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  1. Extremely few games of 2.0 reach endgame. That's right. Very few. I'd argue about 10%. Most games end with a draw with signficant material on the board for both sides, most especially when it comes to "bulk/bulk+Ace" archetypes which have become horrifyingly common. Most games fall within 9-10 rounds of play only. Boom Owl's concept is really broken and is asking for bias. Yes, Soontir will kill 2Xwings if that's all he's up against and there's plenty of time. No, soontir most of the time won't do that if he's at 200 pts and up against a full squad of 5X. There's some serious brain-warping to avoid thinking about all those times (which count!) where the Soontir player simply makes a mistake and eats it in the first few rounds. This whole anti-ace thing is getting really inane.
  2. Is there an announcement? I’m under a rock.
  3. Confirmed 27th? Source?
  4. Hoping to get more games of Xwing some time in some way. Miss this game.
  5. Is OPs idea of fun, I can't have fun so you shouldn't have fun either? What is up with these restriction threads?
  6. travelling torpedo rules Instead of attacking(replacement effect), a black dice ship may launch torpedo tokens only from side arcs, one for each black die in the attack pool. To launch there’s a radial plastic tool to give the angles that each torpedo token launches away from. (Think of it like a spread like the angle of the shield dial. ) the current turn they travel the distance of the short range. They move by sliding along a straight ruler at their radial angle away from the launch point. (Basically the same as attacking normally), but at the start of the next turn they keep going for another short range. the caveat is that the torpedo token actually has to contact/move through a ship, and due to the radial spread you might not possibly actually get each torpedo into target. Each torpedo token is worth 1 black die. And you add up all the torpedoes that hit a ship and make the attack like normal. (You May add concentrate fire dial and spend defense tokens as normal) you could hit multiple ships. You could also accidentally hit a friendly. upgrade: long range fuel-charge : 4pts ordnance slot : before making an attack this turn, you may spend a concentrate fire dial. Place a concentrate fire token on this upgrade card. When you Launch torpedoes next round, remove the concentrate fire token from this card, and attach the special 3rd turn attachment to the launched torpedo tokens. (3 turn torpedoes move this round, next round and the round after). you may not add black dice to any attacks this turn. might need a check on timings here. might also be worth seeing if this needs to be torpedo slot to avoid adding too many black dice upgrades or if it can be an offensive retrofit.
  7. Hearing the laments of my enemies
  8. Extended version. 😃 How does this fare? Also, Mauler over Del Meeko?
  9. If in one's shortsightedness one did not create a curated list removing most aces, one would find Boba hardly a problem. Second, of the 2 ship lists, very few are really good in the hands of normal players. I hated 2 ship fat fortress in 1.0, but 2.0 is way different. All I can see here is: Guri Fenn (not an easy list), Boba Fenn (definitely something to fix), Anakin Obiwan (maybe with a Torrent)(is honestly reasonably good). Theres no reason to remove 2 ship lists, and I stand as one who hated them. They no longer dominate. People should be allowed to play them. (1 ship currently shouldn't be a thing, as its so bad its more likely to be intentional losing, which is bad for tournaments.) Stop being silly curators and hyperspace junkies where you think you have the biased ability to just ban whatever you don't like. Also get wrecked whenever someone ugly rears its head because you banned everything that was keeping in it balance. Geez, people being worse than the Jedi Council on balance. Y'all don't seem to understand bulk, blocking and time. You want balance? I will give you Darth Vader of your own making. Any sort of Rexler Kylo 2 ship lists just gets destroyed by any level of competent bulk play. Cmon people. Level up and learn to play better.
  10. It’s great. btw these are great reads. In case you want to write some excess of story just for reading sake.
  11. It’s unbalanced by a lack of upgrades for differentiating spam, middle initiative is also too weak or underpowered now comparatively (with the nerfing of beef and i4 joust), a single ace is still proven strong but more of them often leads to a lack of damage (something that many players have not experienced/witnessed at the highest levels of efficiency) the main lack of upgrades to make different choices of genetics important is a critical issue. also Multiple attack arcs are a huge problem of new efficiency. so no. Audacious was the best thing to do, because it gives generics a great reason to exist. But now we have to adjust accordingly and diversify other possible choices. spam and lists that don’t die before time is called are overwhelming the low firepower of other lists such as 2 ace + support lists. I hope you understand your history: generic value is the benchmark that 1.0 and 2.0 have used for efficiency, starting with howl swarm, xxbb then bbbbz then 5x. These are baselines for point comparison. I hope you all see how many point changes I’ve nailed also with detailed addition as to why those values are correct.
  12. Darn I should gotten more gunboats then! the questions you guys need to be asking is is 8Fo generic spam or tank? how about 5Fo + stuff? how about Vader 6 ties how about fenn scurggs Scyk You want to use scoffing to ridicule me but I was right many times already and publically posted predictions and reasoning.
  13. Lol. Looks you guys might hate my guts. But you can’t deny that I’ve predicted quite a few balances in line with FFGs reasoning, including details of audacious balance. so get off your emotional horses and use your brains.
  14. This generic/health-tank spam meta is getting a bit boring now. Its a good time to throw in some change.
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