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  1. Probably just the formatting of that post RedLeader. For my part, I've taken copies of the 'shipName' and shipStats' JSON files and added the Bwing, Ewing and ARC. So now you should have two merge requests. I realise it should probably be one, but I'm feeling my way through it. Hopefully that will help @Fordawn EDIT- Have just noticed some extra icons that I couldn't locate. Ship icons for the bottom of the card. Hopefully you can add those in 😊
  2. Thanks for replying. I have limited experience with git, but am surrounded by plenty who have lots. So if I can help I will!
  3. Hey there, I was looking for a way of creating a card for HOTAC, and found this! I have a couple of questions. Will any other ships be added? Such as the ARC or the Ewing? Can an action be made red? I can only see linked actions being stressful. Thanks in advance. Great bit of kit
  4. Not commute, but purely some time to myself. Lando - Nien Nunb Wullffaroo - Saw, Hull Upgrade Tala Squadron - Crack Shot Tala Squadron - Crack Shot What can I say. I've recently got into playing Rebel. I dig the Auzi!
  5. I've jumped into Rebel list building lately, and it turns out I like Wullffaroo. I've also figured I like Lando in the Falcon. So I've got this... Lando Calrissian (79) Nien Nunb (5) Wullffwarro (56) Saw Gerrera (9) Hull Upgrade (3) Garven Dreis (X-Wing) (47) Servomotor S-Foils (0) 47 199 Lando kites, mainly giving himself double mods but could help out Wullff. Garven helps the other two with his focus and is a decent I4 gun. Wullff hits like a truck. Nice and simple! My brother suggested Arvel with Intimidation and Predator (39) instead of Garven. Intriguing choice, and leaves more points for the others. Could fit Leia or Hera in for instance. What can I say, I like Wullff!
  6. Play the game. Which means moving and shooting and my book. I tend to get stuck in eventually, so it's not an issue usually. But! If I was near time, and turning in to fight would be dumb, I'd clear off for sure.
  7. SDCC

    The Auzituck?

    Moldy Crow will always tickle me as I lurve Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight. Looking forward to Katarn entering Disney Canon at some point..........tumbleweed. In 1e I was a Scum/Imp player, and one of the main reasons I went Scum was so I could use the HWK. Torkil and Palob were awesome! I'm not great at blocking, but their abilities were great. Since moving to 2e I started Imp, then took on Rep, and have recently begun my career as a Rebel. Turns out the faction suits me well. Picking up Rebel models or on the cheap or being given them as I have the kit is a nice gentle way of getting into the faction.
  8. SDCC

    The Auzituck?

    Appreciate the time spent on the response I'm not chasing anything too serious; just working through ships and lists that are new to me. For example, finally flying the Falcon recently and really enjoying it! Moldy Roark is mainly there as I haven't had a chance to fly the new HWK, and I love that ship. I've been using the new foils, and they are great stuff. Lando/Ten/Braylen has been nice.
  9. SDCC

    The Auzituck?

    I picked up a 1e Auzituck for £5. I have the Rebel Conversion Kit. So I want to try it! Initially I figured I'd like a 4 ship list. So Jan/Wullff/XX. Not much space for anything after applying Moldy Crow. This was then suggested. Wull - Saw Cavern Angel x 2 Roark - Moldy Crow 199 points This isn't for a tournament. It's just to enjoy. Hence not looking for serious critique in the Squad List part of the forum. What happened to them? I didn't play Rebel in 1e, and rarely saw them. Now in 2e? Never seen one!
  10. SDCC

    New Squad Builder?

    Launch Bay Next. Why wait to use something of so far questionable quality when there are already very agreeable solutions to the problem?
  11. So last night I played my first two games in 2020, and my first for a couple of months, and my first time flying the Falcon! Lando - Leia, Nien Tenn - Foils Braylen - Foils, Autoblaster First game - Ten, Gina, Thane Won that one with Lando still flying around fairly fresh. Second game - Resistance AAAAA Lost but it was close. Botched the initial engagement and got swarmed. Sure, the A's rolled really well (**** Heroic), but I got it down to a full A and a half A. Judging it better initially would have given me that one I think. Really enjoyed the list, so big tick straight off. The Bs got stuck in whilst Lando kited and got some good modded shots off. Stabilised foils are good stuff. Not so fussed about the cannon. Might go Gina/Ten in the future to boost the cannon shot and get a second I5 in the list. But overall very happy
  12. Braylen Ten - S-Foils and Ion Cannon Lando - Nien Nunb, Leia Organa 199 points It's packed and ready to take to game night tomorrow
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