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  1. From what I can spy from the Rebel sheet from one of the provides I think the shield generator provides 1 free ground tactics card each combat round. The Ion cannon though removes 2, I think red, dice from the Empire when attacking. Yes, that was what I was able to read as well. I agree with the others, we will probably see bombardment as ground tactic cards. Probably one that needs a die result to activate, in trade for automatic damage. Maybe we will see a planetary shield card that prevents a large amount of damage as well.
  2. I would love to see Thrawn, Palleon, and Yullaren, but I'm not counting on it. Veers is a given. On the Rebel side, I would like to see Crix Maine and Wedge.
  3. I can buy the blue/orange lining up with rebel1/rebel2 or empire1/empire2. But, if they were locked to space and ground, the leaders wouldn't have both space and ground tactic values. However, I can see why people would think that. The space units all have blue resource icons while the ground all have orange.
  4. We've seen indirect confirmation of additional add on leaders. Luke is mentioned in the "Return of the Jedi" mission. And Han is mentioned in an article. However hey are not among the 4 core leaders used in the examples.
  5. Splitting player roles between Admiral (space units) and General (ground units) doesn't make sense. Ground units cannot move without the aid of space units. The general could be held hostage by the admiral if the do not agree on strategy. I would expect something more along the lines of splitting the "leader pool". We each get control of 2 leaders, rather than one person with 4. But, just my opinion.
  6. You will have to choose a one speed maneuver, so it's not any different than a good after ionization.
  7. Funny, this is exactly how I feel about the Defender. I guess everyone has their own taste. I can't wait to try out a k-wing.
  8. I've been excited for the K-wing for a while. Stats mostly look like I was expecting.
  9. I think there is a decent chance we could see the Flurry carrier for the rebels. It would have a very low attack value, but a high squadron value. Probably fairly cheap on the points. I kinda see it as the equal opposite of the DP20. All guns, little command options.
  10. I understand that, but using the argument of not being able to predict movement would apply to other fighters too. So, if a friendly fighter fires on a fighter you are engaged with, you would be at risk there as well. In the end, this is a game not a simulation and dealing with the risk of friendly fire just isn't fun. Unless it is to balance out some other highly powered mechanic, like instant kill.
  11. My thought is that there is no issue with friendly fire. The reason is, these aren't large ships firing inaccurate turbolasers at the fighters. They are firing more accurate, but less powerful, anti-fighter weapons at the fighters. Armada doesn't currently have the concept of firing a massive barrage of turbolasers at some fighters and hoping to vaporize some.
  12. Then they should have balanced fighters better in the first place. I dislike hard limits in game design, especially in a game like this where building your fleet is half the fun. Could you imagine x-wing where there were limits on how many points you could spend on certain components? X-wing does have hard limits to the number of ships you can add of a specific type, once you enter the 300 point epic game. Which is where Armada starts. The rules aren't there just for balance, they are there to maintain fun. Could you imagine walking I to a tournament where your opponent field 36 tie fighter squadrons. The game would end after one round of activations.
  13. I disagree. The only time we see rebels attack without some kind of capital ship nearby is Yavin against the Death Star. Even then there were operating near a base. Rebel ships are capable of operating at medium ranges with out capital ships, but you can't fight an entire war that way. Actually we do see a Rebel Capital ship operate with out fighters, the Tantive IV. As for the EU, only elite fighter units operate without Captial ships. And even they hop from base to capital ship to replenish their resources. It's just the balance of attack power the is shifted from Captial ships to heavier fighters that differentiates them. Both sides still require a mix of forces to operate effectively.
  14. The real problem is that you're too unimaginative to think of an a theoretical solution to your real world problem. You are diabetic? Raid a folks home to get insulin. You don't have any skills? Find a copy of the SAS Survival guide at the abandoned Barnes & Noble. You found a gun, but don't know how to use it? Use some Zombies as target practice. It's a theoretical world. Find theoretical solutions. If everyone was 28 year old ex-seal in perfect health and owned a personal arsenal, the story would be boring. It'll just turn into the Itchy and Scratchy show. Fight Fight Fight. Fight fight fight.
  15. While I think the restaurant setting would be fun to play, because it challenges your creativity in a crisis, starting with decent weapons isn't an auto-win. As in all RPGs, it's up to the GM to create an appropriate challenge for the players. That might be a that's a zombie herd. Or quiet zombies. Or perhaps you have to destroy the actual brain stem, not just a shot anywhere in the brain.
  16. That is precisely why I think this game works best as a surprise. You may own an FN-FAL and a Remington 870, but you probably don't have them with you on game night. If it's not on you or in your car, it's not starting equipment. However, since you know where it is, you've just given yourself an optional campaign objective.
  17. They're not in the product picture, so I'm fairly certain they will not be included.
  18. Incredibly excited about the new products. Now, can you come up with a way of convincing my wife she needs yo buy them all for me for Christmas?
  19. I would bet the fighters will play a big balance role between the two factions. Plus, you have to remember, it's only a Victory.
  20. I don't think we'll see new Imps and Rebs until after the Rebels TV show premieres. I hope to see a new 3rd faction core set. it would be a nice way to get new ships and more templates/damage decks.
  21. Underestimated a bit. 6x the size of CR-90 according to Wookieepedia.
  22. The Dreadnaught has been mentioned before. However, it's been ruled out due to its size. I'm not looking at the stats at the moment, but if I remember correctly, it is 3-5 times the size of the CR-90.
  23. It's the only table top game that's gotten me out to participate in organized play at a game shop. It's an amazing game. Even if I do lose tournaments.
  24. I think the A-9 Vigilance had a single turbo laser. But, I could be wrong. Closest I can think of is the A-9 Vigilance. But, it was just a Heavy Laser Cannon.
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