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  1. Yeah... I was being too conservative with the bonus. Either of those would be much better.
  2. Ordinance Upgrade: Assault Ion Torpedoes Black Crit: Choose and discard one Command Token from the Defender. If the Defender has no Command Tokens, deal one Faceup Damage card to the defender.
  3. I don’t know if I would go so far as to say off the table, but it does appear Papa Disney wants them promoting Disney Wars over older stuff.
  4. There are many, but only a finite amount could in any sense be considered commanders; especially if they stick to the GCW era. FFG hasn’t been delving as deep into legends as it did in the beginning.
  5. I’m curious if there is a topic that has been discussed before: Is there a risk we will run out of new commanders before we run out of new ships to add?
  6. Today will be a day long remembered. It has seen the death of the LCG
  7. Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    Did what? Make an observation?
  8. Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    I am impressed that this board has had the restraint not to make the obvious joke associated with this phrase. If Michael Scott were here it would have been too hard for him not to use it.
  9. Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    Super...Star...Destroyer? What is this? Something new from the Solo movie? I don’t believe I’ve heard of it before.
  10. Until today I would have agreed with Imperial Assault, but they got a new lease on life.
  11. Hyperspace Report!

    It could very well blow.
  12. Hyperspace Report!

    I have no doubt they will have news for X-Wing, Destiny, and Legion. Armada and IA on the other hand... I’m not 100% convinced and afraid to get my hope up at this point.
  13. Hyperspace Report!

    It seems lately when there is a good chance we will get new news, we end up with nothing, (GENCON 2017, GAMA 2018.) instead, I’m going into May 1st expecting nothing. If I'm right, I won’t be disappointed. If im wrong, then I will never be happier to be wrong.