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  1. The Arrestor Cruiser

    For me it’s that nose. It’s way too long. Cut it in half and I think the whole design would flow better.
  2. The Arrestor Cruiser

    There is some concept art for the hauler over here: Honestly doesn’t look too bad from Better angles.
  3. The Arrestor Cruiser

    That design looks weird... that model just looks bad. Again, I wonder if they will look better in the movie?
  4. The Arrestor Cruiser

    From that concept art, it does appear that Lucas made that design fly backward for the final ISD.
  5. The Arrestor Cruiser

    It might not be THE ugliest ship I’ve ever seen, but it certainly ranks up there. Maybe it looks better in movie?
  6. The Arrestor Cruiser

    Where did this come from? Is it a Rebels design?
  7. Is that the same road that is paved with good intentions?
  8. What will Wave 8 bring?

    Don’t put that evil on me Ricky-Bobby!
  9. Interesting... X-Wing got a new announcement before GAMA. Might Armada see the same?
  10. What will Wave 8 bring?

    Or, How about Units that prevent boarding?
  11. Quasar Fire and Ton Falk class

    I remain curious if we will ever see any of the Imperial Bricks, ( Dreadnought, Carrack, Ton-Falk, Galleon, Lancer, etc.) I wish they would. They have a Brutish, boxy, utilitarian vibe that is very fitting for the Empire.
  12. Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

    Meh. Sorry ladies and gents, but I have a serious lack of faith. This may be the Firs Star Wars movie since 83 that I don’t see in theaters. it definitely won’t be an opening night or weekend watch. I’ll wait a few weeks and see wait everyone is saying.
  13. Thrawn's Fleet Arrives at Atollon

    You can almost make the Rebel Fleet. Just missing the Rebel Quasar and Dornean Gunships.
  14. Just a bog standard release article. I don’t think it was a surprise, and was expected. I think people are more excited about getting Wave 7 toys in their greedy mitts. I can’t wait for mine.
  15. Armada Releases -- what time it needs to land a wave

    Watch for GAMA. March 12th-16th