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  1. From my reading of the rules I'd say you could hit with multiple criticals as long as you have enough advantage to pay for each crit individually. For example on the Z-95 Light Laser Cannons (which have Critical 3) you would need: 2 advantage to activate Linked. 3 advantage to crit with the first hit. 3 more advantage to crit with the second hit. So assuming you've rolled 8 advantage you can crit with each hit.
  2. My group are currently putting together their characters for the start of a new campaign, and I have a player who wants to take obligation to another player for freeing him from captivity. I can't see anything in the rules that prevents obligation being owed to another player, however I don't want to allow this for two reasons: Firstly I don't want one PC to have undue influence over another, and secondly I can't see a narrative way to make this obligation cause strain to the group. What are your thoughts? Has anyone else had intra-group obligation?
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