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    "Null" and setup

    I played against a guy using Null yesterday and we decided he was placed at I7, we could have called a judge but we were both happy with it.
  2. BCooper85

    Wedge, Luke and......

    Hey guys, Tournament this Sunday and I'm very well practiced with my X-Wings so Wedge with Swarm Tactics/torps and Luke with Heightened Perception/torps are lock ins. The problem I have is with the third ship! The obvious answer is Dutch and it makes a lot of sense. But, I tried him for 3 games last night and it just wasn't clicking so I'm looking for something different. A friend suggested trying Bodhi in a U with Leia. This would extend the TL range of Luke and Wedge (very helpful) and white k turns are awesome. What are your thoughts?
  3. BCooper85

    If you had to play only one faction, what would it be?

    Rebel for me as it's the only faction I use!
  4. BCooper85

    The race to the bottom, and how it should be addressed

    Shaming is a bit strong! Personally that wouldn't even occur to me to try as a tactic, I want to win as much as the next guy but I also want to play the game...as in dogfight.
  5. BCooper85

    The race to the bottom, and how it should be addressed

    I thought the point of this game was to have fun, my apologies.
  6. BCooper85

    The race to the bottom, and how it should be addressed

    So did you have fun doing that all day??
  7. BCooper85

    Avengers 4 Endgame

    It didn't tell us anything and to be honest I didn't want it to! But what it did do is get me hyped to see it 😃 My main question though is....how does Chris Evans get more handsome? It's crazy!
  8. BCooper85

    How do you avoid buying every faction..?

    I started playing nearly 5 years ago and have only ever bought Rebel. I played Imperial a couple of times but I borrowed ships and cards. I will be purchasing my first second faction when the Republic ships are released!
  9. BCooper85

    How to counter the meta?

    At the moment the meta seems to be very heavily skewed towards alpha strikes so I assume that players will start to counter that. My question is how would you go about that at the moment with the somewhat limited pol of upgrades?
  10. BCooper85

    How to counter the meta?

    Thanks for the replies so far guy, I'm a rebel player myself but it was more of a general question as I assume that's what we'll be seeing rise up.
  11. BCooper85

    Was anyone at Nordics at the weekend?

    I went over to Sweden for the weekend along with my friends Greg and Luke to take part in the Nordics Champs and it was fantastic! I didn't do very well on the first day (went 1-5), but did better in the hangar bay on the second day going 2-1 (and winning a Scum Falcon in the raffle!). Had a really great time, met some cool people, got some nice swag and was particularly pleased to hear that the organisers knew that the 'Instagram guy' was at their tournament (I run @starwarsxwing if you're interested). It was my first nationals and my first time playing X-Wing abroad and I would thoroughly recommend it!!
  12. BCooper85

    Was anyone at Nordics at the weekend?

    I'd like to second this, a very well run tournament!
  13. BCooper85

    Was anyone at Nordics at the weekend?

    I'd have loved to go 3-3! What are your repaints??
  14. BCooper85

    Was anyone at Nordics at the weekend?

    Ooo looks interesting! How did you find Vet Tail Gunner? I decided after a couple of games it's a waste of points but maybe you have a different outlook??
  15. BCooper85

    Was anyone at Nordics at the weekend?

    That's a long day! Still a brilliant showing well done ? I've played one game of Armada and really enjoyed it, I just can't justify paying for 2 Star Wars games unfortunately (with money or time!) What did you fly on Saturday?
  16. BCooper85

    Was anyone at Nordics at the weekend?

    Wow 5-1 and then 4-0 is amazing! How the **** did you only come second winning all the games? Was it just swiss?
  17. BCooper85

    Was anyone at Nordics at the weekend?

    Hahaha you got there in the end that's what matters! Thanks for the follow by the way, really appreciate it ?
  18. BCooper85

    Was anyone at Nordics at the weekend?

    Haha, I don't know where the birthday thing came from as it's in March!
  19. I've played 5 games of 2.0 so far and in 4 of those games I've used slightly different variations of Kyle and he's been my star pilot. The new Moldy Crow title is completely worth 12 points, giving the ship the ability to joust is awesome and really suits my play style. I generally fly in quite a tight pinwheel so the ability to move his mobile arc to cover my other ships for his ability to trigger is great. Not finding the dial an issue at all although I didn't really play with the 1.0 version and haven't checked to see how it's changed. The blue 3 straight is noice as is the stop. The focus into move turret action is great. Haven't used the jam action yet as honestly I'm not sure when to use it!
  20. BCooper85

    Do You Math When Playing X-Wing

    This. My first instinct is always to joust as I usually have 3 T-65's in a squad, I think more about whether I want to slow roll or put the pedal to the metal.
  21. BCooper85

    Your Favorite 1.0 Memory

    My favourite memories will be of flying my nearly semi-famous Scruff Squadron for the best part of the last 2 years, always enjoyed flying them and my opponents generally liked flying against it!
  22. BCooper85

    How to build a Rebel HWK in 2.0?

    Hey guys, Keen to try the new HWK as with the title I don't need a turret and could actually joust with it! With that in mind how would you go about building one?
  23. BCooper85

    How to build a Rebel HWK in 2.0?

    But alas......I only play Rebel.
  24. BCooper85

    Packing Up 1.0 - How are you doing it?

    PM'd dude ?
  25. BCooper85

    X Wing Famous

    I'm X-Wing famous on Instagram it seems along with All.Wings which is kinda cool (@starwarsxwing if anyone wants to check it out), get a fair amount of engagement and players overseas have recognised my friend's ships from the pics of them I have posted which is awesome for them ?