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  1. I have no problem with them expanding Lore; I just whish they would attach it to a product. A novel, a reference book, even a comic. I don’t much care for Lore Articles.
  2. I’ve heard a more than a few people say that the Terrinoth Universe was too dry. Some even suggested that it was a big reason for Rune Wars Miniatures Sales Slump. A nice rich Lore Infusion could do that IP some good.
  3. Okay, so when are they just going to print a LotFR novel and get it over with already?
  4. Can someone verify something for me? In trailers I think I have been seeing this guy: That is the perfect size for a Flotilla, even if it is a bit goofy looking.
  5. Some of those builds are so old they’re illegal. I’m seeing a lot of Flotilla lifeboats in there.
  6. Descent 2nd Edition dried up after they got their App. I don’t remember a new announcement for them since then. I think you’re right, IA could be the same.
  7. I don’t see a lot of overlap between Armada and X-Wing though. X-Wing is the biggest, fast based, fly by the seat of your pants, rapid change dogfighting game on the market whose biggest competitor would be Star Trek Attack Wing or that D&D Dragon game... and they are not even in the same league as X-Wing. Armada is the only Fleet based game on top selling boards. I guess you could try to put it up against Attack Wing, but Armada also blows it out of the water. There was a Halo fleet game, but it died a swift and quiet death. No other Fleet based game out there can touch it. Prestige alone should keep it afloat, let alone a strong and at times rabid fan base, and plenty of material that can still be explored. I can see IA being retired to make room for Legion, but I think there is plenty or room for both space games. Especially if they keep slow-boating Armada’s releases.
  8. That would be Canadian Thanksgiving. I don’t know what that holiday is either. im talkin bout Murican Thanksgiving. The day to commemorate the Pilgrims being thankful for the Native peoples sharing their food so they wouldn’t starve. That’s the Official version. It’s mostly about spending a day with relatives you barely know and often barely like, gorging on Turkey, Mashed Potatoes and Pumpkin pie till you slip into a food coma in front of a large TV and watch Football, tv specials and/or parades. Or you’re like my family... eat pizza and binge watch a Lord of the Rings marathon.
  9. Well, it is almost Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for all the great games FFG puts out,but most especially Armada and the excellent models and gameplay. I’m also thankful for Thrawn and Raddus coming in the next wave.
  10. Historically, no. IA and Armada were both announced at the same GENCON, but IA was out by Christmas while Armada didn’t hit shelves till March. IA surged ahead with expansions. They are on Wave 10, while we’re waiting for 7.
  11. I don’t play as much as I like. Now the App brings Coop play, and Coop is only a short hop to Solo play. This makes me happy.
  12. I’m exited for it. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. App brings Coop play. Coop play leads to Solo play.