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  1. I can see something like this (although mixing sides really does not make sense to me). I would maybe run it where you draft your ships in blocks of points. Lets say you are playing 100pts. You then have lists of ships that are 50pt blocks. Players then draft their ships from their chosen faction and play. What could be interesting is as the person running it you can set up ship blocks that are not the norm.
  2. Nice paint, love the effect. I may have to do this in the future when I get one.
  3. Thing is I am leaning towards getting both sides up and running. So getting a Firespray leans my current collection towards Imperial. Where getting one ship each for both sides keeps my collection more even. I am not looking to get the Firespray or YT-1300 for some time yet. First I need to get a job to have enough to get them. I am only able to get the shipps I am looking for now because of some side work a friend threw me.
  4. Oh ok I think I was getting the system book mixed up with what you mentioned. Thanks for the tips, I am going to throw some stuff together this weekend and hopefully get some play time in next week.
  5. Thanks all. Those links are good, I should be able to use most of those missions and ideas. I don't have the Erioch book yet I may need to get it, good suggestion about the team getting a glimpse of the fortress.
  6. Yeah I am sure the deathmatch thing will get a little stale after a while. For now though it will be fun. I think there were some missions in the instruction book I will be trying out eventually as well. I will eventually post in the trade thread but anyone here have extra ships (lol extra) they would not mind parting with?
  7. I get most of my stuff from a local retailer. I prefer to shop local. I may pay a few bucks more than online but I help try and keep a place to play in business. So for me another Core Set is not going to happen for a bit. I am thinking B-Wing (although the Hwk looks cool) and Tie Advanced, so we can have Vader. Thank you all for your input so far it's been a lot of help. Keep your suggestions coming, I won't be picking anything up until this weekend so still time to change my mind. I should maybe check the trade thread and see what people have. Maybe get a ship or two from them and one from my local store.
  8. Why did I think Vader was in an Interceptor? Oh well a sort of miss buy.
  9. Yeah I thought about getting another Core Set. I think I will wait though on that. I just want all the ships badly. 4 of every ship, wow nice. I know I will get crazy like that eventually.
  10. That is awesome looking. Great job. One thing I could never do with models is convert them. I really like this ship and kind of wish it was sold like this as well.
  11. I want to have both sides (all ships really). I also am currently only playing against friends and family so I need both sides so we have something to play. I haven't even thought about tournies and picking one side or another since I am still learning the rules and how to play.
  12. So what to get next? I will have enough soon to get one maybe two more ships. I really like the Defender, Phantom and E-Wing, are these out yet? I have seen pictures and programs with them in it. Oh here is what I am currently working with. 1x Starter box 1x X-Wing 1x Tie 1x Tie Interceptor I am not really looking for the larger ships, yet. I would rather get maybe 2 ships instead of just 1. I like every ship that is currently available so I am unsure what to get. I was thinking a Tie Bomber, B-Wing or Y-Wing. Unemployment sucks btdubs. If I don't get a job soon I may need to sell body parts to fill my X-wing addiction. Thanks to some side work from a friend I will be able to sneak a couple of ships.
  13. Ok so it has nothing to do with winning an event he hasn't played in yet. I was thinking that if I were to have played in his local event I would be pissed that someone won without even showing up.
  14. Can't tell if stupid or trolling Neither I don't get why he gets a win for not even playing?
  15. It is not bad at all. I have to kind of agree with you on it needing more wear, especially in the front sections the paint is too "new" looking compared to the rest of the "old" looking parts in the rear. Maybe some kind of "oil" streaks coming from panel edges or the nose will help the look a bit. Similar to the original models with the engine stains they do but not as dark. Also use it sparingly, too much and it will look a mess. Personally I would happy to field that on the tabletop. We are our own worst critics.
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