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  1. i think there is an element of what the situation is like that should be taken into account like how far was he from the trooper, did he tell the trooper before he went over etc etc. If you were going to do it in a cinematic way as suggested I think it also opens up more options an different ones as well, for example the guy was knocked out but wha happens if the dark trooper comes looking for him as he's wondering why his friend hasn't come back yet and really wants to know who won the pod racers. I like to think of it as if I've put something there to be a challenge, just because they've changed it doesn't make the challenge go away it just changes form if possible. If this guy was just a lacking and not important to anything and was just an inconvenient obstacle then just lights and and move on, otherwise I think your ruling was fair and seemed to have played out in a fun manner anyway.
  2. To OP This was said before but I see this as more of a clutch thing to do, a way to bypass an obstacle or provide an alternative method to something, which is done after they have gained experience. If they somehow had foreknowledge and they wanted to make something to do it and didn't have the talent but had time, I see that as been different and would make something out of it as its a good idea. Ninja edits cause I quoted everything wrong
  3. Contraption allows you to make something beneficial to the current situation, so I see it as after making plenty of things of putting so many thing together they learn the ability to improvise. Outside of a 'situation', construction with tools and prep, sure go for it however you deem best. So I don't see this an been invalid On your other question though a talent I don't really like not because it's unnecessary I just don't like the way it's written is dodge, I just can't see how someone learns to roll or avoid attacks when that appears to be a natural thing to do, other than that nothing I've run into yet
  4. Yeah, It had crossed my mind that one of the main use was going to be for characters who had lower skills ,oh well still gonna use it cause the discription is cool, I'll just have to get the launcher for when it gets real.
  5. Wow how long did that take you , thanks that exapins the aspect of why it doesn't have/need blast but then I find myself asking, this gun doesn't seem worth it. I really liked the description about it thougth, anyone here have used it or have some praise points for it?
  6. I guess I was thinking too much about the anti personal rounds for the launcher in DC in terms of the effect envisioned, I still Agree that it doesn't make sense with hitting people a distance away but considering blast only applies to engaged targets I think it would be plausible to get hit by darts that were aimed at a close but different target (keep in mind it doesn't say the darts are guided but the canister or pellet containing them which them explodes realeasing the darts) Also in the case of using blasts and then guided to hit them again I guess that can do a few things oddly like missing, triggering blast, then triggering guided narratively sounds awkward and doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Is that overly powerful though I still don't think so as you can get a blaster pistol and give mod it to get more damage and pirce for only 75 credits more and a skilled mechanic. Which I think is a better gun as it has none of the restriction and more benefits. I just don't see we're the power from this thing comes from that has been mentioned.
  7. Tbh I don't really see how this is broken unless I've missed something, it can't be modded, has limited ammo 3 and is only damage 6. In terms of pistols I think that a BAM modded nova viper or dragoon are broken as there benefits trump everything else, sure they cost a lot but saving for them is well worth it. I mean this FWG 5 is cheap but I don't see how it can really break it as hard as other weapons.
  8. I was reading the fluff of the FWG-5 flecette pistol from fly casual and it talked about how it shoots a canister filled with darts that guides itself to the target before exploding releasing the darts, considering this I was was wondering why it doesn't have blast as it seems to make a lot of sense that it should and would probably make it a better gun considering some of the drawbacks it has. Also the launcher in dangerous covernants does have blast and uses the same principle. Do you think it would be unreasonable to add the blast quality to it?
  9. I also think if you make them immune you incourage more liberal use of ion weapons in general, which will result in droid pcs been one or two hit in situations when you want to not kill but capture players, while organics be soaking more strain unless you throw specific weapons at them, which if you do to balance that then people will be going down fast with no real way to fight back.
  10. I see no reason as to why droids should be immune to the stun setting of a blaster, yes there are ion weapons that only effect droids but there are weapons that only effect organics and do the exact same thing (new gas grenades in fly casual), granted it can be resisted with stuff like breath masks however they generally hit higher and can knock out pc with single grenade and there quite cheap. If you don't think that balances it then I'd say make an item that has a similar idea resists it ion for x time or something similar to what a breath mask does. I think that both sides have there specific weapons that work against them and this balances things out, so weapons with stun and stun setting should apply across both types.
  11. If they want it more lethal or the possibility at least I would have a means of killing them in that state (it can be a little odd when high wound characters are at negative double there would threshold) I was thinking of having that subsequent wounds incur more Citicals or have high modifiers to the such as falling damage, that way they won't outright die from the incident but if the others leave them or attention shifts to them for some reason it can be dangerous again.
  12. I just went and ignored that it was seeing as the new damage 8 blaster from fly casual whatever it is, isn't restricted and only a little bit more expensive and the discription talks it up to be as crazy, so I just saw no good reason to have to that way and just operate what is restricted on a case by case basis.
  13. The problem I find here is that is a bit of blanket assumption, if it was a backwarer or a planet away from normal trade routes I would do this but what's to stop them flying to a planet that would see an increase commerce and traffic, of which there are a few outer rim planets that meet that bill. Black market may be able to account for that but somewhere like nar shaddaa where weapons are described as been unrestricted and is a fend for yourself, dangerous etc etc I don't see why weapons or such items would need to be increased, I think they'd be more readily available. But otherwise yeah a good plan and one I think I'll implement to for sure. Smuggling high risk cargos can neat some decent profits beyond that in fly casual (the difficulty depending the Gm) but with a ship built correctly and a lot of work could be done and would neat more than the tables in DC, out of curiosity would you apply the values of the tables individually for what is been done then give it as a total or use one?
  14. My party (it's small atm and good friends of mine which makes this easier I think) goes between earring lots, spending it and losing it and this gas been the way it is so far, I have no issue with big guns and rare items so long as they are handled well which has been fun so far (thinking well set up an ambush with the HOB been dying to use it). So it seems the narrative is more important atm so I don't mind large amount of money but I'm thinking I'd doing it soon and seeing where they go, maybe you should try it as well? See how it goes.
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