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  1. You guys are going around in circles. I'm from the UK so think the idea of people 'legally' carrying a firearm is ridiculous so agree with Pundit and Meanie here. But, you guys aren't gonna change each others minds conversing on a forum about plastic spaceships. At this point you're all pissing in the wind. The whole argument is infinitely bigger than bringing a weapon to your FLGS.
  2. I've been flying Corran with FCS and R3, two I2 65s and the I2 U-Wing with Leia (of course) and tac officer and have been doing very well with it. I guess it's a left field Rebel Beef but it looks cool and has a lot of punch.
  3. Hi guys, Just looking for decent suggestions on where spare parts would fit well on Rebel ships? Thanks!
  4. 1. Will have to watch it again! 2. Yes in a different timeline if my understanding of their time travel science is correct. 3. Cap went back in time at the end with Mjolnir so he put it back at the spot where Thor took it. I am still emotionally drained from this film and I watched it yesterday! I don't think I can handle watching GoT when I get home tonight....
  5. Because they want to get fans on side straight away would be my guess.
  6. +1 This is a really good point. I for one get very fixated on the list building side of the game, over half the lists I create never actually get flown! As far as actual flying goes, I tend to fly everything in formation as much as possible so wouldn't be massively helpful in that discussion.
  7. I fly at least 2 65s in the vast majority of my lists. Not only are they my absolute favourite ship, I find them very dependable. I generally put different things with them to 'sex' things up; currently I'm flying Corran and a Blue Squadron Scout with Leia alongside 2 Blue Squadron Escorts and it's pretty strong so far.
  8. Sweet, sorry haven't used missiles in 2.0!
  9. Does this work? Doesn't the lock have to be spent to fire the missile?
  10. BCooper85

    "Null" and setup

    I played against a guy using Null yesterday and we decided he was placed at I7, we could have called a judge but we were both happy with it.
  11. Hey guys, Tournament this Sunday and I'm very well practiced with my X-Wings so Wedge with Swarm Tactics/torps and Luke with Heightened Perception/torps are lock ins. The problem I have is with the third ship! The obvious answer is Dutch and it makes a lot of sense. But, I tried him for 3 games last night and it just wasn't clicking so I'm looking for something different. A friend suggested trying Bodhi in a U with Leia. This would extend the TL range of Luke and Wedge (very helpful) and white k turns are awesome. What are your thoughts?
  12. Shaming is a bit strong! Personally that wouldn't even occur to me to try as a tactic, I want to win as much as the next guy but I also want to play the game...as in dogfight.
  13. I thought the point of this game was to have fun, my apologies.
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