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  1. dotswarlock

    Overlapping of an obstacle occurs when?

    We had a lenghtly discussion at our local store and it took many tries before we all got ont he same page. First of, we have what was already quoted in this thread: "Q: If the Loose Cargo from Rigged Cargo Chute [Illicit] overlaps another ship, what happens? A: It is placed underneath the ship, and the ship overlaps it." We were all in agreement; the debris overlapped the ship. What took a bit of brain rewiring was the definition found in "obstacles" in rules reference, page 13, which details what overlapping does based on different circumstances. I'm paraphrasing for the effects of asteroids and debris to shorten this: First part (does not apply, the ship was not executing a maneuver) While a ship executes a maneuver, if it moves through or overlaps an obstacle, it executes its maneuver as normal but suffers an effect based on the type of obstacle: Asteroid: (suffer damage, skip perform action step) Debris: (gain stress, suffer damage) Second part (does not apply, the ship is not moving aka, doing a barrel roll or boost on obstacle / tractor beam) While a ship is moving, but not executing a maneuver, if it moves through or overlaps an obstacle, it executes its move as normal but suffers an effect based on the type of obstacle: Asteroid: (suffer damage, note that the skip perform action step is not there) Debris: (gain stress, suffer damage) Third part (this one applies) While a ship is at range 0 of an obstacle it may suffer different effects. Asteroid: the ship cannot perform attacks. (The damage was suffered in earlier steps) Debris: no entry = no effect. What was hard to wrap our brains around was that part 1 and part 2 are mutually exclusive, but part 3 is actually seperate from part 1 and 2 and no damage or stress is dealt there at all.
  2. dotswarlock

    How are the other 5 Factions getting Ion Clouds?

    I'm not sure if this has been suggested yet (only browsed the first page), but the trick to getting those would be to spot the guy in your community who will really buy into these kits and probably buy 2 of each core sets. In which case, you can offer to buy the ion clouds from him for a few $. He saves money on his purchases and so do you. `Win / Win.
  3. dotswarlock

    Clone Wars play looks very different

    My gut feeling is that both of the new factions are priced around so that it is meant to be fielded with a minimum of a mini swarm + a few elites. Nothing that I have seen so far makes me think that I will see 3 high Init elites roaming the battlefield. Their abilities are interesting, but not devastating like some other elites out there. And overall... I'm perfectly fine with that! There are reasons why pilots like Vader and Fenn are Init 6 with very strong offensive abilities; both of them fought during the clone wars, survived and kept fighting afterwards! Overall, I will be curious to see how the new factions handle... my wallet is trembling when thinking about how many I might have to buy, however.
  4. dotswarlock

    Scum in hyperspace, strengths?

    There is, but then again, an opponent can just ignore old Teroch. When that happens, his ability can't even be used anymore. I'll try it out during the next game night and see where it leads.
  5. dotswarlock

    YASB 2.0 is updated already

    What left me flabbergasted was the speed of the update. If we compare your update time and the update time that FFG's dev team put down, I'm willing to bet that you won, hands down
  6. dotswarlock

    Scum in hyperspace, strengths?

    After much twisting around through the day, I came out of it with my own observations. In the current Hyperspace format, the one thing that Scum can do that other factions cannot (or don't want to ) is strip tokens. So with that in mind, I came up with this: Han: Trick shot, Qi'ra, hotshot gunne, Lando's millenium falcon. Old Teroch: Predator Fenn: predator Han either blasts full force if he fires from behind a rock (which he can hide on) or at the very least, he shoots at Init 6 with his week 2 dice and strips a token, limiting the damage done to himself and allies.
  7. I find that most of the time, making a good list means finding the combination of tricks and synergy that works well with a faction or at least, works better than it does for the other faction. When playing extended, I find that I can usually juggle some interesting combos of dirty tricks that will land many opponents in a heap of trouble. For hyperspace, however, I'm finding it hard to find something that other factions can't do better or at least, do it far cheaper. Does anyone with more hyperspace experience have anything to suggest looking at scum wise?
  8. dotswarlock

    Simple Scum Hyperspace List

    Odds are not in your favor: the only way that it will work is if the enemy also flies ships with initiative 1 and that you gave him the initiative, so you could get your target locks to launch those torpedoes.
  9. dotswarlock

    Literally All the (Scum, I6) Aces

    You'll usually want the title on Han Solo to punish anyone that has a stress.
  10. dotswarlock

    Is this a failed action?

    A weird scenario happened during a tournament this weekend: - Tie Defender moves and does a boost action - (other stuff happens here) - Lambda moves and does a coordinate action on the tie defender, trying to perform a boost. I realized this and blurt out that a ship cannot do the same action twice during the same round, which we both knew was true. What I could not figure out, however, was what happened next. Was it a failed action? Was the Lambda now forced to still perform a coordinate action on that defender? Fortunately, this was not at a critical time of the game; we were not even within firing range, but it did cause some confusion. Any ideas?
  11. dotswarlock

    (Yes, it is early but...) Meta predictions?

    Prediction: tripple, nearly naked IG-88 with titles and jamming beam will be a thing. If an IG-88 attack and hits, that's good. If he attacks and misses, that leaves out the jamming beam to truly strip all tokens and open the way for the other 2.
  12. dotswarlock

    They're up!!!

    Part of me still feels like the Kihraxz still needs some love, maybe a point reduction on modification upgrades, much like it has in V1.0. Talonbane vs Wedge is not even remotely a fair fight and the basic Maurauder is more expensive than L'ulo (PS5, 2 actions, can get a stress to fire at the same firepower, etc). Other than that, however, I am very pleased. Supernatural reflex was bound to happen; it basically introduced a mechanic that was almost on par with pre-nerf V1.0 decloak. I'm happy that they made it Init based so that it still exists, but gets a lot more costly as you go up. It opens the doorway for elite play at lower Init values.
  13. dotswarlock


    Short answer: yes. With this change, if you have a swarm firing at the same target which happens to stack tokens (Tie Phantom, Tie Defender), it can make sense to have the one ship with the cannon fire first to force the opponent to drop tokens. Prior to that, it was a better idea to keep your points on other upgrades, but if its a free upgrade, it allows you to pick a situational upgrade like this one.
  14. dotswarlock

    They're up!!!

    The official squad builder is suddenly slower, as if million of X-Wing players suddenly exclaimed in glee before cutting off all production at work and turning upon it with fevered intensity!
  15. dotswarlock

    65+66+68 = 88 * 3

    Or IG-88 A, B and D with 2 title (on B and D) and jamming beams. Sharing calculate tokens all around and keeping IG-88A safe.