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  1. Very weird announcement. Seems pretty pointless. The Air Force already has the Space Command, which is very well funded and handles any legitimate military space missions. How is the "Space Force" going to differentiate itself? Or is this a publicity stunt, and they are just going to spin the Space Command off into its own branch?
  2. At this point they really need a pay off for "something Big," and another wave on top of it is due. Starter packs or campaigns wouldn't be unwelcome, but any 2 out of those options would go a long long way towards rejuvinating their reputation.
  3. I'm sure there are more than a few who check in on the boards to see if anything new drops rather than the front page, because... well the front page hasn't been entirely kind to Armada fans as of late.
  4. GrandAdmiralCrunch

    New Announcements? Facts, Rumors, and Conclusions

  5. GrandAdmiralCrunch

    Solo Discussion Thread [SPOILERS!]

    My wife and I went to see it yesterday, and we both really enjoyed it. We thought Alden Ehrenreich did a great job as Han, and Donald Glover nailed it as Lando. My question is; where is the rumored Dreadnought. I thought I saw an outline of one under construction. I was expecting to see it in the air, did I miss it?
  6. GrandAdmiralCrunch

    HAppy FRiday

    That sounds like a good reason to put it on a ship where it could get a new upgrade that does unique things with cloaking.
  7. GrandAdmiralCrunch

    Armada Art - Which one is your favorite?

    This has been dropping my jaw since announcement. I still think it's gorgeous.
  8. GrandAdmiralCrunch

    HAppy FRiday

    Cloaking. Give us the Carrion Spike.
  9. GrandAdmiralCrunch

    Armada Solo play - Station Assault 2.0

    Way back at the dawn of Armada, I worked on a solo mode for Armada called Station Assault. You can still find the files over here: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/114902/station-assault-printer-friendly Thanks to some assistance from the great north, there is now a 2nd edition. A user over on BGG by the name Rythos42 gave the rules and components a good going over and posted them here: https://github.com/rythos42/ArmadaStationAssault/releases/tag/v0.2 If any one is interested, you can give it a download and try it for yourself. Might be a use for them even outside of solo play for campaigns. P.S. I know I posted a thread here way back in the day, but I cant seem to find it. It might not have survived the conversion to Asmodee.
  10. GrandAdmiralCrunch

    Solo Discussion Thread [SPOILERS!]

    I have decided that I need to see this movie for myself. I have heard some rumors that I need to see if they hold water.
  11. GrandAdmiralCrunch

    Show me what you got, FFG

    Wave 7 was announced on 8/25/17. August 24th was a year minus one day.
  12. GrandAdmiralCrunch

    Show me what you got, FFG

    8/24/18 - One Year Mark from Wave 7 announcement.
  13. GrandAdmiralCrunch

    The Arrestor Cruiser

    I’m just not feeling it, for many reasons. I think I’ll survive missing it on the big screen.