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  1. Apologies for not responding, I did not get a message. I'll PM you as well.
  2. MJeske -- will do. Let's work something out!
  3. I'm intending to play in the Star Wars LCG worlds, and my 1A ticket for Destiny conflicts with the LCG top cut. Help me out and I'll definitely buy you a drink at worlds!
  4. Hi Timohbee, I'd definitely like to see if we could revitalize the Boston SWLCG scene. I'm in Somerville and could easily meet up somewhere to start playing again.
  5. Anything going on in Boston these days? I just recently moved to Somerville and am looking for other SWLCG players in the area...
  6. We'd love to have you join us! Unless my circumstances change, I'll be out of town on May 10 but hope you have a great time.
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