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  1. A bug that was introduced in 0.93: if an enemy ship is pushed on an asteroid with a tractor beam, it still attacks (despite being atop it). Not sure if that happens because of the tractor beam or if the ship lands on an asteroid under any circumstances (after a normal manoeuver, for example). Behavior was reproduced twice.
  2. It will depend on 2 details: whether the huge ship critical damage deck has the "ship" trait (it did in V1.0) and if small/medium/large ships can affect huge ships in V2.0. It is just my opinion, but I found the interaction that small ships had on huge ships in V1.0 to be a bit quirky (using a swarm tactics Howlrunner alongside a Raider, for example), so part of me is wondering whether they changed this or not for V2.0. Time will tell (should find out on the demo game that they will have next week, I hope).
  3. I'll add this, for those who have not tried VR, do not judge any VR games based on youtube images. If you see Vader come up to you on your computer screen, you'll usually say "cool!"... when he comes to you in a VR setting, he can be downright scary and you tend to want to say "Yes sir, whatever you want, it is yours, no questions asked."
  4. I just tried it and holy... I'm having a hard time getting back into real life at the moment.
  5. dotswarlock

    Overlooked ships

    I have been flying IG-88 B and IG-88 D in my local meta with a win ratio around 80 to 85%. I have also flown them in tournaments with my latest one ending in 2nd place. They are nasty little buggers and it is quite possible to have a 200 / 0 victory with them (although more often, I win 200 to 50)­. They can be quite nasty if you have a lot of experience with them.
  6. Love all the hard work you put into this, keep it up! Quick question: how hard would it be to make Fly Casual work with an Occulus quest? It would be jaw dropping if it ever worked
  7. That is true. After all, if the epic multiplayer thing does reach all the way to 8 players then who is to say that shields are not multiplied under those circumstances? After all, if 2 players focus fire on a huge ship, it would go down in flames instantly... unless if there were special rules that came into play for such a scenario.
  8. Well, amongst the cards in the expansion, you have: 4 Cargo Upgrade Cards: 1 Adaptive Shields 1 Boosted Scanners 1 Optimized Power Core 1 Tibanna Reserves 4 Title Upgrade Cards: 1 Assailer 1 Corvus 1 Impetuous 1 Instigator Adaptive shields or some of the titles could potentially crank those shields all the way to 10?
  9. Keep in mind that the Old Raider had a total hull value of 16 hull and 10 shields, with a section line that often forced an opponent to do some split firing on both sections, or having 1 section crippled and the other innaccessible. Also the old Raider had the reinforce action that stripped off 1 damage, no matter what, so it could be a though beast to take down. While 8 shields and 20 hull seems like a lot, a concentrated burst of firepower will melt through it rather quickly. The new Radier will truly shine, however, if it reaches the end game against a weakened force. With 2 shield regen per turn (something that a backup shield generator would do) and no energy drain on its weapons because of its desire for survival (like using a recover action), then that Raider will be able to attack constantly and be hard to take down. This will be very interesting
  10. Another tool that can help a player understand probabilities, especially in X-Wing, is this one: http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/multi/ It can give a player a comprehensive look at what their odds are. If you work so that probabilities are on your side, you will increase your odds of constantly winning. Otherwise, winning will be dependant on the luck of the dice. The stats tool in the simulator is just a tool to give a player an indication of how lucky / unlucky they were, which also happens in real life
  11. I assume that you mention that so that we don't think about the "no collusion" rule of a tournament. Ethics aside, let me actually twist the question around: you are a player having a match when you notice that the player next to you suddenly concede, despite the fact that he is clearly winning. Would you hesitate to call the TO over and easily demonstrate that something fishy is going on? Maybe collusion occurred before the match even got started; just because you did not see it does not mean it is not happening anyway. Basic rule of the thumb, if a behavior could get you kicked out of a tournament (one that you are winning on top of it), then it's not worth doing. Even if everything works as planned, anyone witnessing it will have their doubts about you from this point on, and that's not a fun reputation to have.
  12. Lol, true. I guess it slipped my mind because I never, ever saw him configured this way.
  13. I would call that "action efficiency" more than "action consistency", and yes, that is also a factor. If I get shot by an X-Wing at range 2 and lose one calculate to dodge the attack, that still leaves me 1 more calculate for offensive purposes. Most other ships do not get that bonus.
  14. Let’s take a recognized Ace : Vader . He has a crazy amount of action economy… but if you block him, he can’t use it. The following turn, if he does a k-turn to get back in the fight, he – again – cannot use his action economy nor does he get that extra dice from a target lock. IG-88 with advanced sensors (which is nearly a must have because of the size of his medium base), does not have that problem. If you block him, it just means he has one less ship firing at him. There are actually many cases where he can block himself using allies to maintain a better position. The next turn, doing a k-turn or s-loop is not a problem either; he’ll still get his action. Meanwhile, his opponent must be worried about bombs, tractor beams (either on an asteroid or closer to the edge of the map), ion cannon (losing control), which might force him to make suboptimal movements or waste actions to avoid said problems. It’s funny sometimes to see people dodging bombs that they thought that I would drop, but that I had no intention of dropping, lol.
  15. I did with one of my tests where I had 2 IG-88 with Elusive and Serissu (also with Elusive). I mean don't take me wrong, it was funny, but I find that I prefer Fearless most of the time. There are times where you manage a good block or where your opponent has a higher initiative and gets in range 1 hoping to cause you a lot of damage. Having Fearless, and the IG's high health pool, means that not only do you usually survive the attack, but the return shot will hurt him just as much.
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