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  1. Hi! Sorry for late reply, but I think this is what you're looking for: http://docsavagetales.blogspot.com/2008/06/tannhuser-tuesday.html hope it helps!
  2. I would agree... But in the time FFG decide to do this, I'd probably print my own cards and laminate them.
  3. 1. Yes. New rules in operation Hinansho allow you to use multiple maps and expanded forces. 2. Good luck on the equipment cards. They've been out of print since forever Factions : read the News section about Tannhauser. They detail all the troops, heroes and capabilities and will help you decide. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?etyn=1&epn=0&ecan=36&earmn=&earyn=&esen= Pricing : Miniatures Market has great deals on Tannhauser stuff, and their shipping costs are reasonable (I don't live in the USA myself). Thanks to them, Ive got EVERYTHING Tannhauser for a reasonable price.
  4. Many thanks, guys! I just got into Tannhauser and this is just AWESOME!
  5. Hi folks.... For those of us playing the Descent dungeon crawl quests, there's a fantastic Kickstarter project on right now: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1621774283/battle-systemstm-fantasy-dungeon-terrain Looks great and will add some life to our games... especially for those of us who can't do the actual 3D casting of dungeon tiles and walls... this is the next best thing: 2.5D! Too bad it only works for the dungeons... no outdoor scenery yet (I am not affiliated or associated with this KS project in any way).
  6. Yup. On the one hand, getting shockingly bad shock rolls is one thing (I couldn't roll more than 5 to save my life!)... but too easy re-rolling is another that can unbalance the game. So I'd go with the "re-roll a single die per command point spent" as the best compromise house rule.
  7. As someone who's played BL 1st Ed exclusively solo, I would say: yes. Very much solo friendly. The game's engine comes from drawing Command Cards, which give you a degree of unpredictability. Especially if you don't look at the replacement command card draw. Mechanically, 2nd Ed doesn't differ that much from 1st Ed. A lot has been streamlined. The "colours" part of C&C has been done away with... but 2nd Ed seems to be a very very well done boardgame fantasy skirmish game. If I hadn't invested so much into 1st Ed expansions, I'd be tempted to pick this one up for myself. So... enjoy! :-)
  8. I have a question re: character classes and weapons. So from the rules and FAQ... it seems any character can use any weapon? Like a warrior archetype can use a magic rune? And a cleric can use a sword, etc.? In other words, no limits? Sorry if this has been asked and answered before. I tried searching for the answer but couldn't find it. Thanks!
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