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  1. Sadly this. I tried the first three episodes. Didn't make a conscious decision to stop. I just... didn't.
  2. Absolutely fine with niche. I like that it's situational. If you want to take it, you'll need to be aware of who and when it's good. Can't just throw it around randomly and it work.
  3. SDCC

    Figuring out Ric

    Starts with 2. Does a faster move so gets another red. 7th adds another. Looks like 4 to me!
  4. Come on @mods, close this thread. Leave the Americans to discuss the in and outs of something the rest of us find ridiculous.
  5. It boils down to this. In the USA it's a constitutional right to bear arms. Pretty much everywhere else doesn't have them. At least so publicly anyway. So for the majority of us, guns being anywhere, let alone near tables full of plastic ships, is beyond strange. I get the impression we're not going get anywhere on the gun ownership debate. So what's the point in continuing? I'm from the UK, and I think it's crazy to have a firearm. Others will disagree.
  6. SDCC

    Figuring out Ric

    I used to. But it wore me out. The meta is something I now glance at rather than immerse myself in, and I'm a lot happier personally for it
  7. SDCC

    Figuring out Ric

    I'm at 60 with the build I'll use next. It's just for giggles, but I'm much better at learning list building lessons when I play through them.
  8. Forever practicing for the next tournament is something I ultimately found to be exhausting, infuriating, and limiting. I don't have anything on the horizon bar the next wave release now. So I make builds that look fun or feel like they'll scratch an itch. It's working out far more nicely.
  9. SDCC

    Figuring out Ric

    I'm looking at a Ric and two Jedi list at the moment. Ric - Daredevil, R2-C4, AS Anakin - 7B, R2 Luminara and something? A 60 point Ric is pretty heavy. But could be fun. I'm not heading to a tournament any time soon so it's purely for the pew pews.
  10. How about, and this might be crazy, people don't take weapons to tournaments. I know, it's a far out request, but bear with me. You don't need to! What are you thinking is going to happen? My goodness* *I'm from the UK.
  11. This thread is bonkers. We're meant to be talking about plastic ships and this thread is two pages of gun control. Wow. Lock it.
  12. I've been to tournaments where due to the list I was facing, engagement under most situations wasn't advisable if I wanted to win. For instance, Vess/Aggressor/QD vs two VCXs and an attack shuttle. Loads of HP to chew through, and they had autoblasters. So I played it cautiously. stayed in open space and waited for the oppo to make a move. Turns ticked over at a good pace, but it was 40 minutes before anyone fired. So now slow, or stalling, or even agonising. Just cautious.
  13. I'm not the only one who says "Ole!" Every time I moved him last night I shouted his name with a flourish.
  14. Had two games with this last night, and really enjoyed them. N1s are great little things! Lovely model for a start. But I liked flying them too. Zoom zoom. Learning how to better leverage the talon roll will help a lot. But they're promising, and cool, and pretty, and I'll be using them a lot more for sure.
  15. If I get my N1s tonight I'll be trying out a nice simple list. Ric with Juke Bravo Flight Officer 104th Obi-Wan with 7B and R2 Not played in a little while so I'm just going to slap this down and have a go.
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