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  1. Impressed that ffg decided to lower the price of the expansions (if the $30 tag wasn't a mistake in the first place). I'm still on the fence about the game, as I don't have anyone to share a corebox (or two) with, and that really seems to be the way to go... I'll be patiently awaiting the next previews, of which hopefully there will be one on the miniatures. I would love to see some info on quality, customization options, a possible painting guide, pictures of actual blank production items and such.
  2. I'm sorry, I was being a bit sarcastic. Actually I like that the miniatures are not prepainted, as I was looking forward to do the painting myself. I'm just bitter at realizing that this game is going to be too expensive for me.
  3. Quick answer: although the prices would suggest that, no.
  4. An undeniable fact is that I was really excited about the game, but after this news update I strongly doubt if I should be even getting the core set. And it seems I'm not alone in this. One of the draws for me was the hobby aspect with the belief that FFG would also make it a really nice gaming experience. For this price, the miniatures will have to be REALLY good to even have me buy the core-set. No preorder for me.
  5. Me and my friends were lucky and managed to buy starters and 3 boosters each. I played 4 games today and am loving it. Can't wait for next gamenight when we will open our boosters.
  6. I will attend the launch party in Tilburg at De dobbelsteen. I hope it isn't to much of a travel for you so maybe we can see eachother there. I'm in Amsterdam and friends&foes is having a launchparty so I guess we wont be seeing eachother. I just hope I can get me a copy of the starter, I can wait 2 more weeks for the boosters...
  7. I read that american shops were also sent less than ordered so I guess the demand world-wide is just higher than FFG expected. I'm also in the netherlands btw. What shop are you going to John?
  8. I was so looking forward to launchday and finally getting this game. Our LFGS here announced the launchday so me and three friends asked him to reserve 4 starters and 1 boosterbox for us. Last week we heard that he couldn't reserve the boosterbox because he would only receive 4 and everybody should have equal opportunity to buy boosters. Ok, fair, I guess. Then this morning I watched the covenant video of launchday at the FFG eventcenter. Great! Look at all those copies! Can't wait to get my hands on at least a starter next saturday. Now I just heard that our LFGS will only receive 12 starters in total instead of the 24 announced in the launchday kits. I'm not even sure if I can buy my own starter! This, after seeing all those copies around in advance reviews, previews and that launchday video. It feels a bit unfair. I would have thought the asmodee deal at least would bring better availability here in Europe... Guess not... :-( And I didn't even start about the mrsp of $15.00 somehow translating to €20,00 for us here! PS: Sorry if this comes across as whining. I'm just disappointed since I'm looking forward to this game a lot!
  9. Great video once again. Thanks so much! Although I only just finished the trandoshans and therefore need some more time to catch up I hope the rebel sabs will come up soon as they get played a lot in my skirmish games.
  10. My idea was that Weiss is only worth it when he can attack multiple times during a round, hence my elite officer. I just put weiss in a central place on the map, if possible with overview on some of the objectives. Keep the officers closeby. Keep at least one royal guard adjacent for the extra damageblock. Have the (mostly ignored) stormtroopers claim objectives or kill someone preoccupied with Weiss and have a repair-heavy command deck. I think it helps that not many have a lot of experience playing with or against Weiss.
  11. Weiss doesn't seem to be popular in skirmish games, but I don't really see why. I actually won a tournament last saturday with my mentioned weiss list, but I have to admit I was pretty lucky at times.
  12. So we know that the big expansion is going to be Hoth-themed. It will include 4-player skirmish rules. This probably means larger maps. I was just watching episode V and Veers says "maximum firepower" before destroying Echo Base's shield generator with his AT-AT. There is already a "maximum firepower" card. There are lots of AT-AT's in IA's artwork. I checked a size comparison of a AT-ST and a AT-AT, and ofcourse it would be huge on a map, but seeing how FFG releases epic ships for x-wing, I really think AT-AT's in IA will be a possibility. Am I crazy?
  13. I like playing the following list: - Weiss - Elite stormtroopers - Elite Officer - Royal Guard - Officer I've had some succes with it, but am contemplating if the following would be better: - AT-ST - 2 x Elite Officer - 2 x Royal Guard Opinions..?
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