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  1. SDCC

    つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEW POINTS ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ

    Do we even know where they'll announce it?
  2. Do they work in space? I have a faint memory of them in the Clone Wars cartoon.
  3. I've updated the original post with what we know is coming and what we'd like to see.
  4. Yes! That lovely yellow thing needs to be in the game. Seem like well thought out stats too.
  5. I think a Y-wing in it's prime, brand new with it's armour plating, would be a solid addition. And cool!
  6. I'm extremely excited to get my hands on this new faction. As someone who has long been an Imperial and Scum playing, they feel like they might be quite different for me. In a good way. So I was wondering...What are you expecting from this faction? What do you think the common components of lists could be? I know we don't have points yet but we can guess. What other ships could be coming? ETA-2 PLEASE. I'm in a bit of an X-Wing lull at the moment. I'm hoping these cool looking ships will be just what I need. Confirmed V-19 Torrent Delta-7 Aethersprite ARC-170 Wanted 'New' Y-wing Naboo N-1 Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor V-Wing LAAT Z-95
  7. SDCC

    Are you an X-Wing cheater?

    "Are you going to Vader it?" "Dang it I forgot to use Vader, again." I don't flip tokens at the right time. I do bump clumsily. I should use crit tokens.
  8. SDCC

    If you had to play only one faction, what would it be?

    Imperials. The faction I started with before also adopting Scum. Really looking forward to Republic, but I'll always come back to Defenders.
  9. SDCC

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    When is the points adjustment? I've got a tournie in mid Jan and I'm not sure if I can start practicing yet.
  10. My phone is the only place I list build, so it is very disappointing they can't get their act together. Fortunately others have stepped up and made some very nice apps.
  11. It's a real shame that they've released such a piece of garbage. But hey, Launch Bay Next is really good.
  12. SDCC

    Entering NEW Territory

    Very interesting hearing about your double Defenders. Been tempted to do that myself but a two small ship list scares me!
  13. SDCC


    I flew against Heroic Poe last week, and he seems tremendous value. I almost wish I flew Resistance so I could use him! Loaded up he's the cost of a naked Defender, which seems ridiculous. Though I hope it means the Defenders are in for a price decrease soon.
  14. SDCC

    Inferno Squad Experience?

    I had a go last night. Rex - Juke, Collision Seyn - Marksmanship Hask - Crackshot Iden - Crackshot I flew against Poe/Rey and lost. I enjoyed flying it, Iden saved herself, and I got off Seyn's abilities (which was cool). But it didn't have the punch. Sadly for the points I don't think the TIEs do enough. Such a shame!
  15. SDCC

    Inferno Squad Experience?

    Has anyone had much play time using the Inferno TIEs? I'm trying to get three of them working with Rexlar (Inferno Rex), and any info on how they synergise or any strategies would be great. Thanks!