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  1. Ahsoka should probably also have a force rating, I imagine her ability will probably be to spend a force token to do what she does now
  2. I'm excited to see the images, I really like the backstory Im glad somebody else out there is deciding to do an alien rebel force (My dudes are Pantorans).
  3. For the bikes you could try mixing the copper with a brown shade to take some of the sheen out of it. As for grey I like Hippo grey, but that's just me
  4. This is awesome thanks for the scale I never realized how small the t-47 airspeeder really was in comparison to the others. I was wondering if you could add the Laat gunship and the imperial gunship thing from Rebels? If they are not too big I would expect we might see them eventually.
  5. For Rebels I would love to see Wraith squadron (Especially Piggy and Lt Kettch) and Page's Commandos, as well as more mixed troops. And for Imps I would love to see one of their hover tank models and the Dark Troopers.
  6. BeardedBaron

    Happy Friday

    Wait a second I see what you did here, you chose the only scum option. I have to go for the bomber, I miss the days of running Rhymer with PTL and two APTs
  7. You can totally reveal a red 0-stop maneuver even if you have stress. Hera crew not required. 1) Reveal red 0-stop 2) Use title to flip 180 degrees 3) Execute 2-straight maneuver as prescribed in the newest FAQ ...you have got to be kidding me they worded it off a reveal instead of perform? ...what the hell FFG that has gotta be one of the biggest goofs youve done yet. Whats worse is if you had kanan around, you would DESTRESS from doing this as he doesnt specify a dial, just a white maneuver. Devil's advocate here, but: According to the Rules Reference page 2: "A stressed ship cannot execute red maneuvers or perform actions. If a stressed ship reveals a red maneuver (and cannot use a game effect to rotate its dial or execute a non-red maneuver instead), the owner moves the ship as if it were a white (s)2 maneuver instead." "As if it were a white (s)2 maneuver instead" could be argued to replace the initial reveal. Since you have now revealed a (s)2, you can no longer use the pivot title to 180 flip as (s)2 is not 0-stop. I suspect this will make it into a FAQ pretty quickly either way. I think you're right that it will be faq'd pretty quick, but until then the quadjumper won't be the only ship that can 'reverse' also this combo works with Nien Numb crew as he turns straights green
  8. If I had the cards I would love to try six black squadron pilots with snap shot, that's '12' attacks a turn (best case scenario obviously, but I can dream), and you still have 4 points left so you could even take howlrunner if you wanted to
  9. What are these pictures you speak of! And Norra had Nien Nunb crew, I had a point left over Good reports, though sounds like asteroids were brutal to both of us foe-poe-nets
  10. I started right before the release of wave 3, I remember seeing the bwing and the lambda shuttle in a copy of game trader magazine my old FLGS had lying around, I had heard about the game before, but after getting to see images of the actual models I knew I had to start playing!
  11. BeardedBaron

    R3 Astromech

    I think a better version of this astromech would have been: "Once per round when attacking or defending, during the modify dice step, you may cancel an eye result and receive a focus token" You'd be trading dice now for dice later, which isn't always the best gamble but it can pay off especially if you trade defense for offense, and that way it would be good for both generics and named pilots, and would be much more versatile.
  12. That may actually be in need of an FAQ. They both trigger on Chewbacca having been dealt a face up damage card. My instincts would be that Chewbacca receives the card, then flips it face down. Then Boba triggers on having dealt a face up damage card and kills whatever Chewie is flying with. I think he meant the chewie crew which, like integrated astromech, lets you cancel being given a faceup damage card, so Boba would not trigger.
  13. He floats over there with a paint bucket and paints over the name on the side of the ship
  14. BeardedBaron

    Rage Upgrade

    Only if you want him dead without being shot at. Don't worry, he can hold it
  15. That post tournament dinner reminded me so much of scenes from movies or books where pilots talk about the dogfights they've been in using hand jestures and such to describe the relative positions of airplanes! It was great fun
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