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  1. Wait, so like, this came up because you held a straight edge up to your computer screen while playing fake X-Wing? Man.
  2. I played against it at LVO, it is a dope list but doesn't have big🍊 or big🟣 to cover up mistakes so I understand why people don't want to play it.
  3. There's more to playing X-Wing than playing aces.
  4. I don't want responsible data analysis. I want chaos metas.
  5. I don't understand why you'd want to waste design resources into propping up old pilots like Soontir who had their time in the sun. Metas change, pilots die off, and that's ok. Death is just another part of the cycle of the meta.
  6. On some level, Fort Upgrade loves upgrades because discussing the game and visualizing board states is hard. It's much easier to rattle off combinations of words that get you closer to the ideal game of solitaire that people seem to desire. 5X vs 8FO is the Great Satan because you can't compare words and declare a winner.
  7. I can't tell you the last time I was happy to see a ship with 7 or more upgrades slapped on it. It's either a useless points sink or some horrific NPE combo and neither is fun to play against. I'd much rather actually play the game.
  8. I like playing the game so Fangs are really cool. Upgrades are the Great Satan.
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