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  1. Blail Blerg

    That's Not How Playtesting Works

    But what was the final version like? was it a dumpster fire? or some crazy nearly overpowered thing? Or was it ok, by some weird chance? Do you know why you didn't get to play with the final?
  2. Blail Blerg

    What Hyperspace Faction Requires The Most Thinking

    It'll be separatists when it releases imo. Then Republic. Both of the new factions are nutty complex.
  3. Yeah, I think its this. I think they should have waited on some of these. Like Palpatine. He looks just as domineering as his OT self. Pre-nerf 1.0.
  4. Blail Blerg

    5 Barrage Gunboats

    Yes but. 5 generic gunboats... or 4 with jonus?
  5. Blail Blerg

    5 Barrage Gunboats

    Is it better to do 5 gunboats, or 5 bombers? or 4 of each + jonus? or some other enhancer?
  6. I'm almost certain a half rule of some sort will be added for Armada for the SSD. Thus I don't think this is such a betrayal of all the things I stood for lol. But I want more anecdotes and findings!
  7. Blail Blerg

    SSD Delayed

  8. Blail Blerg

    Shoot first - alternative play idea

    This is one of the main ideas if I ever did a rework for armada. Because there’s so much that just is weird about the gameplay
  9. Thanks dedios! @TheBigLev, it seems like there’s a document request. thebiglev did the pdf. And did a wonderful job I think displaying the information. — onto your anecdote. Thanks for giving us the anecdotal information. This is what I meant by data. Basically, that one has table experience. Can you interpret your anecdotal data for us? do you have any opinions or surrounding information about your data or the proposal?
  10. I’d love to hear your argument. Can you extrapolate? Initially I’ll say that I don’t see a need at this current point to extend the rule beyond large ships, the main issue is how long and how all-in an opponent has to go to take down a large ship. And that difficulty makes the game interaction between the large (+squads) list and the non large list a binary consideration. This is my anecdotal understanding.
  11. Blail Blerg

    The QD + 2 Seinar PS4 Silencers

    Upsilons are finally getting recognized lol. After languishing in junk-tier all of 1.0 undeservedly.
  12. At the end of the game/turn6, if a large ship has equal to or more than half its hull value in damage cards, the opposing player adds the larger half of that ship's total value including upgrades to their score during calculating points scored. Or in other words, if your large ship has equal to or less than half its hull left at the end of the game, your opponent adds half of its value to their score.
  13. Blail Blerg

    Taskforce Armada Format! 200 pt 3x3 area

    I'm proposing a balance rule discussion based on table game data: Chiming: @FortyInRed @NightAngel47 @ShoutingMan @Norsehound Note: Please discuss the balance rule idea mostly in that other thread.
  14. [Reserved for resources, announcements, or other requirements]
  15. Counterdiscussion: What exactly should the rule be? Should it count shields in some way? Should there be an in-game reduction of power to a damaged Large ship? Should medium ships be affected? Alternatives to a perceived weakness of max-squad centered fleets - Raising the points to 225 - Con: This is awkward, contrived/arbitrary value and reduces the impact of the KLH Objectives. Raising the squad limit to 75 instead of 67 - Con: Again, awkward, contrived/arbitrary point value, is difficult to reach a consensus because this is based on people's perception of how powerful squads should be. There are people who believe squads should be less powerful, and there are people who believe that nearly every successful fleet should have near max squads. Also note: That it seems that 1 large + max squads is also much stronger than many other compositions other than smalls + flots+ max squads too, such as MSU no squads. In this case, neither of the above workarounds actually impacts the perceived-problem source. I am personally exceptionally against changing the values to any other contrived or arbitrary value. 200 is nice because it follows a guideline - KLH, and it keeps the same balance between killing and objectives.