My MA is halved for moving, but I'm not using my MA. So can I cast a Fireball using my Innate Magic, just like I did last round? Or do I look up half my MA on the Innate Magic Table to get my reduced Innate Magic ability?
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