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  1. Ya Haven't really gotten a feel for mass vulture pulverizing ppl.
  2. Depends... I think turrets have their cost baked into their slot (sadly). If you think about it this way, Dorsal gives you 2die or a 3die R1 in a different arc than you'd normally have your primary forward gun. How much would you normally pay for an extra 2die or 3 die attack say 30-40% of the time? Maul and Corran are paying up the nose like 9-10 points for that easily. VTG is kind of doing that, except it really is granting a whole other attack. And trust me a whole other attack is worth a lot more than say adding a 4th die. 7th fleet gunner is much worse than VTG (both in arc restrictions, and in power level). Also surprise, having a huge attack area is exceptionally strong.
  3. Ahh, see. That's the list I recommended learning and playing against. Great. Want to battle report it? What did you learn? Why do you think certain advice was critical to your understanding?
  4. this is a very german way of spelling grandchampionship
  5. Reminder that Coordinate is not GOLD because you spend an action to get an action. If Double Edge is caught in combat with his focus, its the same general effect as having whatever else you were coordinating just doing their thing without the extra coordinate. The places where that doesn't hold are where its a target the opponent doesn't really care about, like Lambda Soontir Vader. (Even then it actually matters hugely, because the lambdas shots need focus and it hugely suffers without it by coordinating elsewhere. big bad here too, only slightly mitigated) Double Edge is so squishy I'd have no trouble deciding to spend a turn blowing them up. Reapers really need their focus for attack too. No mods are bad. Rule #1: the focus rule. Never break the focus rule.
  6. People are gonna disagree with me a lot about this point, but: the part that's actually interesting about this game to me (and different form other games), is the emphasis on precise movement, flight restrictions and flying with dials. Not wombo-comboing during list building/card combos. The game is the worst to me when during flight you have an obscene amount of options that are generally equally good, low amounts of flying/dials/ships you have to take care of (sorry it does take less skill to fly than a larger group of ships).
  7. Is there any good reason to run a Gunboat now? Sadly, I think the game is still in its infancy. A lot of ships just kind of are one-dimensional or zero-dimensional cuz they depended on good upgrades in 1.0.
  8. Then exactly what favorite pilots of yours got nerfed? Especially if they weren't part of the strong Rebel Beef choices. You're also stating ships here, so I assume pilots, but we can talk upgrades too. And what upgrades?? Leia?? Cmon, that isn't 2 points. VTG and turrets might still be undercoated now (and universal anyway). Are you really sure you're whining about something so unfair? Luke-gunner?? I mean, cmon, that was some of the worst 1.0 attributes that we definitely aren't getting in 2.0. Yknow, I'd also suggest you may really want to have a 2nd faction. Preferably something really different, like Separatists or FO or Empire or Republic. It'll give you a lot of perspective. Scum, Resistance are rather similar to Rebels, I don't think you will get much perspective or respect from other players who have played other factions. Anyway. I still dunno what you think is so trashy about Rebels.
  9. Okay. That's kind of a butt-ugly-pretty. That head is like Peppa-pig ugly. But its a very ornate look. Sexy butt. I'd be excited for this as an Armada small ship too
  10. Yep. I just find I3s and I4s generally get slapped around by I6 and I5 super-aces.
  11. This is good too. With plenty of options with HWK jam/Leia. You could go Jake for 36, or Zeb attack shuttle too for 5x3=15 red dice. With Rebel Beef not being a dominant force at I5 anymore, I'd take this too. And hey there go you. Rebel Beef was overperforming just a few months ago. Really? Rebels not good? Blue Squadron Pilot (41) Blue Squadron Pilot (41) Blue Squadron Pilot (41) Blue Squadron Pilot (41) Rebel Scout (30) Leia Organa (6) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  12. I find there's a huge amount of diversity. And if you forced me to, I'd be easily able to come up with powerful, tier1 lists for Rebel I'd be willing to gamble tournaments on. First thing that popped to mind: I'd fly this. Wedge Antilles (55) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Luke Skywalker (62) R2 Astromech (4) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Jake Farrell (36) Partisan Renegade (43) Pivot Wing (0) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  13. Oh I did forget Sense for Kylo. Yeah. FO has some good stuff. I just wish there was more incentive for me to take and use the middling PS ships. That's in general for this game.
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