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  1. I know about the 2 Defender list, which I don't think is good enough vs Tier1. Is there any exceptionally excellent VERY good list for Defenders? Bad lists for them are a dime a dozen
  2. @Wazat yep, good stuff. I know about the 5 Tie SFs, but I'm not buying that. I've heard that the 4 Res beef is a thing, but that Sinker swarm seems to be better for jousting. Maybe its an issue of getting the highest quality beef. I'll try the Tavson list. But I think the reason I never made that list variant is that I want different things on my ships I can no longer really get: I'd rather have shield/AB on QD and AdvOptics on Kylo. I do think both of those things make a marked increase in firepower. I'll have to try Tavson to see if those 8 points really benefit there. Generally I find it not necessary to buff the Upsilon's damage.
  3. Having exceptions in the rules AND in the cards makes more things to remember. You can't deny the complexity increase.
  4. Yeah. I can't believe we're back to 1.0 Y wing dials... This ship was kind of... a big blast of meh. The upgrades kind of save it, but meh. And then the 2 point increase in cost? yikes. With that dial... I'm almost arguing it should be the same cost.
  5. its really bad. take it from someone who's been teaching people the focus rule for years. my numbers are good.
  7. All I'm saying is that a lot of rules in 1.0 were simpler and cleaner. The balance is much better in 2.0. -- The Ion change is difficult to understand because of how it now impacts both move and action, as again, opposed to just move in 1.0, which is cleaner. The action then has a caveat, only focus. Which is simply more exceptions to remember. And now one has to also ask, what about calculate? All of these are questions that arise from the rules, they don't make the rules easy to understand, quick to summarize. Say what you want about unlearning, but you can't deny the change in complexity.
  8. reading. lol. No I don't think it explicitly states that. (Although I agree)
  9. The Lambda is the true OG of bad dials. (Now sliiiiightly mitigated by a wiffy 2 dice back gun)
  10. Incredibly. I'd suggest adding that part about you cannot gain tractor token if you're stressed/otherwise unable to try and perform the rotate action. If you want, might also be good to state in there if/where obstacles may impact being able to do the rotate. Otherwise, you've made an amazing one page explanation. Oh, for Ensanre also, we should check, does it have to be R0-1 in arc? or Just R0-1 to the ship?
  11. Also I have Tier 1 hyper competitive lists for all factions except Scum, Res and FO now. (FO right now using Kylo Skb Skb). Suggestions?
  12. Yeah.... I didn't have any doubts about it vs swarm at I2. Its against I6s that I wanted to know about... So this doesn't currently tell me much. The two jedi list is silly. Republic beef and Obi only is ... okay... Like I wanted to see vs Anakin Obi Ric for instance. Or Imp Aces
  13. Oh gods. I tried 2 Nantex. I'm hooked... I should get 4 of these... This was an incredible list. So many options. Sun Fac (54) Ensnare (24) Chertek (39) Ensnare (10) Darth Maul (67) Tractor Beam (2) General Grievous (3) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  14. Wait, can you pinpoint tractor and give yourself a tractor token if you have a stress (and cannot perform actions?)
  15. This game is great. But its rules complexity is plain horrible and got worse with 2.0. Some of these rules were better in 1.0 ================ Instruction vs action: There should be a phrasing similar to move vs maneuver when you perform something that is like an action but isn't an action. Like being told to "rotate your turret" without doing a Rotate action. I'd call it an instruction. And i'd have in the rules reference similar-linked to move. Maneuver as a rules-object really also should never have been this hard. == Actions should have similar range restrictions: TL is R0-3 Coordinate only R1-2, not R0 touching Jam is R1 only, no R0 All of these should be R0. == Obstacles should have similar rules. Both asteroids and Gas Clouds literally say you lose your action Debris should also simply say this, while also giving you stress. == "Only 1 device per System Phase, NOT ROUND" is incredibly hard to remember and needless. Make it Only 1 device per turn. Or remove the rule altogether. Errata the cards that defy this rule to have reminder/errata text. == "Your Activation" is dumb. Calling it the Activation Phase is dumb, its a poor name that doesn't convey the context well. I now have new players thinking your Activation means when you make your action. Having things trigger on your Activation, while it may seem like it reduces ability stacking problems, just makes for more triggers to remember and more confusing places to have abilities. It also makes Initiative strength even more dramatic. Overall, a good theory, bad in execution and play. == All special weapons should be considered special weapons without adding range bonuses. Having turrets be an exception is frivolous, difficult to remember and annoying. Are cannons also? I shouldn't have to even ask this questions. Its already difficult explaining to a new player what a special weapon vs a primary attack (with turret arcs and all sorts of crazy stuff). This just makes it WORSE. Balance wise, if these upgrades needed the extra range bonuses (which imo, they really DON'T), they could have simply printed it on the card. == Proton Torpedoes/Costs should be much clearer: Spend 1 energy should be the other side of the COLON! Proton Torpedoes: Attack, have a lock on target, spend 1 energy: You may change 1 focus to a critical. Italics: You only need to have the target locked, you may spend the Lock for its standard effect or other effects. == Ion change is just confusing... (Though I know why it was done) == Asteroids and Debris Fields should be included in the Obstacles section of the Rules Reference. == Fore, back, left and right side sections are unnecessary complexity. Instead having a 3 way reinforce token forward, sides, back would have likely been reasonable. This reduces complexity. One should continue to keep the 8 sided divisions on the cardboard baseplate, but rarely need to reference the side and center lines except for executing maneuvers and when there's a special arc like the Hounds Tooth. Arc lines should have been drawn completely for the Nantex fighter without filling in the arc.
  16. This whole game just got hugely more complicated. Unneccesarily so also, as much of the complexity is convoluted and doesn't make the game better. Going to make a post soon about all the weird game rules that should be standardized.
  17. Ok this is reasonable. Idk why its 3 attack tho. did you mean two dice? At R1 yes its 3 dice, but that's not very easily guaranteed.
  18. What are the very efficient Boba builds? I'm thinking leaner, as if you don't you really need some maneuver tricks to avoid getting focus fired.
  19. Yeah, I'd still go with Ric:Daredevil, R2 or that evade one. I'd generally go with R2 over the evade one tho. I have no idea how you did any damage with this list lol.
  20. ICT and Plasma seem like overkill. Also, getting the TL on a PS2 might be tricky. dunno about that ...
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