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  1. Blail Blerg

    How many of wave 3 + clone wars are you getting

    Wonder if there will be conversions for Rebel Arcs... Though the republic models have a cool paintjob
  2. Similar issue occurs where Rebel player deploys Luke with R2 out far on the other flank. If you chase luke, he simply runs and regens. If you ignore Luke, he comes in for his Proton Torpedo blast from far range, using the closed S-foils to boost close. Rest of squad could be like Wedge + Uwing/Auzituck, or Wedge + 2Zs, something not very fun to attack either.
  3. I had a game Whisper + 5 AP ties vs 7 ship Drea swarm. 5 APs set up middle and left, Drea swarm starts mostly on the right side, Whisper gets plopped down far left corner. Rocks are kinda in the middle. Start of game, Imperial player pushes the ties 5 forward and 3 slight to Drea's left to consolidate its force on one flank. Whisper stays safely but in firing range behind the APs. Result: The ties are now gumming up the board at Init1, and are really close (getting multiplicative R1 extra dice), and shooting or getting to bump or tractor Whisper involves running through this giant screening field. Now, its pretty valid to talk about how to better set up vs this, though frankly, I was thinking as Drea to avoid trying to head-on tackle the Ties. However.... How do you ensure that you're going to be able to start focusing on killing Whisper in a timely enough manner that you won't be suffering also non-sustainable damage from the Ties or standard return fire in the meantime? Assume that the Imperial player is generally considered the better player (than you), but still capable of losing and or making mistakes. (I have no interest in reiterating how to kill players worse than I, I want to learn to beat players who are far stronger.)
  4. Blail Blerg

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    What's the Boba Palob 2 Jakku list?
  5. Blail Blerg

    How many of wave 3 + clone wars are you getting

    Ugh I want all the republic stuff. Its what I always wanted.... Is it worth getting that many torrents though.... And of course, they have to have some droids to shoot against.
  6. Blail Blerg

    Tie Interceptor and A-wing in a bad spot a for while

    Power creep to the non-customizable Ints killed them out of 1.0. Currently Ints and Awings are really boring. And I foresee them becoming either much cheaper or needing more customization options into the future.
  7. Blail Blerg

    Starter Set 2.0: Did we really need a new set of templates?

    big no. I'm probably gonna sell my Core set. Only thing I'll really miss are the moving wing Xwings.
  8. Blail Blerg

    Separatists CAN USE TIE/ln and T-65's

    I've got news for you. Those words don't mean what you think they mean. You just want them to mean that.
  9. Blail Blerg

    Is force becoming a meta requirement for competitive lists?

    Do bombers use Force???? NOOOO? Does Boba use the Force???? NOOOOOOOO?
  10. Blail Blerg

    Jedi Livery

    Read that as "looks like I'm going to have to get my pants out!"
  11. Blail Blerg

    How many of wave 3 + clone wars are you getting

    The increase in price in 2.0 is really a pain too. But dang. Already like 4 times came back to this forum to salivate over them. I'm definitely in for Republic and some CIS.
  12. Blail Blerg

    How many of wave 3 + clone wars are you getting

    oh. offing ew.
  13. Blail Blerg

    How many of wave 3 + clone wars are you getting

    V-19s seem a bit... well not so highlighted in the movies. Arc is cooler. And gunship.
  14. Blail Blerg

    How many of wave 3 + clone wars are you getting

    Sigh, I've not wanted something this bad... since getting a lightsaber
  15. Blail Blerg

    How many of wave 3 + clone wars are you getting

    I’m literally done playing swarms. They’re just not that enticing to me. Though alpha strike ordnance swarm. Yessss i really prefer the republic arc and can’t wait for the gunship.