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  1. It won a hyperspace trial after going 6-0 undefeated at warboar games UK.
  2. what are you running on your y-wings and the u-wing?you dont have enough to fit VTG on the y-wings. if its just ion cannon then no 5Y is better.
  3. So looking at cluster missiles and munitions failsafe it looks like you can go back and forth from 2 targets infinitly until you get 4 decent rolls on the target you want. e.g. target lock 1st ship in arc. fire cluster missiles cancel with munitions failsafe. switch to 2nd target at range 0-1 of defender using cluster's after attacking ability roll attack dice,if you get a good roll keep it if not failsafe switch back to 1st ship repeat Profit! thats a 7 point 16 die attack in one turn requiring just a target lock 6 z-95 with clusters and failsafe is 180pts and has a potential for 96 attack dice in 1 turn with the ability to reroll until you get all hits on each attack!!!
  4. nope, thats not a big enough punishment. it should be if a player bumps his ship into a friendly ship both are destroyed.
  5. trajectory simulator is still a thing. does the fact genius says "you may drop 1 bomb" overrule trajectory simulator? otherwise theyre bringing back a terrible build in 2.0.....
  6. push the limit. it is the ept that all others are compared to. gave far too much value for its cost and led us down the path of action economy we have today
  7. I would like to see large ships get front and rear shield with an action to redistribute shields. i.e falcon starts with 5 shields, when you deploy it you can choose to put any number of these into front or rear. this would add an incentive to out maneuvring your opponent and give you more choices to make. I would also like to see munitions/cannons get different attack dice with different weighting to the normal dice i.e 2 crit sides but no focus this would make cannons,missiles,torpedoes etc feel different without add a bunch of text to cards Id like to see the nubs on the backs of the bases removed and each ship is allowed to slide left or right after executing the maneuvre similar to the old barrel roll. this would reduce bumping and increase the skill ceiling as you would have to anticipate a more varied position of your opponents ships
  8. battletech is the last IP they should invest in at the moment. theyre in a loooong ongoing court case to prove the ownership of their art against harmony gold.
  9. Im not tabletop oddity, @Tabletop Oddity is his username on these forums i believe
  10. Tabletop oddity on youtube has a ton of legion content https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2sw3SVD5Yj0OWyxZ6PtAUw
  11. unless the unit is being attacked by the enemies entire force youll probably only get 2 uses out of your dodge. once you have suppression its just not worth the enemy firing at that unit.
  12. I would probably take 2 ion 2 z-6. having to reload those ions will slow your troopers down a lot
  13. Yea that's what I thought, good to know we played it right
  14. It will be forever "force coke" in my games. Maybe I'll model my second Vader holding a can of coke
  15. So 2 speeder bike minis gives you impact 2 on your attack does cover stack in the same way or is It stuck at cover 1?
  16. force reflexes is probably one ,if not the best force power in the game...
  17. because its a free action. exhausting the card isnt counted as an action so you hve 2 actions left you need to spend 1 action a turn at least moving him around as he is so slow
  18. im guessig a bunch of your groups players have bought 2 at-st without adding up the points.
  19. Im not. I just missread the command cards as activating units, not giving units "orders" which it is im talking about 2 units of 2 speeder bike minis, activating one after another attacking the same target incurring 2 suppression which equals a paniced unit if out of command.
  20. yea i ddnt realise tis at first, thought they both get activated at the same time but its still pretty powerful if you measure correctly
  21. i had paint beading up when i tried to prime without washing them. if you thin your paints i would seriously suggest washing the models
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